Fixing KitchenAid Pro 600 Stand Mixer Teardown & Rebuild Of Gearbox

welcome friends welcome back to the
kitchen today we’re going to be repairing another broken KitchenAid
stand mixer I go through these fairly often this one is not good so they get a
lot of abuse here in the kitchen and I’ve got several of them and I’ve got
backups so that when a client comes in and one breaks down I can pull out an
exact one and we can keep on filming you can’t tell a client sorry man you
got to come back next week it just doesn’t work like that so this is one
that the broke on set during a video and we swapped it out
and I’m going to take a look inside the gearbox and see which gears are stripped
or broken so the first thing you do is you take off the screw on the back of
the name band and once you take the name band off it’s going to reveal some
screws on both sides of the housing which will let you take the top off now
of course every one of the mixers that we have is slightly different in the way
that they’re put together and the way that you need to service them so if you
don’t have the what is this the professional six quart 600 series if you
don’t have this exact model it’s gonna be similar but it’s not going to be
exactly the same so this should just lift off now revealing the inside and so
inside the top here it’s fairly clean on the back of this is a circuit board that
contains all of the controls to get the motor there’s a fan and yes
samy safety I have unplugged it and then inside this housing here is where all of
the gears are and so that is just a few screws and gasket and this motor housing
on top here on some of our mixers it’s plastic and some of them it’s magnesium
and in both cases I’ve seen them cracked broken and you need to replace those as
well this one seems to be in pretty good shape but we’ll find out for sure when
we get it off okay so this is where it gets messy
inside here it’s packed with grease and depending on how long you’ve had your
machine how much use it’s had the grease could have broken down and be a little
bit runny or it could be a little bit sticky but in any event we have to get
everything out so let’s see what happens okay so inside now everything in here is
really coated in grease but right off the bat I can see that this gear here is
missing some teeth so there should be a tooth right here it’s gone and if I turn
that gear there’s a couple of other teeth missing over on this side so that
gear spins the accessory thing on the front of the where you put the
accessories on the front of the mixer I’ve never used an accessory on this
mixer so I’m kind of surprised that that one is broken and just on a cursory look
the actual gear inside that is the that this matches up to isn’t broken so that
one will have to be replaced but I wonder what else is going on in here
next I’m going to pull out this assembly there we go and let’s take a look at
that he seems to be okay the gears don’t look chewed up
they don’t look worn down they actually look quite fine I mean they’re still
covered in grease and I’ll have to clean all that grease off but these look fine
the bearings look fine nothing seems worn with this piece which
is great glad I don’t have to buy it but here on the main shaft these two drive
gears I shouldn’t be able to spin them freely like that they’re supposed to be
oh and a piece just broke off in my finger there’s supposed to be a pin that
goes through the drive shaft that the gear slips over top of if you have a
note board motor you know there’s a shear pin on the end of the prop that
shears off I think that’s what’s happened inside here that pin has
sheared off so I’m gonna clear away some of this grease and then get in here and
get these okay so let’s see lift this off
and inside all of this goop there should have been a little pin and I don’t see
it yeah pins there there is a little pin here I’m gonna punch let me just push it
through with the punch and so that pin is supposed to hold this gear in place
on top of this drive gear so let’s see if we can pull this drive gear out so I
found the culprit it’s these two gears and I’ll do a close up a little bit
later I’ll get them cleaned up from the grease and and show you a little bit
better but they stack on top of each other and the one on top has a pin that
goes through it so that it stays with the shaft the pin is broken and these
two also are supposed to mate but they no longer do so I’m gonna have to order
both of these and some new grease clean this all up and we’ll come back whenever
the parts come in and I’ll show you how it goes back together okay the new parts
have arrived and I ended up buying all of the gears that go inside the machine
I don’t think I needed all new ones but my fear was that because so many teeth
had broken off of this one gear that it would have worn down or ground out some
of the other parts and I thought it’s best to replace them all so I don’t have
trouble down the line fairly easy to find them once you’ve got the serial
numbers really straightforward just to go to Amazon order them up they came
took about a week and a half for them to get here so now I need to put them all
back inside while I was waiting for the new parts to arrive I cleaned out as
much of the old grease as I possibly could from the gearbox my worry was that
there would be metal filings and little pieces of the broken off gears stuck in
the grease and I wanted to get those out as best I could
so I ended up buying new grease quite a
different color than the old grease and I’m just gonna start laying some in here because I’m gonna have to fill this
gearbox back up okay this is the old shaft and I need to take a couple of
bushings off so there’s a brass bushing here with a washer and there’s a little
captive race that has ball bearings on it and another little washer and then
this brass piece at the end here so this old it’s gone and here is the new one so
the new one I’m just gonna put some grease on here some fresh grease
probably too much but maybe you can’t put too much okay so the brass bushing
goes back on the end of that shaft and then on the end of this shaft we put
back the washer in the bearing make sure there’s enough grease and the washer
again and you got to make sure you put the washer on the right way on one side
it’s got a little indentation for the ball bearings and then on goes the
bushing and then this goes back into the drive case here but I think I need to
put the other gears on first so I’m gonna take that back out a little too
early with that part I think the next part I need to put on is this one and so
that slides down and there’s a little hole a little hole here that this little
pin goes through and then on top is this gear and you’ll
see in the bottom this gear fits on top of this one and it’s got a spot there
for the pin to fit through so let’s see can I get it together okay I just have
to get all of the shapes lined up there ha got it in place okay next goes this
ring clip goes back on there’s a little groove here just at the top
this ring clip will go back on okay it’s in place all the gears are on now little
bit more grease a little bit more grease now I think that driveshaft can go back
in now and so this fits in right here and these little brass bushings go back
in in a certain direction so let’s make sure I get them turned the right way there we go back in okay and everything
spins the way it’s supposed to so I think I’m on the right track now one
last gear and that’s this one that goes in this top housing and it transfers
power to the accessories if you put like a meat grinder or a pasta maker or
something on the front I’ve never used them or I I’ve have used them but I
don’t use them often I’ve found that I have other tools that do the job better
so let’s put this in and copious amounts of grease now this housing goes back on
top just like that put the screws back in and then one last tighten and I
tighten once on opposite side just so I don’t stress the housing too much and
it’s interesting this is an American machine and I would have expected all
Phillips head screws and and little bolts inside here but it isn’t it’s a
mix of Phillips and Robertson kind of cool so back on the housing same way we
took it apart put it back together and the band goes back on okay what do you think it’s gonna work
let’s uh let’s plug it in and see what happens okay what I remember from this machine
right from the very start was it was fairly loud um this is one of the more
powerful Kitchen Aid mixers that KitchenAid makes so I think the sound is
just about right but I guess the only way to be totally sure is to is to make
something with it so I think what I’m gonna do is make some montreal-style
bagels that is a heavy hard to knead dough so we’ll see how it how it works
through that and that’ll probably come out sometime in the next four to six
weeks so thanks for watching come on back soon and we’ll make some bagels
with this machine but I guess I got to clean it up before I use it it’s been
sitting on the shelf for a while see you soon you

