Construction of Metal Buildings in Gilbert, AZ

This is Chet Wilkins we’re out in Gilbert,
AZ putting up a pre-engineered steel building. You can see our slab we’ve poured here week or two ago, ready for the building to go up. This is a 35ft x 35ft steel building with
a 14ft eave height. It’s going to have a 3×12 pitch on the roof and one 12ft x 14ft roll-up door in the end. Then after we’re done with the building we’re going to build a couple
the roof extensions on it to give some porches and a place to hang out and enjoy this beautiful backyard. You can see our insulation over in the corner. We’re getting ready to put
it up, we’ll put the insulation on the walls and on the roof. You can see this Red-Iron
steel that’s laying here, ready for us to use. Unfortunately it went through a sand
storm, or dust storm on the way here and got just covered in dirt and dust and so we’re
taking all of our Red-Iron pieces out to the grass. You can see over there in the grass,
we’re going to power wash all of these the so that they go up clean and ready to do.
Getting excited, this is Monday morning, by Friday afternoon we should have this building
pretty well up and completed with the doors in and the insulation in and just about ready
to move into. Again this is Sentry Builders we’re located in San Tan Valley, AZ. This
particular building is in Gilbert, Az and we are excited to be going on this thing.

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