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hey guys what’s up my name is Kat Theo
welcome back to Money Monday where we talk about all things money on Monday so
a lot of you guys have been applying to a lot of these companies and apps and
websites that I’ve been offering to you guys and sometimes there’s so many
people that apply that it just gets crushed up like that if you’re not
watching these videos at the moment that it does hit then you might lose out
so do hit the notification bell if you don’t want to miss out on any of these
opportunities that are coming up on my channel also I just hit 50,000
subscribers I just just can’t believe it I just like what 15,000 I just hit
50,000 that’s just like crazy thank you so much for your support thank you for
commenting down below having a conversation with me and thank you for
all of your questions I love it all so because so many people apply and it get
snatched up so quickly today we’re getting into some companies that are
always hiring because of either a high turnover a big company always expanding
or they’re just constantly looking for new people to start in a position that’s
what we’re going in today so no matter when you watch this video you’re gonna
get some value so if you like that idea and give this video a big thumbs up
thanks so much alright let’s get into it my first company is called automatic
automatic is actually a hundred percent virtual company so they did not have any
brick-and-mortar offices everything is done online they hire a bunch of work
from home workers to work with WordPress which is an online company that hosts
different websites most websites honestly and they do a lot of technical
work so if you are really technical you’re into technology you’re are tech
savvy then this give you a really great company to work for for you if you’re
not so tech savvy they have different customer service jobs that are 100%
remote they have this blog position that I thought was really adorable called at
happiness engineer which essentially is you’re
just making sure that people are having there’s other positions and marketing
there’s lots of engineering positions and then you also have things like legal
and finance positions that they have for this company as well and like I said
before a hundred percent remote so if you want to just work from home this
could be a really great option for you my next company is live off I have
mentioned this company in a previous video but essentially they hire people
to do call center positions that are in a call center because it’s work from
home so as long as you have a phone internet connection and neutral speaking
voice you can apply for this position and the great thing about live ops is
you can do a pretty part time as long as you can do the minimum of 10 hours a
week that’s all you need so you don’t have to do it full-time if you don’t
want to but you also have that option if you do want to my next company is
actually Apple Apple has a lot of remote
positions that you can do from home they have positions all over the United
States as well as all over the world as far as the remote positions I know for
sure in the US they have a position called an actual adviser so an at-home
adviser is a complete remote position and what you’re gonna be doing is
advising customers you’re gonna be listening to their issues or technical
issues working them through those issues and hopefully solve all their problems
for them the great thing about this position is Apple will actually train
you and all of their software so you can confidently give advice to their
customers Apple also offers great benefits for working with them they have
great pain time off as well as discounted products if you
my next company is tutele so tell it’s a company that is also hiring promote
positions and this is all customer service in ative types of work they do
have a bowl part-time and full-time work and then some of their benefits they
offer is a 401 plan for retirement on top of that they do have vacation and
holiday pay discounts on different things in medical and dental insurance
options if you are a full-time employee with them and you’re not part-time
employee you get even more benefits outside of what I just said
my next company probably butchered the name is called ash Arian they are work
at home company as well they hire people and customer service but most of the
positions are gonna be for technical work so if you’re tech-savvy this is
also another work at home this company if you consider yourself a tech expert
then this could be a really really great opportunity to get out of the office and
take your office and put it in your house to just save time save gas you
know who doesn’t work from home like seriously they also have positions for
people that are bilingual if you speak multiple languages and they also have
health and dental packages that they have with this company my next company
is convergence definitely butcher that whatever it’s also worked a home
position they hire people for call center work so if you don’t mind talking
on the phone and you want to work full time at your house this could be a great
option for you they have really really good benefits as well including health
and dental care paid vacation and then a 401k retirement savings plans my next
company is called Gen Bo so Gendo is a translating company that hires remotely
to people all around the world so if you are bilingual trilingual a polyglot and
you want to get into translating and they hire translators to work from their
home and as soon as you get accepted with jingle you can start translating
immediately so there’s no cap to how much you can translate as long as you
have the availability you can do it you can just take on as much work as you can
this position is really cool because if you live and
country’s this is something that you can take advantage of so a lot of people
that are from Africa and combating that they don’t have any positions in Africa
well jingle if you speak French or Arabic or some other language and your
English is very good then jingle can really be a good option my last company
which I have talked about before is in u-haul u-haul has a lot of positions
that are remote and they even hire people as young as 16 years old so if
you are a teenager and you want to work at home after school this could be a
really great option for you as well so they hire customer service agents and
they also hire reservation agents so people that are booking the reservations
for customers you can do that from your home and it’s not super tech intensive
you know as long as you can use a computer and you have Wi-Fi a phone sure
you’ll be fine they do offer both part-time and
full-time positions so it’s very flexible to what you need as work so
these are just a few companies that are always hiring but there are so many
companies that are always hiring I’m always trying to compile a list but if
you did like this video and you kind of want to see more like this kind of
always hiring videos let me know by giving this video a big thumbs up and
I’m comment down below because you know I love having a conversation with you
any day of the week it makes my day so much better honestly so thanks so much
for watching this video and I will see you in the next one bye

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