Eclectic Interior Design Ideas

Contemporary home interiors in a mix of styles. In this video you can find inspiring and creative decorating and design ideas for eclectic interiors. Eclectic design is diverse, flexible, sometimes inexpensive and fun to create. Check out these beautiful and varied living spaces for inspirational ideas. A large diversity of styles of furniture and decorative accessories mixed together to create a fascinating and stylish living space. Let’s see just a few: Stylish home interior with a mix of traditional and modern. Large contemporary living room with a vintage touch. Beautiful bedroom with a mix of modern, industrial and vintage. Bedroom furniture, a mix of metal and rattan plus table lamps with a vintage look. Elegant open plan concept – mix of modern and retro. Contemporary bedroom with vintage accents. Superb and spacious living room in beige and light brown with blue and yellow color accents. Superb home interior design in a mix of styles. Beautiful attic bedroom – a mix of contemporary and vintage styles. Living / dining room combo – a mix of modern and industrial styles. Medium size apartment – modern design with vintage and industrial accents. Mix of styles (modern, mid-century) – mix of furniture (wood, metal, rattan) Beautiful living room with large balcony. Mix of modern and industrial. Superb modern open plan layout in a mix of styles – modern and mid-century. Typical eclectic home interior. Mid-century style living room with industrial accents. Fabulous eclectic living room. Beautiful eclectic dining room.

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