Community pays tribute to Abington family found dead inside home

In the green bows on town hall
and the library. In the green seen outside school
today?and on the
backs of children who can’t
comprehend something that even
adults can’t explain. There
have been many difficult
conversations for parents whose
children knew the Zaccardi
children. :49 they haven’t disclosed
everything, but that was the
that was difficult to explain to
her. She
was like ? didn’t really
The memorial outside their
Centre Avenue condo
grows?strangers who felt compelled
to do something a day after the
grandmother first discovered her
deceased family. Authorities say Deirdre, her
husband Joseph, and their three
children ? 11 year old Alexis
and 9
year old twins Nathaniel and
Kathryn had all been shot. The
DA’s office won’t characterize
deaths as a murder-suicide until
autopsies are complete. It has been an impossible few
days in a small town where
everyone has been as
impacted?whether they knew the
family or not. 1:10 I can’t tell you the amount
of pain
I feel for her and her kids. I’ve been
praying for all their souls to
go to the
light and find peace

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