Contouring Anterior Bridges

This course presents a proven, systematic
method of contouring porcelain to metal, all ceramic anterior bridge, and temporary restorations. The course is designed to help you learn
to produce anatomically correct and aesthetically pleasing anterior bridges in a very short
time. With this step-by-step process as a foundation, you will go on, with practice,
to develop a high level of craftsmanship and personal satisfaction. 0:39 If you already have experience with other
methods of contouring bridges, these techniques will help you reach even greater levels of
precision, craftsmanship and productivity. 0:49 The course includes the program you are
watching and a second one. 0:54 This guide is a condensed outline of
the steps in the contouring procedure. When you begin to contour bridges, use the guide
as a reminder of the steps in the process. The two demonstration programs will show
you the complete contouring process. In the first program, you will see how the basic
anatomical features of the teeth are created. The second program will show the final contouring
and staining of the finished bridge. After you have watched the first program,
you will contour the bridge to produce the basic anatomical features. Your supervisor
or instructor will then check your work for accuracy. When you have completed the basic
contouring satisfactorily, you will watch the second program. Then you will finish contouring
the bridge and stain it. If you have any problems in contouring
the bridge, your supervisor or instructor may suggest that you watch the first or second
program again, and then try another bridge.

16 thoughts on “Contouring Anterior Bridges

  1. My dad fixed my moms teeth because of this video. Her order all materials with a hi speed drill for less than $220. He has made slip on crowns or veneers for many people.

  2. I had a tooth implant done and the implant of the abutment is metal and my crown over it you can see the greatest part of the of the abutment is there any way to fix that

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