FHWA Works: Building Bridges Faster and Better to Save You Time and Money

Traffic… Delays… Frustration… These words describe
what happens when we encounter highway construction in our daily lives.
Whether we’re going to work, or just trying to make it to a doctor’s
appointment, as transportation infrastructure ages construction is a common sight along our
nation’s roadways. Much of this construction involves
repairing and replacing our nation’s many bridges. This type of
construction can take years to complete, causing major traffic congestion and
costing you time and money. But what if you could
replace a bridge in a single weekend? What if you could
slide an entire bridge into place overnight and have traffic
flowing smoothly the next morning? What if you could
replace 14 bridges along a major interstate corridor in one
summer instead of over several years? This may seem impossible, but it’s
not, because of the work we’re doing at the
Federal Highway Administration. “I’m Jennifer Nicks. I work for the Federal
Highway Administration, and I do research on roads, bridges, and
foundations. One technology that I get to work on
actually eliminates that bump at the end the bridge.”
“One of the other benefits of using accelerated bridge construction is
that, in many cases, we can build these bridges at a
lower cost, which allows our funds to go further and
replace more bridges with the same amount of funds.” We’re working with State Departments of
Transportation to build bridges faster and more safely, while saving taxpayers
money. We are finding new ways to minimize, or even eliminate traffic jams, detours,
and delays so that you have the best possible
driving experience. We’re doing this by using a technology called Accelerated Bridge Construction.
It involves three techniques: manufacturing bridge segments at an
offsite factory, and then assembling them like Legos at
the project location; constructing the new bridge next to the
old bridge, and then moving the new bridge into
place overnight, or during off-peak hours; and finally, using a type of soil that
allows parts of a bridge to be built more quickly using less heavy equipment and building
materials. “We didn’t get here sitting at our desks. We need to get out in the field to get it
done. That’s how the Federal Highway Administration works.” We lead the way by developing innovative
technologies that make you safer while saving time and money on bridge
construction. You can find out more about the Federal Highway Administration on the Web at www.fhwa.dot.gov You can also join the
conversation on our social media channels.
The Federal Highway Administration– Making sure the roads and bridges you
drive on will get you wherever you’re going as safely as possible.

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  1. they need that over in iowa we got 4000 bridges that need replacement we pour all that we company dont buy prefabricated parts that would be twice as fast

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