Cry Baby Bridge near Smyrna, Delaware – Virginia Paranormal Investigations

Hi everybody. I’m Jeff with Virginia
Paranormal Investigations and tonight we’re out here in Smyrna, Delaware on a
road labeled Walnut Tree Road. And along this road is a bridge known as Cry Baby
Bridge. Now there are many bridges that have been labeled, “Cry Baby Bridge”
throughout the United States, and one of them happens to be right here in
Delaware. Now the story with this bridge, there’s a couple different urban legends
associated with it. One is that a woman gave birth to a deformed baby who had
exceptionally strong legs, and she killed him out here at this bridge, and when you
come out here at night, you’re supposed to hear him crying. Now, being somewhat of
a local to the area, I remember hearing this story when I was
younger, and I’ve also heard that people hear him stomping through the woods,
because he gets angry when people come to the bridge, and he’s… he’s mad because
of what his mother did. So they hear this baby with exceptionally strong legs
stomping through the woods, which is kind of crazy, but hey, anything’s possible.
right? Another report is that people see an apparition
of a man who supposedly hung himself from this bridge. So we’re going to go
down here, we’re going to see what happens. There’s a lot of different
activity that’s been reported. People say their car doors lock and unlock, and
their windows have rolled down… All kinds of crazy stuff. So we’re just gonna go
out. We’re going to take a look at it. We’ve never been here before, and you
know I’ve grown up in Delaware, and I never checked out to this bridge for
some strange reason. I don’t know. I guess I’ve never really looked into where it
was until tonight. So we’re gonna keep you posted and see what it looks like. So
far, I must say, it’s looking very promising. A dark creepy road. That’s the way we like
our roads. And it would appear that we’re so far
out, that we’re not even getting any service. Right? Linda: Yeah, my cell phone service
is kind of bumping in and out here so I don’t know. We’re pretty far out there,
next to something called a wildlife demonstration area. Not quite sure what
that is. Sounds interesting. Jeff: Yeah. Linda: I’m just wondering what they
demonstrate. Jeff: They demonstrate wildlife. Linda: Think so? Jeff: I suppose. But nonetheless,
continuing on down this dark creepy road. Linda: Yes!
Jeff: All right. So that sign says, “restricted bridge”. I guess there’s a weight limit on
it, and I’d imagine this is the right way
because, well, the sign said there’s a bridge up here.
Linda: So on the Shadowlands haunted index online it actually listed this location
as being in Smyrna. However, you, in coming down this road, you
actually cross over into Maryland. So it’s not really considered Smyrna
anymore. It is Maryland, which means I’ve had to
do something different with the gun than what I did just five minutes ago, but it
is definitely, like Jeff said, a very dark, creepy road. Kind of cool looking so
far. Not a lot of houses off of this road, just trees down on either side. And it…
we’ve been told that the police, the local police, kind of come down this road
quite often. Probably looking for kids that are hanging out, but we’re kind
of excited to see this bridge, and see what it looks like. Jeff: That’s right.
Creepy bridge and stricter gun laws… Linda: Right. Jeff: Welcome to Maryland. Linda: Yeah. Jeff: Now we
are coming up onto a bridge here, and yes! This, from the description, this is the
bridge. Said it was graffiti covered and this is definitely graffiti covered. Forgive the brakes. Venturing out onto the bridge a little
further. So we’re going to travel up the road
just a little bit further. Linda: I noticed on the map that this road actually crosses
another little creek further up the road. So we want to go up there and check it
out, and see if it happens to be a graffiti covered bridge over the water there as
well. If it is, we’re not going to be real certain about which section of the road
is going to be the actual Cry Baby Bridge, but I don’t know. We will… we’ll
definitely check it out and see. Jeff: Right. And if they’re both covered with
graffiti then we’ll have to go with whichever one has the crying baby. Linda: Right.
Right. Jeff: All right. So that second bridge is virtually unnoticeable. We drove up and
crossed it without even seeing it. Went over such a small stream. So this is
definitely Cry Baby Bridge. Jeff: What do you see out the window there?
