FHA Loan {Your Landlord a Jerk?} First-time homebuyer (Home Loans) Mortgage (FHA) Stop Renting!

First of the month! Rent is due. Your Landlord monkey around with you? You like dealing with this? Hi George! Here you go. By the way, I was thinking of painting the
bedrooms. Hey – any color you want – as long as it’s
white! Let me teach you some better options. Home Loans! Home Loans! Home Loans! Today I’m going to tell you all about an FHA
loan. We’re going to talk about what you need for
a down payment. We’re going to talk about what your credit
score needs to be we’re going to talk about your income and we’re going to talk about
what it takes to FIre Your Landlord! So step number 1 Down payment – what we need is a 580 credit
score – anything from 580 and up you only need a 3 1/2% down payment. If your credit score below 580 then you need
10% down. That’s pretty easy on the credit end. You cannot have had a bankruptcy from the
last 2 years, no short sales in the last 3 years and no foreclosures in the last 3 years. So again 3 1/2% down with a 580 “Pycho Score”
and above Did he Really say Psycho Score? Yes He meant FICO Score. Below 580 – 10%down The next step is income
What we’re going to do is look at your provable income. We’re going to look at paystubs, or W2’s and
income taxes and sometimes a Bearification of employment. He meant Verification of Employment So we can determine your proper income, then
what’s going to happen is, we’re going to use 47% of your income as a maximum for an
FHA Loan for your monthly payment and when we add all your debts on, it’s a 57% maximum. So that means let’s take your monthly amount
of all your debts and add your new house payment and the maximum is 57% of the income that
you’ve proved to us with the income paperwork. Next, we need an appraisal on the property. which is going to give the real value of the
property. It’s also going to make sure that the property
is in good condition, so you’re safe with your investment. We also have to prove where the down payment
money is coming from. You’re allowed to take the money from your
savings, a gift or sometimes your 401k! and you use that for your down payment. Sometimes there are special programs that
will allow you to buy a house without a down payment, but that’s for another video. So what we need is 1, a down payment, 2 acceptable
credit, 3 provable income and 4 a pre-approval from me – Chris The Mortgage Pro, so with
that little bit of money you can actually buy your own house. Did you know that when parents are homeowners,
children do better in school! Do you know that they are more likely to graduate
from high school and college! Doesn’t it just make sense to just buy a house? Antonio, are you imitating your grandpa again? Uh yes! Good job Antonio Giggles Ok! Call my grandpa and Fire Your Landlord! You can call Chris the Mortgage Pro at 310-350-2546
or simply visit his website at www.FireYourLandlord.info only takes 5 minutes to fill out an application
and get started. Together we can Fire Your Landlord! First of the month! Rent is due AGAIN! Slow response from the landlord dealing with
your needs? Do you like dealing with this? Hi George, here you go! Oh, the air conditioner is not working. Just use the fan. I’ll get someone out here in October to look
at it. Still not sure? 1st of the month! Rent is Due Again! Your landlord always draining you? You like dealing with this? Hi George. Here’s the rent. You put all these beautiful flowers in. You upped the value of the house! I gotta raise the rent. Not angry enough yet? First of the Month – Rent is due – Again! Feel like your Landlord is clown playing games
with you? Do you like dealing with this? Hi George How are you? Here you go! Whoa, vicious dog here, I’m going to have
to raise your rent. Rents Rise
Mortgage Payments Don’t! Fire Your Landlord First of the Month Rent is due Again! You feel like you want to run from your landlord? Are you tired of dealing with this? Hi George, Heres the rent. Hey, I gotta raise the rent next month. But you raised the rent 3 months ago! Other people buy homes! Why not you? First of the Month – Rent is Due You’re landlord a cheapskate? Do you like dealing with this? Hi George, here you go! By the way, something is wrong with the hot
water heater it runs out of hot water really quick. Hey, I guess you need to just take shorter
showers. Take Longer showers – In your own house First of the month, rent is due
Aren’t you tired of this? Monster show up at your door every month to
collect the rent? You like dealing with that? Hi George, I got this notice on the door that
the house is in foreclosure. Yeah, I’m losing the house, but I still want
the rent! You know there comes a time in everybody’s
life where they have to make a decision to buy their own home. I’m Chris Trapani the mortgage pro. I’ve helped thousands of families buy homes
over the years. Sit down with my and my team and we’ll help
you go through a simple pre-approval process and introduce you to some amazing realtors
and those realtors will help you find the home of your dreams. Hi George, Here’s the rent and I met with
Chris The Mortgage pro and YOU’RE FIRED!” To start the process of FIring your Landlord
go to FIreYourLandlord.info Click on the apply now button – fill out an application takes
5 minutes and together we’re going to FIre Your Landlord!

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  1. When you are sick and tired of paying off someone else's mortgage, that's when it's time to Fire Your Landlord! 310-350-2546 or www.fireyourlandlord.info to get started!

  2. Oh.. wow your video was great. I like it thanks for sharing. Make me more motivated. Your grandson he’s awesome. I wish I have educated like him when I’m was young. I also gave u a like.

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