FIRST CLASS FLIGHT with Virgin Atlantic! I got an UPGRADE! LHR to LAX | Evan Edinger Travel

good morning everybody hey Connie what you doing I'm going to black business club where you going she's going Japan I'm going to LA same time we actually ate each other that much we're separating the opposite side of the world so not further ado let's hit Los Angeles bye Connie have fun in Japan so as I'm not rich I am flying economy today but as I'm one of these cool people with virgin I'm able to use their clubhouse now which is me clubhouse does sound fun sounds like a grown up in a tree house it's a basically their business lounge never use it for hope it looks cool hope it got lots of food so I've now made it to deep Clubhouse – which isn't a buffet like most the business lunches have been to seed service I think this one so it turns out I could have gotten a complimentary haircuts but I don't have enough time show got the airport earlier I was here two hours early but I needed three hours oh well this is well it looks a bit like Gabi's house like your living room the lighting the aesthetic I like it oh wow there's the there's a little outdoor area this is Adams Lee probably these best lawns I've been to and I've been to the Emirates one and that one that one saying something very enjoyable life time believe not my I'm a bit disappointed that I can't stay in that lounge a bit more but it's time to go to LA hopefully I can take off this jumper and get some nice hot November 1 Paul standbys filled in 200 yuan sand buyers now should I get the upgrade never happened me before it just got upgraded to upper-class I'm sorry 5g well let's see what's in this her shell bag the same brand as my backpack I've got here see where we are here plug a beanie I'm Josh dun and I mask toothbrush and someone selfie I mean yeah alright just noticed um my feet have a seat belt alone why I think abusive what the seatbelts are crashing nice family go for the butternut soup maybe the victory total extra things better such as having a tablecloth for my nice after pudding which is what most people call dessert except for some cheese crackers some grapes last port a bit hungry so I got some more research to get off first I made it to LA and the weather is amazing it is literally turning on degrees Celsius which is ideal beautiful I got a little bit down on the plane so I was editing my travel blog from Belgium when I was down it's funny how like when I go to edit that and then just brings me back down but the heat here definitely popped me back up so my friend Megan is letting me stay at hers putting up she's not even gonna be here the first day something with her voice great nice can't wait to meet him let's get new bird on the way there luckily this is in Florida so I can get you burgers for from the airport so sunny so hot so oh hello your name is chewy hey yeah this is spinning rubik's cube art it was spinning it looks like a merry cart thing uh they get the item after having a very chill afternoon because I had a good of a headache I played some Smash Brothers not hanging out with Eden Eden this is the Edith which is the only Eden we're getting some pizza with hash brown crust Miss America the crust is not only hash brown but it's stuffed with sweet potato way of thought it's good like cheese on it like if you're eating it it's weird I like it but we're working charms Donuts oh my god well I am now finally back on this very comfy couch with a very comfy pillow I was falling asleep so much oh hello puppy hello so basically I've been up for 26 hours the jet life's kicking in but I did the right thing I didn't sleep once okay nope hello no sleeping not once not once at all so therefore when I wake up tomorrow hopefully I'll be adjusted to the LA Times own everything will be hunky-dory thanks for watching my first travel from LA hope to you guys tomorrow gonna do some fun stuff say goodbye Chewie bye guys bye bye good ever is that mayonnaise it is may I have a chip Oh Morgan the lights are on hello darkness my old friend

32 thoughts on “FIRST CLASS FLIGHT with Virgin Atlantic! I got an UPGRADE! LHR to LAX | Evan Edinger Travel

  1. This is barely business class on other airlines. And no I'm not talking shit about the middle eastern or asian airlines. Hell, BA business class which is average, make this look like shit. Those pods are horrible.

  2. U should see the business class from Seattle to Beijing on Hainan. And the business class lounge there too. F. A. B. U. L. O. U. S

  3. Really? It’s for when you have someone diner with you and they are seated across from you and need to be belted lol

  4. Funny you say "first class". Virgin does not have First class (at least not on the 787, the plane you seem to have flown on). You probably had a premium economy and were upgraded to Business (Upper class).
    31 seats – I have never seen more than 16 seats in First class on a plane in my life and they are way bigger than that!

  5. I've been to the Virgin Atlantic club lounge in Gatwick which has little walls more windows overlooking the runway and the south terminal.

  6. it isn't a a seat belt for your feet if u r with a friend and want to talk to them or something they can sit it that seat and that is the seat belt for them lol

  7. Virgin Upper class has the worst seats of any biz class I've been in. Small, tight & constrained. No storage, drinks tray can't even hold a drink & munchies at the same time. Meal tray is this fold out metal contraption like something from the 1950's. All seats face inward into the cabin so you are constantly bothered by people & staff walking up & down the aisle. There is absolutely no sense of privacy about these seats. Sure it's better than economy but knowing that Virgin charge the same as other carriers with a better biz class, I think they've got nerve.

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