A pretty deep ravine perhaps? Linda: Uh perhaps. It’s kind of hard to tell because it’s
very dark, very shadowy down there. Of course as far as what we hear, we’re
hearing hearing a lot of the local wildlife, um, being demonstrated out there.
Jeff: Wildlife demonstration. Linda: Right, right. Um, but I’m not real sure. I haven’t heard
anything that sounds out of the ordinary or unnatural. Jeff: Well there you have it
ladies and gentlemen, Cry Baby Bridge, and we left because some other people showed
up. They kind of came came around pretty fast. We just were stopped on the bridge
taking some video as you saw, may have seen, if I didn’t edit that part out of
course. But we’re taking some video and headlights came around the corner, and
people came pulling up behind us. So we had to leave. And they seemed to stop on
the bridge probably some thrill-seekers or something. Doing the same thing we
were pretty much… Linda: Well it is Friday night. It’s a small town so… Jeff: Right. Right.
Absolutely. It’s right down here, Walnut Tree Road. It seems to start in Delaware,
just outside of Clayton Delaware, or in Clayton. Linda: I think it was listed in one spot
as Millington, Maryland. Jeff: Millington, Maryland. Linda: So
that may give you a little better handle on where it is. Jeff: So it goes right over
the line into Millington, Maryland. Linda: Right. Jeff: And I gotta say, this is a pretty,
pretty cool bridge. Linda: It is, it is. Definitely a cool bridge. It. you know,
it’s kind of reminiscent of Crawford Road back in Yorktown, Virginia where
we’re from, and it was particularly because of the concrete guardrails down
either side of the bridge that were completely covered with graffiti, and
then there was graffiti all over the road, and it was kind of a familiar sight.
Made me feel like I was home. Jeff: Right, right. In fact, I was kind of expecting a
Crawford Road, because they mentioned that there was a ghost of someone who
hung himself from the bridge. I was kind of expecting more of a bridge that we
would drive under, like an overpass type bridge. Linda: Yeah. Jeff: But cool nonetheless. I would
love to get out and walk around, and spend more time there, observe, do a
stakeout, see if we can hear the baby crying. Linda: Yeah, yeah. Jeff: That’d be pretty cool
because I don’t know… I don’t know what causes a place to be labeled haunted, you
know, because there’s so many places that are urban legends, and then there’s, they
say there’s no truth behind them. When you see so many places that are creepy
and there’s no story behind them. So something must cause this story to
emerge. Someone heard something at one point or saw something out there. Linda: Yeah.
Jeff: Even if there’s no historical truth behind the story, what caused it, what
caused this place to be labeled as haunted. So someone at some point, I
believe, must have experienced something. And maybe several people did, you know
what I mean, and it would be cool to sit there and do a stakeout, and observe, and
see if we do hear this baby crying. I’m not a hundred percent sure that we’d
hear the big legged kid thumping around in the woods, you know what I mean, but
like I said, anything’s possible. Anything’s possible. And if someone
hung himself from that bridge, perhaps their apparition standing on the side of
the bridge. Linda: Right. Jeff: You know what it reminded me of a lot, was My Lady
Bridge. Linda: I was getting ready to say that as well. My lady bridge was very similar
to it because it was a long, kind of dark, creepy road, and then you just, boom, come
up come upon this bridge, and there it went over a fairly deep ravine. It was
hard to see how far down the water actually was right there, but
My Lady Bridge, if you’re not familiar with that, we did a video on that not too
long ago. That was in Middlesex. Jeff: Right, right. So check that out as well, but it
was very similar minus the graffiti. There’s no feeding on My Lady Bridge but,
you know, definitely a cool place. Linda: Yes. Jeff: You know, if you’re going down there,
separate the ammo from the gun because Maryland’s got some stricter
gun laws than some of the other states do, but thank you for joining us. This was
a brief overview of Cry Baby Bridge down here Smyrna, Delaware, and the bridge
itself is actually over the line in Maryland.
Linda: Yes. Jeff: So if you’re looking at Shadowlands, it’s listed as Smyrna and pretty cool,
pretty cool place. Linda: Yeah, definitely worth stopping at if you’re in the area.

