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This is one of the most common questions that
I see on the Internet about student engineering. Does GPA actually matter. How much should companies look at it. Is it important do I put it on my resume. So let’s jump bring in this video right now. Hey 1% nation, I’m Jake Voorhees and you were
watching episode 037 of the 1% engineer show where we empower young engineers to rise to
the top 1% of their career. So again this question comes up so launched
on Reddit Quora other types of engineering and college blogs. Does GPA actually matter? Do I need to get a 4.0. Do I need to get a 3.5. Should I put it on my resume. And the answer is yes and no but really the
core answer is No. So first let’s talk general theory and then
we can look at some studies then we can look at some media on this matter. But the reality is that a 4.0 is actually
a scary thing for a job employer. A lot of negative connections are made when
you have such a strong GPA for example the employer may think that you are less social
and you were just a bookworm so it actually makes you look bad to have a 4.0 so strong
area of GPA is to aim for as 3.0 and higher. Now if you want to go to graduate school if
you want to go to medical school or law school after university then you certainly need to
get a higher GPA because that’s a good way to weed people out. So consider that if you know that master’s
degree or MBA or law is in your future some engineering students take law after undergrad
then you definitely should be getting a 3.5 or higher. It is so so so competitive and get into grad
programs and that’s just an easy way to X people out. What Engineering Employers what engineering
companies are actually looking for is somebody who is ambitious outside of the classroom
someone who is standing out by being a member of clubs by being a leader in an engineering
society like A.S.C. or robotics society or some mechanical engineering society and someone
who is volunteering and someone who is maybe participating in some hobby at an advanced
level like intramural club team or something like that. But will people really want is well-balanced
individuals well-balanced humans to become a part of their team. People who are going to get along with other
people who are going to be able to communicate who are not going to be absolute anti-social
bookworms and just stay in the dorm over the weekends and study and get that for finals. Let’s look at some studies of this topic and
see what the experts have to say. Donald Hoyt from the university of Nebraska
did a study connecting GPA to adult performance in the workplace. And we’re going to take a look at what those
engineering studies resulted in five of them were specifically for engineering students
and four out of the five found it inconclusive that GPA has an indication on your salary. And the last one of those five used some inconclusive
assumptions. They pretty much threw that one out. So there’s not as much connection to the GPA
you received and how much money you’re going to make in the professional world. Google doesn’t even ask for GPA for their
applicants. They fully admit that that is an absolute
poor indication of a quality engineer of a call or the person to join the Google team. They also say that the way you test for exams
is total garbage. So those are some quotes about that. I also want to point out a Forbes article
that was released and specifically talks about how they would rather have someone with a
3.2 who was working full time on the side or was treasurer of some student organization
compared to somebody who say has a 3.9 with no experience and no extra curriculars so
if you’ve already gone where you look at engineering forms you look at student forums you will
see the vast majority of people contributing to this conversation on the Internet agree
they do not think that GPA is a pure indicator of success in job placement for success in
your career road. Success in the workplace. So keep that in mind guys you really want
to have a balance University future. If you were a crazy bookworm and striving
for 4.0 last year or you believe that that has to be the case for you this year or in
all of your years as an engineering student is totally false. You want balance you want to be involved in
a bunch of stuff on the side you want to make sure that you’re always honing your communication
your networking your professional development skills not just getting good grades and study
so they study in the book so go out there and join that team join that society network
Go to events go to as many job fairs as possible meet people. It’s all about who you know. Anyways I have only ever gotten job opportunities
and offers based on existing relationships with engineers that I knew about it wasn’t
about grades it wasn’t even about what I knew or what I had done before that application. It
was somebody that I knew somebody who had a connection with because of a position I
held previously. So definitely keep this stuff in line guys
for all of
your future classes. Let one percent
nation know what you think about GPA and engineering in
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