Diablo 3 2.6.6 Necromancer Build: BLOODstorm Trag’Oul GR 121+ (Guide, Season 18)

hey folks this is rhykker with a diablo
3 patch 2.6 guide on the trag’oul blood lance build now it seems
like this build is not just the best necromancer build it is probably the
best build period of all classes as of the time of this recording I’ve seen
this build clear a greater rift 113 solo and it’s only going to go higher I’ll be
updating my peer list of best builds for season 11 and it would not surprise me
if this is number one now what you’re seeing me clear here in the gameplay
footage is a greater rift 90 but again it can clear at least a 113 if you have
all the Paragons all the columns I don’t even have optimized gear I have under a
thousand Paragon levels if I can do a 90 you can do a 90 with this build and
while this build isn’t the fastest build a clear to greater rift 90 relatively
easily I didn’t break a sweat I cleared it with about the same speed and ease as
I clear the great rift 70 it just took maybe a little bit longer but for the
most part the bill doesn’t even really care because it’s just melting elite
packs and the rift guardian so quickly and that’s the focus of this build
you’re moving from pack to pack you’re not killing any trash you’re relying on
some heavy hitting powers on massive cooldowns so it’s basically just stay
alive during the cooldowns find the next pack and then obliterate it in seconds
we’re going to take a look at the gear and the skills that you’ll want and
let’s start with the gear the overview of the set tragg rules now as we’re
looking at triangle so we’re just going to quickly note that the nerf has come
through for the bone storm build that’s based on the ioan aureus set and what
was nerfed was how often the marinade triggers now I’ll have to do a bit more
research before I can tell you guys exactly how bad that nerf is but I think
preliminary reports are that we’re losing about 5 greater rift levels of
power I wish this nerf did not go through because trials was already
emerging as the superior build with this nerf to the bone stone build try
gules antennarius may no longer be even within ten greater rift levels of each
other but we’ll have to see it so the two piece bonus blood rush gains the
effect of every room blood rush is your mobility skill you’re going to love it
you’re going to need to be using it a lot we’ll go over exactly what that
gives you when we look at the skills for set while at full life you’re healing
from skills is added to your max life for 45 seconds up to 100 percent more
what this effectively means is that most of the time you’re going to have double
health and a six-piece bonus makes your blood skills deal a ton more damage at
the cost of more life but you’re healing from skills is also doubled now one
thing about this build I don’t know that I would play it in hardcore that’s just
me personally as you’ll see I die a couple times in this rift but with more
practice play you might be able to avoid dying as well this bill deals just so
much damage it’s difficult to ignore and it would not surprise me if the hardcore
people eventually adopt this bill too maybe with some slight changes to make
it a little bit more survivable that word that’s where now for our belt will
want dainty’s binding this basically just doubles our toughness at all times
you should always have at least one enemy preferably as many hats are on
screen under the effects of decrepit I we’re going with the travelers pledge
and a compass rose that said gives you some nice toughness when you need it and
it’s going to bring out more damage when you need that fortunately this build is
very mobile when you’re not dealing damage and when you are dealing damage
you’re very stationary so this set is perfect we’re going to go with the
convention of elements as well this ring is more powerful for the necro
than for any other class because the necromancer has fewer possible elements
than any other class it only has three physical cold poison that means that
this ring only rotates through those three elements meaning you’re getting
33% uptime on your element of choice in this case it will be physical and
because this bill focuses on burst damage you really want to be timing it
with your convention window when you’re dealing out your big damage burst you’re
going to be dealing it at triple damage thanks to the convention now for the
bracelets we’re actually just with nemesis bracers this build is an
elite pack hunter we are not killing trash in this footage the only time you
see me killing trash is when I’ve put out my big burst of damage I’m still in
that damage window and I’ve killed all the elites on screen then I’ll clean up
whatever trash before my big burst damage window closes on me
nemesis bracers make you spawn more elite in champion packs for your weapon
you want travels corroded fang and we only want this because we want to deal
more damage to cursed enemies mine only rolls 158 damage out of a possible 200
that’s terrible and yet I’m still doing a 90 easily at 200% damage a perfect
roll you’d be dealing triple damage to enemies in our cube we’re looking at
Reilly nose shadow hook this gives you even more damage for every point of
Mack’s essence you have we’re using the corpse whisper pauldrons because corpse
lands is our only source of damage and it is crazy damage and we’re going to
use a chrisben sentence in our cube to double our damage against enemies that
are control impaired which will be all enemies at all times
now as for our offhand it actually doesn’t really matter there’s no off
hand that has a power that really benefits this build so you’re going to
be looking more so for the stats which we’ll get to after we go through the
skills looking at those skills we’ve got corpse lands
blood lands corpse lands is possibly the highest damage skill to necro has and
Blood Lance is the variant that goes with tragg all set just be aware that
this costs you four percent of your health every time you shoot off a lands
two percent base chance but because of trag set it’s double well that might not
seem like much if you’re going to shoot off 20 of these I once that’s 80% of
your health fortunately we’ll be mitigating that
with devourer cannibalize not only does this restore essence it also restores
health 3% doubled 6% per cast and in order to not have any issues with
running out of corpses we have Land of the Dead
this makes all corpse kills free so when there are enemies to kill you are