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  1. Come on down a little lower in de.. I relic hunt in places people won't go. it's small here but the amount of awesome abandoned things in the woods is huge. Just gotta know where to go. I've been crawling the woods for many years lol

  2. I got left out there by my friends one night. I wasnt scared until i heard shit running through the woods. Ive never heard any baby noises/crying tho. Ive been out there atlest 15 times.

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  5. CJ Faison, OmarGosh TV and Moe Sargi recently was there and had CJ limousine breakdown and different paranormal activity happened when they broke down. They also did the baby powder experiment where they find baby footprints all over the back of the trunk 😱😱😱.

  6. you guys are on the wrong bridge. it looks like a wooden bridge go to omar, moe sargi, and Cj were going to an abandon factory and their limo died there. go to omar gosh moe sargi and Cj faison.

  7. I watched a video to where you put baby powder on the bumper back hood and front hood finger prints are suppose to appear Just do it and walk away. If you go back soon let me know I am 1 hour away. The first part in the video the first bridge isn’t baby bridge cuz the other videos don’t match up. The 2nd I think is what it is. No cars will come maybe one. No signal You’ll hear another car or your car that’s started

  8. I used to go over the bridge almost every day my in-laws lived in Smyrna and I live in Bishopville Maryland I never was scared though anyway thank you God bless

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  10. Omar Gosh, Moe and CJ, their Limo broke down at a bridge and the driver Sonny walked up the road to find a phone signal and called AAA, when he came back he said that the GPS said that they were at cry baby bridge ok. well that's not the same bridge. the bridge they were at was wood and the road had a shoulder, the bridge had guard rails with graffiti and yes it was in Delaware!

  11. it's not in Smyrna, it's in Clayton Delaware in black bird forest. it is actually off of black bird forest road. you go down a dirt road and come across an abandoned bridge, which is no longer there, and on a foggy night you are able to walk across it. and I was told by my ex wife that that is the real crybaby bridge. you hear a baby cry and some wailing like a banshee scream and see dark shadows and skin walkers. it is supremely haunted out there. you have this feeling of being watched and you can see figures in the fog.

  12. Omar Gosh Tv, Moe Sargi, and CJ Faison experienced EVERYTHING you described in the beginning of your video and non of them knew that’s where they were or the claims. I HIGHLY recommend you watch their videos and go back to the “wooden bridge”.

  13. I seen another video of cry baby bridge. But the bridge was wooden. It was in the same area supposedly. It was on omar gosh tv video taped it. But the video yall taped it was a totally different bridge. Strange!!

  14. I grew up next to a an alleged cry baby bridge in alabama.some people have reported experiences but a cop who patrolled the bridge for years said nothing ever happened..then again I think spirits only appear to certain people,some ppl are more susceptible

  15. People, they were at the RIGHT bridge! I grew up on holletts cr. Rd. And had many many scary fun nights out there! That's OUR crybaby bridge of Clayton, Delaware; even though it's technically MD 😂 pretty cool you guys checked it out….but yes, never go on a weekend because you're right, it's a small town and that's the "go-to" of the town 😂😂😂

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    Anyway, nice video! ^^

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  20. The comments are great. You hear about alot of great stories and locations. We just love driving through small one horse towns in Delmarva and then looking up ghost stories about the areas. If you don't mind here is some content I believe your commenters might enjoy, a .99 ebook with all the coolest Delaware ghost stories (most you never heard of) ENJOY

  21. This is my home town, first house i lived in was on mount Vernon st. with my grandmother, Shirl Lynn Angeline, my grandfather, Mike Angeline, my aunt, Lindsey Angeline, my uncle Mikey Angeline, and my mother, Shanon Bradley. We went here for my sisters 21st… Smoked some pot (we were kids) and found some satanic symbols….

  22. So we did Cry Baby Bridge Explorer.
    Waste of time, Bridge has a slant in it, that's why your car will roll, found Stray Cats, for your sound. Had no bad feelings or threatened in any way. Could not do the baby powder do to light rain and lightning. Over all wast of time but looks like a hang out for young adults.
    On to the next one….

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  27. Hi Jeff and Linda. Very awesome video guys and a huge thanks for the hard work that y'all put into making your videos. Here in Texas we have our own version of crybaby bridge,it has to do with La Llorna ghost story that you or Linda can research on it.

