Evelyn & Jennifer Start Rebuilding Their Friendship | Basketball Wives

– We've known each other
too long to be doing this,
and like, what happened yesterday–
it just was–it was bad. So I just want to take
accountability for anything that I may have said that
was negative about Shaniece that was viewed as negative. But I just wanted to apologize
to you and to Shaniece. I did send her a message, because I'm like,
"This is just a lot." And I love that girl,
and I care about her. And if I said
something negative, I don't want her to feel like
I don't love her, 'cause I do. And I don't want you
to feel like that either. – I just don't understand,
at what point in our friendship you felt like
it was okay to, like, bring my daughter into it. It's like my child
that considered you like an aunt to her.
[voice breaks] – Oh, God.
– Like, this is my kid, and she considered you… – I get it, I know, and…
– Like an aunt. I don't understand, like,
how did things get so bad? – Listen, I'm sorry.
I don't know, I'm sorry. Just–can we just not do this?
I'm really sorry. – [sniffling] – I don't want
to fight with you. I do not want
to fight with you. – I don't want to fight
with you either. – I love you, and I'm sorry.
About everything. – I'm sorry.
– Last night– we are better than this. Like, this friendship has just
been through peaks and valleys. Can we just stay on a peak?
Let's just work on it. Whatever happens happens,
but let's not do this. – I don't want to do this
with you. But that [bleep]
really hurt my soul. – I know, and it's been
a lot of hurt. I love you.
– Yeah. It– – And I know there's times that
we have not liked each other, but regardless,
I have still loved you throughout those times
and I miss you as a friend. – I don't know
if Jennifer and I are ever gonna be
as close as we were, because the reality is is
that I'm not ready for that. But I guess this is a start. So I appreciate your apology. You know, I apologize to you.
Like… I haven't been that upset
in a long time, you know? And I'm just like– – Well, and I don't want
to get you there. Like, we–
– No. I– – Like, you've made
a lot of progress, and I don't want to see you
go back to a dark place. And I definitely don't want it
to be because of me. – We are at our best when
we're there for each other. – You know, when we're all
getting along and together,
it makes the hard parts and the [bleep] parts
of life much easier. – You [bleep] ass[bleep].

47 thoughts on “Evelyn & Jennifer Start Rebuilding Their Friendship | Basketball Wives

  1. I personally think Ev should accept that apology and move on and clear the slate with them . But being friends again with someone who tried to discredit your character is something I wouldn't do . Just my opinion

  2. they are still not friends…she apologized. let it go Evelyn she didnt say anything bad about grown ass shawniece. if anything it was a compliment to pay the bills. Evelyn needs to apologize too. she is not innocent

  3. I always LOVE these types of episodes. I'm not here for the fuckery between women fighting. Stop allowing TV, fortune and fame to rule who you are ladies.

  4. Sooooo basically Shaunie told them to “wrap it up” this beef lasted a little too long I guess, because this could have been settled ages ago 🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄

  5. Evelyn should be most mad at Shaunie. If Shaunie was Evelyn's good friend, why did Shaunie not tell Evelyn what Jennifer had said long ago and instead kept it a secret all that time? In my opinion, Shaunie held the secret in her hip pocket so that she could to use it as a weapon against Jennifer at the perfect time. The perfect time is when Jennifer and Shaunie had issues and she knew that if she told Evelyn what Jennifer supposedly said then Evelyn would side with Shaunie and Jennifer would be left with no one to defend her. Shaunie kept that secret for a long time for her own selfish needs and she only revealed it to benefit herself. If she was really offended by what Jennifer said about Evelyn and her daughter , then why didnt Shaunie tell Evelyn asap? Also, am I the only one that finds it strange that Jennifer would talk so poorly about Evelyn to Shaunie? Shaunie and Evelyn have had a more consistent relationship on the past ten years. Here's a warning to all…if one of your closest friends said something bad about me to another one of our close mutual friends, then its likely that that mutual friend welcomed that conversation and was probably joining in as well. Never trust someone who talks poorly or listens attentively to bad things being said about you. People usually say bad things about someone that they feel comfortable around and someone who likely engage in the same discussions about you behind your back. Btw, the things that Jennifer allegedly said about Evelyn's daughter weren't actually insults about Shaunice (Ev's daughter). She basically said that Shaunie had to pay bills and raise herself and had to be very independent at a very young age which was likely due to the fact that Evelyn was running the streets versus taking care of her daughter, which is more of an insult about Evelyn's parenting than it is about Shaunice as a child. That's probably why Jennifer has denied saying bad things about Shaunice because she was actually indirectly talking bad about Evelyn's parenting.

  6. They need to marry each other goosh.Eveyln the men and Jennifer the Sadity Female
    Ms. Liar Jennifer. i mean Ms.Lawyer Jennifer😝

  7. I’m glad they all got over it. However I still don’t see how Jennifer’s mother dying has anything to do w talking about Tami, Evelyn, and Shaunie behind their back. Like I’m still waiting on those receipts she claimed to have. She’s still shady but whatever I’m ready for a new storyline.

  8. Evelyn can hatch things with Jennifer but not with Tammy… I understand they had bad beef in the past and I really thought last season they were on good terms then something happened now they hate each other but I honestly think Tammy has matured way better than she has before. They need to hatch things out; I’ve never heard Tammy speak a bad word about anyone especially about Evelyn.

  9. Eve GROW UP ALREADY… Not to be mean but sis where was this energy when Chad head butted you ijs. Ion not a Jennifer fan however this was the most genuinely apologetic I've seen her in a whiiiiile… But I guess eve needed EXTRA closure Chile. Well I like that other girl.. the one who ever kept apologizing to and screaming she don't want no beef bofl 🤷👍🤣🤣🤣👊👊👊

  10. Not a coincidence she wants to be ok with Jennifer since shaunie is
    Now if shaunie wasn’t still fuckin with her she wouldn’t either

  11. I just wish Jen would say “sorry for what I said” instead of “I’m sorry for what I might have said.” She knows what she said and distancing herself through choice of words makes it seem insincere.

  12. Aweee I’m so glad Jennifer put her proud aside and apologized to her and her daughter. They are better friends than enemies

  13. I still don't like them evil ass women. And EVERYBODY talked about Evilyns Build-A-Whore grown daughter. Her daughter is a product of her which is a Ho. Bless they hearts. I'm Team Tami.

  14. Evelyn u bring everybody's child in everything. Then u cry. Girl bye. I'm so sick of yall acting like Evelyns innocent.

  15. I dont know whats wrong with Evelyn sometimes. Its like she shuns Jennifer indefinitely anytime Jennifer says or do anything. She did this when Jennifer TOLD THE TRUTH about Ochocinco. Now shes doing this based off of what Shaunie told her YEARS LATER. Thats dumb. How you get mad at Tami relaying information about Jennifer now, but Shaunie did THE SAME THING. At first I was Team Evelyn, now Im realizing shes a horrible friend to Jennifer, and treats her like garbage every chance she gets.

  16. I'm so glad to see them mend there friendship. Some people have so much to say about Evelyn doing too much but when it comes to your child children or your parenting and somebody's so close to you can disrespect that or them she will never be doing too much.

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