Construction Vlog Finish up Steel Frame, First Snake job and stocks take hit!

Good morning wealth builders. How’s it going today’s an exciting day. We’re going to go do our Regular soft story project shit that we usually do during the week but after work We got our first job with the snake so we’re going to actually go ahead and start paying this thing off I’m going to have to do about Three four jobs. I believe before gets paid off, but that’s not bad So let’s get that started let’s start getting some chunks of change out of this thing so that we actually start turning a profit on this and We actually start getting a return on that on our investment, so anyways guys let’s drive to the City and build wealth Okay guys so it’s been about two days since I’ve done a construction vlog and we have finished up the steel detail here So as you can see here ladies Collector straps And then we have this that’s where I filled in and everything and I’ve went ahead and blocked everything out so Now what we’re doing is putting nailers in so that we can Drywall the frames and then I’m just putting blocking into Stucco guys can get their wire to it and stucco it So that’s pretty much. What’s on the agenda? And we’re pretty much wrapping this job up which should be done Definitely by the end of next week Which is pretty nice and we can get on to the next project? But yeah at the end of the day. We’re going to do is going to view our snake job So let’s go to sell our soft story work, so we can go make some old money Well, it’s something to report in financial markets that I just saw is fix is up like seven percent so far in the morning So that’s very interesting. I think there’s a lot of volatility out there And that’s good for day traders and stuff like that, so I think day traders are going to rule the day today But we’ll see if the volatility stays up or the spike ends up just Swing moving out the rest of the day be nice little thing to interest a little interesting thing to check out Hey guys, I want to show you something This is honestly pretty exciting so I collect stuff that I find at the job sites valuable stuff. You know don’t worry I’m not a junk collector and A lot of its bottles I found whiskey bottles and stuff really now look what I found up in the ceiling Another bottle let’s take a look at it. Ooh Look at this Label is all Still there it’s from San Francisco. I don’t know if you guys can see today pure orange shellac That actually is going to be a nice bottle to clean up and put in the collection that that is cool Well, we’ll look this up and see if there’s any information I don’t see if it’s actually worth anything, so guys I know having to tell me much But it really hasn’t been going much going on. I’m just finishing up these nailers here for drywall finished all the blocking for the stucco guys so that they can get their wire closed and now I’m just going to put Drywall on the sides here and some corner beads, and then we are out of here for the day pretty much, that’s it and Then we’re going to go get to use our snake for the first time. That’s why we’re here. That’s the exciting part So guys today was the day that the North Korean news really took the market S&P 500 right now or spy which is the etf is down about? Three dollars so far so 1.0 3% day down You know this is people’s fear and stuff Definitely, just this is definitely. I’m starting to Appear the start of ag it will be very interesting how everything goes and if everything blows over with North Korea which? Possibly a well and most likely well because it’s a pretty insignificant country But with all the media buzz on it and stuff like that it really got people scared, so they’re interesting thing today We’ll see how it does tomorrow and everything will continue to check in on it So guys we got rock on the frames and then the ceiling will be Stucco Stucco will just go right to the rock So we are done here today So that means we’re going to clean up and go use that thing right there you Well guys we’ve got an interesting situation here that could turn into something Now I went ahead and got off the job early I told the person that I was doing the snake job for I wouldn’t be here till about three o’clock and I ended up getting here just about 2:30. I Went to the door. No answer I call the landline no answer, so I assume they weren’t home So I went ahead and called them on their cell phone And let them know, but I had no answer so I left a voicemail stating that I’d be here till 3:15 Unless they called me otherwise, and I stayed you know whatever if they’re running late. This is the thing with business This is the risk you take right the risk for me. If this doesn’t go through the risk for me was Me showing up and being being no job that’s kind of one of the risk there. I had to drive out here I’ve had to put my time I’ve had to put my gas in ETc So if they end up not being here, not calling me back And I leave I make no money, and that’s the risk in business you have to be willing to take risks like that It’s okay, if it doesn’t work out. Nothing’s going to work out 100%. It’s just like trading you’re Not all your stock picks are going to be correct. It’s just the way it is and that’s the thing that you guys have to be able to deal with as an Entrepreneurs getting rejected or you know sometimes you have the job and then you get kicked off for some fucking reason Money-wise. Maybe you should just suck at work who knows what it is, but problems happen in Business money’s lost in business That’s the way it is and that’s the risk you have to take so all guys I’ll keep you guys clued in here if she ends up showing up or calling me But if not, so far, it seems like this job was a dud Okay guys, so this is our next part of the job the roofers came And they most likely clogged it into the elbow down there So we’re going to snake this drain I already did the job on the sink upstairs, but since it’s in the clients