[ENG] 트와이스 TWICE Momo and Jihyo with Taemin at SM Building (Goodbye Rehearsal) CUT

Translation Credit:@onefortwice on Twitter (I only added them from them via Youtube) MM: I’m nervous MM: I’m nervous JH: I’m nervous too MM & JH : We probably suprised them because we came to SM Building *Giggles MM: Hello! TM: Since we’re going to have a collaboration Do you have an image or concept in mind? JH: Since our team image is very cute, we discussed that we want to try something different TM: An image you’ve never shown? JH: Yes TM: But I been thinking myself to try something cute TM: How about TT? MM: You want to do TT? TM: Or something like a ballad would be fun TM: Like duets and matching harmonies MM: I really like your song Taemin sunbaenim ‘Goodbye’ JH: It was very cool to watch

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    TWICE X TAEMIN – 'Goodbye' Collab Stage Performance:

  2. Taemin wished for a cute concept or a ballad and they ended up performing Goodbye. Poor baby lmao the ladies are always able to get their own way

  3. I like Shinee for sure but not a super fan, Watching Taemin here, he is soooo amazingly charming ..and he had a collab with our Leadernim and Momoring. This is soo amazing.. a great start for 2020

  4. ughhh he’s just so BEAUTIFUL!! The kind of beauty that just makes you wanna pause the screen and stare like a creep 😩 HIS AURA IS GODLY, LEE TAEMIN FOR YOU

  5. I actually predicted this collab <3 Everyone was talking about Twice x Red Velvet.. but when I heard it a rumor that some people saw Momo and Jihyo went at SM Building, I thought they would do a collab with Taemin because Momo and Jihyo performed "Goodbye" during their concert.

  6. Can i just highlight how momo is fangirling so much here? Hahahaha
    She’s a shawol and she cant hide it!

  7. Momo looks very excited and she seems to have so much fun meeting him. She must really like Taemin that much (in terms of singing dancing)

  8. When Taemin said he want to try sth cute, or perform TT, i love how MoHyo is smiling but you can definitely tell from their eyes and reaction that they don't want that HAHAHAHA.

  9. Correct me if im wrong but the members were the one that chose their own song for their subunit on their twicelight concert right?

  10. Thank you for the subs 🥰 now I need to calm down to not ship Momo with everyone that I see her interacting 😂😂😂.

  11. Jihyo and Momo saying " Goodbye " to us once fanboys because they are taken 😂😭😂😭

  12. Taemin: what about something cute. Like TT
    Momo&Jihyo: What about Goodbye we like it it’s so cool
    Taemin: but TT…..

    Lol baby Taemin wanted to do TT or ballad ended up with Goodbye. But a really good choice that performance is breathtaking

  13. I will also be nervous if i will meet The God. Lee Taemin is such a ethereal being. 👑💙👑💙👑

  14. Momo:I'm nervous
    Jihyo:Me too what ig we get lost?
    Momo:Don't worry I know this place I always go here to visit my–

  15. When you some kind had started shipping Momo and Taemin, but one Day later you get known that she is alerady taken by Heechul

  16. Everyday Kpop fans call BTS and Twice gay, even trying to show dumb "proofs" that make no sense. But when it comes to Taemin who is flamingly gay in every way, you don't ever say it like it is. I wonder, who is more blind and clueless than Kpop fans?

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