Hello guys and welcome back to the vlog.
I always look weird when I haven’t curled my hair yet I just haven’t had
time and we’re getting around to leave because I’ve had the extra switch but
not in this sense of rearranging, but I’m considering working over here in my
dining room. I’ve been searching like Pinterest and I saw something that I
love so I’ve been on like Craigslist, Facebook marketplace
anyways I’ll show you some pictures of what I’m wanting to do, but basically I’m
wanting to put a desk in here I think no I am I’m gonna paint it as a cadet blue
that like our island is and then I’m either gonna leave the top wood or I’m
gonna get that like marble contact paper that like Kristen Casper used in her I
think she did the marble and heard new like RV trailer camper thing so I don’t
know which way yet I’ll definitely try just leaving Atwood first and then go
from there but let me show you the spot I’m talking about okay so I’ve been
wanting to put like a desk out in here and like I said I’m gonna show you
hearing it quickly on my phone but basically I’m gonna move this back to my
Beauty room and I’m wanting to put in like a nice you know most people have
inbuilt in but I’m not gonna spend that kind of money but I think I can tie it
in really well if I paint it to match like my coffee table in my island and
nice little desk over there so we can have a computer just cuz Savino does
school in here and now that you guys know we work from home we both really
need computers so I’m thinking about getting a new one to edit on I really
would love to try iMovie but then it chase could keep the other desk in here
to work on so we’re thinking that while we’re not thinking we’re about to leave
to go to Broken Arrow to pick that desk up we found one I’ll show you that in a
second too but another thing I haven’t got to show you guys his chase surprised
me with a fan dalire for Valentine’s Day which it was a whole mess it was a while
to install so it was super hard but I’m gonna show you it’s hard to see once
it’s on and this camera does not do it justice but it’s absolutely gorgeous I’m
gonna try to turn on the fan for you so basically it’s still a fan because this
room gets really hot the summer and it’s cold in the winter so like I had to have
a fan in here and if you see those like clear blades are going to come
out so I don’t get super hot when I’m in here working or editing but is that not
the coolest thing ever yeah lovely and I wished you guys could
see how sparkly this was but I know my camera is never gonna focus and it
actually I’ll put this in my Amazon store he bought it off there it actually
has like different light settings too like you can have more of your natural
you know like yellow looking it can have like a really strong blue like super
super daylight or it can be like a mixture of both so that’s it it’s really
really cool I love it there can you see it a little bit better that way so so
this was kind of the picture that started all of it I was seeing if I
could find a way to put a desk in here and I saw this like in the kitchen this
is like the front side of it these are really hard to see on camera but I’m
morning like this style and I love how it has like shelves above it so we’re
thinking about doing like I set the wood desk here and then we have all these
chairs if you need to pull around and use it and then we’re gonna put like
floating shelves above it maybe like three just kind of to add some decor but
I will show you now the desk okay so I know this looks scary but this is a desk
it is like dirty it’s old looking but it’s gonna be amazing the transformation
and this is only $30 and then I already have the paint and primer and all the
supplies like basically ever since I found that desk we’ve been like rushing
around just so we can go grab it cuz $30 is an amazing deal for like a solid wood
desk a lot of them have been like 200 but I’m not paying two in rollers to
paint a desk so Chase is gonna call his mom I think we’re gonna drop something
off just because it’s a drive out there it’s not worth it to get out there and
not fit and one of us would be stuck there so we’re about to go ahead and
head out it’s easy to speak out the way I live
but is a 24-carat dream we’re about to load it in right here it’s got holes
right here because it used to have a roll-top she said we can come back and
get it but we don’t want it so I’m probably just gonna do the contact paper
on top so you don’t see though she couldn’t fill them but I’m just gonna do
the contact paper it’s so extreme and really care from the night woman by wonder calling
me and my own the night well it’s pain I don’t know how so it
wouldn’t fit easily like on its side but we’re trying to get it to stand up so
that we can pick something up when we go back through to LA so so it’s there and
it’s not budging it made it as long as we can get it out
so it’s a little rough but that’s kind of what you expect for $30 I’ll just be
at home I’m out of breath though like cold honey
that’s his problem it was like warm and in the sixties yesterday and then today
won’t show him 46 but it’s like a cold 46 because there’s not much of a Sun so
yeah so okay now we’re headed back home we’re gonna grab savanah and then I’ll
be working on okay guys we are back home now so we’ve got it set up well we first
tried it in the dining room and I don’t really know until it’s painted the
sizing looks good but I just want to see it painted so we’re gonna head out to
the garage the Lighting’s gonna be a little bit weird but I’m gonna show you
some clips right now of us a painting at this desk I spend my time but it’s a 24-hour our
street wasting all your thought is to criticize but there are plenty more I’m it’s
screaming here is what the desk is looking like
I’m gonna go ahead and paint all the front the sides and the insides but the
back is never gonna show I’m never playing on showing this it’s gonna be up
against the wall and I don’t have a ton of cadet blue left or that gray colors
I’m like out of breath I’ve been sanding all of this so I’m not
gonna do the back right now but now I’m gonna get to proving this okay I opened up the garage I should
have done that sooner just so I could breathe and you guys had better lighting
I just wasn’t thinking but I’ve got all the drawers painted I think everything’s
gonna need one more coat it probably doesn’t need it because it’s a really
good paint but I’m gonna do it just to be safe and it may just be you know a
real quick thin layer but I feel like it’s looking so good I think I’m gonna
go ahead and order like a marble like I said for this only reason I’m not
against this but it’s right next to my wood table I think it’s just too much
and it has these holes in it that I don’t want to repair and then we ordered