  28. I remember this bridge….I was a kid. I just barely remember this but I was going somewhere or coming back (I forget where it was a while ago) idk I was asleep. I woke up because I heard a loud scream or a cry…….. It was kinda from afar….. In the trees but it was wierd. I was the only one who heard it too! No one else in the car heard it BUT ME! As a 9year old I didn't think much about it, but I still seem to remember it after all these years. Just something about it couldn't make me forget….

  29. there's so many creepy places in delaware, but in all the videos about creepy things and places I've never seen anything about port Mahon. port Mahon in little creek is in this creepy little ghost town in little creek down this really long road that goes through marshland. It's very long and the only people down there are people fishing, but it's still very creepy none the less.

  30. Your in Millington Maryland 😂😂😂😂 but allot of people think that is Delaware but it's not close to the Maryland and Delaware line😂😂

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  32. i went there with a few people and we all got out of the car and turned the car lights to the high beams and we started taking pictures and after a few minutes the headlights shut off completely and we all ran so fast to the car to get out of there

  33. I grew up in Smyrna, we used to go out there all the time and drink because we would have to cross over into Maryland to buy beer on Sundays and no cops ever went out that way unless called so we could be as loud as we wanted to be. The cries that get heard sometimes are Peacocks. You may be wondering why peacocks are in Delaware/Maryland but its a simple explanation. There are a few peacock farms in the area and a bunch escape often and wander into the "Wildlife Demonstration" area where you can't just go in and trap them because of the game rules in Maryland. The foot steps people hear are deer, there is a deer path right at the base of the bridge. Go there during the day and you'll see it, and them.

  34. You know that tree that is after the bridge you can drive around they use to lench ppl over the road for ppl to see. Always the kkk used that area for a lot of stuff as well

  35. Its 15 miles from Smyrna, DE and 4 miles from Millington, MD. But whatever. Whats really scarey is i spent 5 mins watching this video.

  36. U have to turn the car off and put the keys on ur hood or roof and put ur window up to hear the baby, the baby was supposedly drowned by their mom and yes hangings used to take place in that area and no not technically Smyrna but that's what we qualify it as if u live around here but ya may want to go do it over and ya may get a baby this time 😁

  37. Your supposed to turn your car off and all the lights and roll down all the windows only in total black and silence do u here the cruing baby and tree snaps in the woods.Im from this area

  38. Ive actually been here a few times (I know it's late with me commenting on this) my first time however, my friends and i, there were about 4 or 5 of us, saw many figures and heard a lot weird things. When we first got out of the car we all felt extremely heavy. I'm not sure What time you both went but we were around the withching hour. Definitely a great spot.

  39. This is most definitely in Kent county Maryland I no I wrecked my mom's blazer on that bridge at midnight so weird stuff/sounds down there but it's right outside of Massy/ millington

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  41. When I was a senior in high school, I asked my then-girlfriend to prom here lol. She said she wanted to be asked in a cute way, so I did it a little different. I had 2 buddies hide out in the woods near the bridge, and her and I drove out there to check it out. I parked on the side of the road before the bridge, and we got out and started walking across. We got about 50 yards away from the jeep and there was a loud SNAP in the woods. She tore around real quick and was getting nervous, and I blew it off as nothing and convinced her it was just and animal and we kept walking. About 70 yards away from the jeep now, and we start hearing 2 sets of footsteps crunching through the dead leaves. The footsteps transitioned from leaves onto the pavement, and my one buddy had a pipe that he started dragging on the road walking toward us. I had left the parking lights on on the jeep, so soon, you just see 2 bodies emerge from the orange glow around the vehicle. One was wearing a Jason mask, and the other, a ski mask. I pulled her behind me and pulled out a knife, and was yelling at them to get the fuck back, etc.. you know, trying to really sell it.. luckily, she was behind me because I was smiling so hard.. it looked SO real to someone who didnt know hahaha. So we kinda wheeled around and I shoved her toward the jeep and we started sprinting to "get away." She jumped in, i jumped in and slammed the door, and i started fumbling with the keys. Then my one buddy smacked a sign on the windshield that said "prom?" in blood red letters. She just stopped, looked at me, and i could see that if i didnt immediately give her a hug, I'd be single again. Sooo, yeah, that's my experience with this place lol. Very creepy area, though.

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