spamming corpse lance and devourer be spamming bolt those buns you’re never
going to lose health the devourer will counteract the cost of corpse
that will also enable you to max out your doubled health from tragg will set
and it’ll restore the essence that you’re going to lose from casting
decrepit I which we’ll get to in a moment frozen lands is a really strong
crowd control effect it will save your life if you are in the midst of a ton of
enemies they’re just all going to freeze the elites will unfreeze but the regular
monsters you can basically ignore now the curse to clarify of course we need
to take and we’re going with borrowed time because this build is exceptionally
exceptionally cooldown dependent why because of Land of the Dead we want to
be able to pop land of the dead every time we get to an elite borrowed time
lets us squeeze out another 20% cooldown reduction and of course it nerves
enemies then we’re taking simulacrum reservoir the only reason for this is so
that it doubles your max essence again that goes back to our right Lena’s
shadow hook that makes you deal more damage for every point of max essence
you have so when you’re going to decide to be attacking when you’re big damage
window opens you pop line to the dead and simulacrum together then spam Corp
slants and devour non-stop until everything is dead or your windows
closed and then all the ensuing corpses have been used up if you do need to keep
cleaning up outside the lines of a dead stop spamming devourer and just spam
corpse lines or you might have to find the right balance to avoid killing
yourself then lastly blood rush again we have every single rune potency doubles
your armor for two seconds after casting you want to cast blood rush every two
seconds to maintain this buff transfusion will let you heal by two
doubled 4% for every enemy you pass through so you’re actually going to
blood rush through enemies to heal that is your most consistent form of healing
molting lets you leave behind a corpse you can then use that corpse for a blood
Lance or for a devourer but again this will be a very insignificant part of
your damage one corpse every couple seconds or even every second pales in
comparison to the infinite corpses you get
during land of the dead hemostasis removes the health cost thank God and
metabolism lets you soar up to two charges blood rush is a really good
power and as you learn to time your blood rushes right you’ll be able to
really avoid taking a lot of damage or at least dying you’ll be able to heal
yourself back up during your moment of weakness you’re a huge moment of
weakness which is when land of the dead and simulacra are on cooldown now if you
time things right these two should come off cooldown at the same time or at
least very roughly and one of our passes blood is power will help with the
cooldowns as well after cumulatively losing 100% of your
max Life all ability cooldowns are reduced by 20% this effect cannot reduce
an ability to cool down more than once for each time that ability is used note
that this does not say after taking damage it’s after losing health so
something that you could actually do if you’re gutsy is shoot off blood Lance’s
and lose health in order to help proc your blood is power now because this
build is so vulnerable between your damaged windows final service is almost
mandatory spreading malediction combines well with borrowed time again with
decrepit fine we want to have at least 20 enemies under the effects in order to
gain that 20% cooldown reduction so this combines perfectly with spreading
malediction which makes your deal more damage for every cursed enemy and one
thing you notice me trying to do is I try to herd enemies together when I find
a pack before I pop my frozen lands and simulacra I’m trying to herd monsters
together what I’m really trying to do is find more than one pack and leer two
packs to each other so that with one cast of Land of the Dead I can take out
two packs rather than have to wait for the cooldown again for a second pack and
of course in learning the packs together I’m also luring other monsters in order
to build density for my borrowed time and spreading malediction last passive
stand alone doubles your armor real simple on to the
exact stats you want on every piece of gear I’ll note that again my gear is not
perfectly optimized do as I say not as I do
have a link in the description to a d3 planner link showing all the perfect
gear that you want to aim for on your shoulders intelligence vitality cool
down and corpse lance damage get secondary resistances wherever you can
helm intelligence vitality crit chance and a diamond in there for your amulet
you want physical damage crit crit for your gloves intelligence crit crit
cooldown we’re getting cool down just about everywhere that we can my total
cooldown before being raised by any skills and in combat is fifty point
sixty three percent literally the only place that I’m not getting cooled down
is on the amulet for the chest intelligence vitality corpse lance
damage bracers physical intelligence vitality crit chance the belt
intelligence vitality life and armor pants intelligence vitality armor for
your boots intelligence vitality armor and then the last one it could be moved
speed it could be all resist if you’re getting move speed build and definitely
get all resist as a secondary for your compass rose intelligence crit crit
cooldown for your convention crit crit cooldown for your weapon intelligence
damage percent cooldown max essence as a secondary very important your offhand
intelligence vitality crit cooldown and max essence again the exact offend you
use is not important you’re looking for one a ancient because that’s going to
give you higher stats and two you just want the right stats intelligence
vitality crit cooldown and the max essence for your paragon points make
sure you have a total of 25% movespeed then max up your essence then
intelligence dump for offense cooldown crit chance crit damage for defense life
armor all resist and utility doesn’t really matter and that wraps up this
guide leave a comment with your thoughts do you prefer the track ghouls build or
the bone storm build thanks for watching special thanks to my twitch and patreon
supporters for making these videos possible if you enjoyed this video
please share it check out these other videos and subscribe to join rikers
raiders for more diablo content

