ErieSecure Home® Bundles

You are a savvy homeowner. You even know what
the word savvy means. That’s why you’ve chosen the
benefits of ErieSecure Home. Competitive pricing,
available discounts, and lots of ways to customize– all of which is improved
with ErieSecure Home bundles. Our three bespoke bundles
can improve coverages above and beyond what you’d
find in a typical home policy, including Service Lines. Because your homeowner
responsibilities don’t stop at
watering the grass, you know that
subterranean lines, like cable, electrical, gas, and
others also need to be insured. Most home policies don’t
cover damage to service lines, but ErieSecure Home bundles can. Equipment Breakdown. Your house is more than
mere infrastructure. It’s full of all the
appliances and systems that make your house a home. Say your furnace dies in
January or your AC quits when the temperature
hits triple digits, ErieSecure Home
bundles can provide an extra cushion of
protection to cover those systems and more. Sewer or Drain Backup. From sump pumps to sewer
drains, the dirty secret is that your home may be
just one heavy rain away from a spontaneous
inverse outflow. ErieSecure Home bundles
can offer just the bailout you’ll need to get
things cleaned up and, well, flowing in
the right direction. No season fashionista
would be seen in public wearing a mismatched
outfit and the same should be true of your house. Other ErieSecure
Home bundle options include Increased
Limits for the things you value most, Identity Theft
Coverage with your own case manager who may help with
contracting credit bureaus, closing fraudulent
accounts, and reviewing credit reports for danger
signs, and even Criminal Defense Reimbursement, just in case
you end up needing defense for defending yourself. ErieSecure Home bundles,
just one more easy choice that proves you’ve earned
astute steward of your domicile. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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