Eloy Water – Prefabricated and ready-to-use solutions for water treatment

Every day, we are more than 200 people across 30 countries working together to make Eloy Water the most qualified company in the wastewater industry. Our main goal since 1965 is to offer reliable and affordable environmental solutions for home owners, businesses and public’s organizations. Our extensive and highly qualified R&D and manufacturing team are always aiming for perfection and are driven by quality and continuous improvement. Our secret? We are all passionate for innovation and high quality processes! For us, efficient wastewater treatment solutions are based on three simple but fundamental principles: quality design, quality product, quality maintenance! For these reasons, Eloy Water’s network can offer complete quality control and follow-up of your product during its lifespan. Choosing Eloy Water is choosing proven robustness, reliability and a solid performance guarantee.

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