100 thoughts on “Diablo 3 2.6.6 Necromancer Build: BLOODstorm Trag’Oul GR 121+ (Guide, Season 18)

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  14. Pestilence is the actual king in 2.6.1. Same as travois skills ans passive just different set . 121 was done 10 November 2017 by .. Of course Rxt. I hate trefoil and pestilence gameplay personally because I like bashing all monsters and mil everything . I have made my own build and posted on Diablofan : http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95791-rathma-scythe-of-the-cycle-singularity-gr120 This build deals so much damage that during season 11 I cleared GR91 only at 715 paragon. And 8 noverber 2017 I cleared GR104 13:10min @1231 paragon. This build can actually kill trash and elites extremely fast and it's a fun gameplay . He biggest downside is ZERO survival . Anyhing kills you in 1 hit and there why it's not easy to play and will require great attention. Hope Rhykker can make a video about this build . I have seen few people using it . I'm preparing a new fresh build probably even more powerful that this one … 😉 which is Jesseth set + scythe Of The cycle .

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  19. The video has Final Service as the last Passive, the planner has Overwhemling Essence. I've been playing with Overwhemling Essence and not dying, but i may not be using enough health to benefit from Blood is Power. Only hit level 70 yesterday for Season 12 but ran level 37 GR(with another similar level wizard) easily today. First time i tried this build(before the set armor) I did not like it. It is more fun now, and although might not be fun in bounties, I am having a ton of fun running rifts with a wizzard.

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  32. Man, Rhykker, you keep amazing me with the info on these vids. I'm a bit older player and not that good but i'm loving the Necromancer. My problem with playing is that i'm not that good in strict use of abilities when you need to that makes me wonder if i can play this build well. At the moment i do corpsexplosion with Inarius set but not sure how high i can get with that one. I do have most of the sidegear you are mentioning. Got any tips…maybe pestilience etc ? Greetings from the Netherlands and thx for youre time !

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    What is the best method of getting the complete ideal stats on the set pieces? Re-rolling one of the stats to get close to it? Or using Kanai's cube to change the set piece around? Or just keep looking to get more pieces to drop?

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