my gold handles that are on my kitchen cabinets for these and then the drawers
that have like single ones kind of like over here there’s two of them those are
gonna be my glass knobs that are on my cabinets as well so it’s gonna blend in
with my kitchen cabinets so I’m super happy so far with how it’s turning out
but now we have to wait let it dry before I do another coat okay I wanted
to give a little progress update it’s about 8 o’clock at night so it’s dry so
we moved it inside however we ordered all the handles for it and then the
marble contact paper and it’s gonna come in the mail tomorrow
gotta love Amazon Prime so we’ll be working on that tomorrow but I just kind
of wanted you to see how it’s looking so far in her he looks so much better but I
can’t wait to put all the finishing touches on and I’ve also got to figure
something out to go above it okay so it is the next day it’s like 24 hours later
it is 6:20 tonight but our aim is online and delivery just came so we can put
more snow so we can get Marvel on the top and then all the knobs so we are
going to go we are going to get it because we want to do it together whoa
it’s cold there it is you got a love prime we ordered this yesterday
afternoon and it’s 6:30 the next day and it’s already here and three things
should be in this box three separate orders open it up paper perfect
there’s the marble we’re gonna do those like that would be the crystal ones I’m
nervous those are tiny let me see em I didn’t even think to measure them
they’re individually wrapped up on the desk yeah I got gold this time cuz it’s
gonna be next to the gold handles and here I put these on before we decided to
do gold in here and I’m mad because like HomeGoods had them in gold but I didn’t
get them but look how much better that look that we may have to rebuy those we
could sell those you have to count how many we would need about fifty it’s
gonna be hard though now that we like know the difference yes I guess that’s
more ask well cuz Lord keep them on the inside you can tell and then those are
the same ones we have on earth can exact same way things just a different size
they’re they’re three quarters of an inch shorter okay now we’re gonna get
together I just opened this up I think this is gonna be beautiful it’s nice and
shiny I don’t know if you can tell in here but I’m gonna start by putting this
on because I’m really excited to see what its gonna look like okay guys I’m not gonna lie I love the
way this looks but it is not easy at all I mean it’s easier and cheaper than like
having to order like actual marble for the top but just warn you Kristen made
it look super easy or maybe I’m just not as skilled as her but it does look super
pretty as you can see we did have to add I thought I bought the wide one but I
didn’t there is a seam there but I honestly think once I have it decorated
you’re not going to notice I’m in love you know how it’s turning out so far so
Chase has started to put the handles on so we’re gonna keep going from there and
then I’m going to decorate it all so definitely stay tuned because we still
have a lot more to do okay and real quickly I’m gonna work on
this this was some of the stuff I cut off and I don’t want to waste it we have
these big holes here a lot of people asked I meant doing cleaning videos we
were a foster family for a little while and we had to put little hooks in there
to lock these shut but obviously we don’t need that anymore so I’m gonna put
some of that contact paper it’s not like a permanent solution but at least help
this when I open it up during videos and not have holes right there eventually we
just need to fill it but we haven’t made it to that point in our life yet okay it’s not like completely perfect
but I feel like it hides it better especially from a distance if I open it
up don’t mind that down there that’ll be another organized with me that’s all
burnt spot to keep clean so yeah that’ll work
okay back over to the drawers chase got one of these on okay that it’s gonna
look so so good okay guys this is turning out so well
I have flipped so many pieces but this is by far my favorite I cannot wait to
show you the reveal but I’m gonna hold off till the end so hang on just a
little bit longer I’m gonna show me decorating it and then I’m gonna show
you a side-by-side of what it looks like when we got it versus now and I’m also
gonna be telling you how much we spent total on it and I think you guys are
gonna be super shocked by it I’m actually bringing the computer in that’s
at my desk currently in my beauty room in here because we ordered me a new one
would chase at home working and then Savannah trying to do home school from
the computer and me trying to edit we just won desktop computer was not enough
so we decided to get me a new one so I can edit so like I said that one’s gonna
be coming in here I’m gonna stage it and make it look pretty and I’m so excited
to show you guys oh my gosh you guys it turned out so
well okay it’s really dark in my house cuz
it’s really late but I wanted to show you guys the view from back here because
I know you guys are gonna be asking but it’s just kind of tucked away in that
corner over there I always felt like that was dead space don’t mind my dog
that’s a rock on the ground and this whole mess but I just wanted you to kind
of get a feel for it but I love that it’s in here I love that it adds a
storage that we kind of needed now that Chase is home and we just have so many
like documents and different things we’ll have storage for that and I love
when Savannah’s on the computer or ever needs it she’s out here in the open I
just think it’s a great even parenting tool just to have your computer out in
the open so when she’s on it I’m in here cooking or hanging out I can just kind
of walk past and glance at it so super excited how it turned out okay so I
could not be any more excited for the way it turned out
the desk itself I’m gonna go ahead and try to fit in like a before-and-after
right here I’m going to move my humor way out so I’m gonna try to put two
pictures right here it is a huge difference we paid a 30 for the desk and
then we spent about 35 in supplies so that was all the hardware and in the
contact paper and I’ll leave all of those linked down below my Amazon store
because that’s where we ordered it from so for a total of 65 dollars I think it
completely changed my kitchen added storage it gave us a place to work a
place to do homework all of that super super excited and super impressed with
it so thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today I hope you enjoyed
this video if you want to see more stuff like this definitely let me know tell me
down below in the comments section and like this I hope you guys have a
wonderful week and I’ll see you in the next one bye


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