home I did not film a respect to privacy so let’s get this started, and then we’ll be out of here So guys we’ve snaked the drain. I believe I hit a clog and pushed it out So now we’re going to turn on the hose last time. I turned on the hose this pipe obviously filled up And spilled out, so let’s see what happens now All nice flow and water no nothing coming back turn up the speed so to be giving well So I think we’re done here Alright guys, well guess what the risk was fuckin worth it as it usually is Getting a little lansing showed up. No problem. Not running some errands and stuff so I Videotaped just one part because the other part was in their home, and you know I don’t like to tape in Client’s Homes or anything like that? I don’t quite mind the apartments and stuff because it’s a commercial space very thing so it’s not a big deal but because it’s somebody telling I was going to do it, but you saw me sneaking the The dryer or the washer drain that went through everything was smooth and this is why the risk was worth it I? worked a total of 35 minutes correct, I walked away 100 bucks. It’s nice old lady I just charged her hundred bucks thirty minutes of my time, not a big deal, so now Thirty minutes I get paid 100 bucks that means I’m getting paid a hundred bucks every half-hour pretty much if the jobs are going well, so that is why the risk is worth it and You can get a lot more pay and stuff just for having a piece of equipment rather than running your time Because what I’m charging for is the equipment me If I was doing an hourly wage I bet you I’d get like 35 bucks 40 bucks. Maybe 50 bucks an hour, but And guess what then it was only be like if it was 50 bucks narrow and get 25 bucks because it was only a half hour of my time, but if you’re charging for the service the service flat rate money how you make money this little fucking a Little something-something for you guys to take in so anyways guys I’m head back to Marin After making a boatload of money today and getting the first job of the snake business how fucking amazing is that? so Once I get there, we’ll do a recap on stocks they kind of took a little bit of a shit today because of North Korea as I am Mentioned earlier I’d be quite interesting she got there Hello guys. This is why the financial foundation and we’re doing the end of the day recap now I’m bringing it up on the Sp500 or spy to etf matter of fact and the reason I’m doing this is because All in all today was a pretty sad day for the market if we look at the Dow Jones Dow Jones had a bad day So every all of our positions Didn’t really fare well Except one which carried the Portfolio today, and that’s why I’m out explain it later too, and that’s why I always say diversify So square has broken $25 this is the big the big thing to today. We might have to start looking for an exit here $25 was our big support and everything like that and the red market day took it down almost lost a dollar 3% So this may be this may be a trade that we will have to Rinse out and enter into later or possibly just hold not quite sure yet. You know what I want to do I kind of have to think about a little more and do a little more analysis But so far the analysis is pointing that it’s probably going to be continued drop probably Until about what’s raised this line up our first one is going to be 20 to 76 so definitely around? $23 so that’s a lot of room to move and not always the best as you can also see the RSI is below the 50 line here and It’s breaking down further now. This is pretty low RSI, and we’ve had it happen before where it gets pretty low And then you know there’s some news or something that rockets up So we’ll have to see if there’s any news coming out But so far this is going into bearish territory now show you the trade that Carried us today, and that was the Treasury bond etf When a dollar seven today almost a full percent great day and thank God, Treasury Yields are Are looking you know promising for people because of North Korea and everything So more people are in the bonds and sup and staying out of equities And that’s just the that’s just the consensus for the rise and again We’re looking for $130 here, and all this turmoil happening right now and stuff is going to help us out. So that’s good let’s go to E Wz E Wz was really carrying the Portfolio for a long time, but we have a break below? $38 And we have a break on this rSI trendline so tomorrow. I’m so in this position. We’ve made good money on it We’re up about seven percent since the rinse You know the rinse trade pretty much we had scandal we bought in on the scandal and that Buy in has really paid off so it’s time for us to take profits on this as you can see the mac DS crossing over and everything so We may have a little bit of a gap down tomorrow But I definitely believe I’ll be able to get out by $37 so we’ll make a nice profit on that and then Let’s look at here And that is going up up and it’s flagging into earnings, so this is making me Really confident here. It’s starting to try to break that 50 line. So if we get a nice break above that 50 line Then we’re definitely going to have a nice run and that might happen before earnings, or that might happen on earnings We’ll definitely have to see earnings is coming up soon, but it’s still about a month away so we’re gonna have to wait so That’s the analysis for today. I hope you guys enjoyed the video You know you started to snake business today off to a great start we a little bit of shaking in the beginning like I explained But really no problems soft story work is doing fantastic. We’re buttoning that job up and we’ll be out of there soon, and Stocks even though we kind of had a red day all in all decent for the Portfolio It was just kind of a flat day not a big deal So anyways guys like comment subscribe and share and as always. I’ll talk to you guys later Happy Wealth building

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