100 thoughts on “Fixing KitchenAid Pro 600 Stand Mixer Teardown & Rebuild Of Gearbox

  1. Excellent video, keeping this handy as i've only worked on one of these new models and only had to replace the speed sensor, I've revived many of the old hobart ones that were about to be tossed out. Looks as if there are more parts in the gear box on these compaired to the old ones though. Cheers!

  2. Glen gonna be real with ya, i dont plan on repairing a stand mixer anytime soon, but i'll watch anything you put out. this was actually a very informative and cool video.

  3. That was a good video. I've had my Mixer for over 20 years, knocked the bowl right off a dozen times mixing stiff dough, still waiting to blow a gear. When it finally does I'l have this video to help me fix it.

  4. This is why I did not buy a KitchenAid nor would I recommend a KitchenAid. For the price, no one should have to do repairs at all. I love my compact Bosch.

  5. And on next week's show, Glen gets back to his TV production roots and starts the restoration of an Ampex VR-1200 Quadruplex Videotape recorder 🙂 Nice to see that it is a fairly easy fix for the stripped out gears. they are really not the KitchenAid of Hobart days.

  6. Awesome video Glenn, I've never pulled down a stand mixer, very interesting 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

  7. the little 'bearing' that slides onto the worm gear is called a THRUST BEARING. it facilitates easy rotation in a longitudinal direction. (in line with the gear axle in this case)

  8. I can't believe the Kitchenaid mixers break this catastrophically. I was planning on buying one but not anymore unless I can find one with stainless steel internals.

  9. Thanks for this useful video. Gives me the confidence to check mine if it ever goes down. I feel like mine is a loud machine too. It is one of the higher powered ones to though. I continue to enjoy your channel with how I never know what is going to come out next! I do know that it will be genuine and and full of information.

  10. This makes me remember all the blenders I went through when I had a café. In the beginning we used some heavy duty blenders from Electrolux and Philips, but they all broke. We ended up using cheaper Sharp blenders which lasted until the restaurant closed doors. Then they were transferred to a hotel where they also lasted until that closed. It just means that more expensive doesn't mean more better.

  11. Thanks for the helpful info, Glen. Not so intimidated now in regards to fixing mine as it's making weird noises. After watching your video, I'm thinking a few teeth are missing on a gear or two on mine.

  12. I have this exact same machine, color and broken gears and everything. I’ve been putting off fixing it for a few years now but since Glen has been nice enough to make a step by step I guess now I have no excuse.

  13. Start of the video: Learning how to repair a mixer
    End of the video: Pausing the video to read the newspaper articles on the bench

  14. i dont know how much you use it but i use my kenwood chef every day to peel potatoes and i do use the mixer, blender grater mincer attachments once a week on average, 10 years old and never missed a beat, my bother has my mums old one from 1960 and it still goes but he does not use it often. l thought kitchenaid were as good as if not better than kenwoods, now i doubt that they are

  15. As an owner of this model, I appreciate this video, because it ahowed me that, with just some basic knowledge of how things work and the effort to use that knowledge, this can be repaired, without engaging an "expert repair professional". It's amazing how often your videos give me courage to try things, and now it's expanded to appliance repair. Thank you, Glenn!

  16. My mom baked and decorated cakes semi-professionally, and sometime in the 1960s my father bought her a Kitchen Aid mixer, which she used for all sorts of day-to-day cooking. They gave me a Kitchen Aid as a wedding gift. When my mom died, I inherited her old mixer. My grown son, who is quite a foodie, asked me if I could fix it up and give it to him. Well, when I took it apart, the most obvious problem was that the rubber insulation was just crumbling off of the power cord. I tried to find a replacement cord, but I couldn't locate anyone who would sell me one. Eventually I emailed Kitchen Aid, and they told me they didn't sell replacement parts for a machine that old. BUT – they said they'd like the old machine for their museum, and they offered to send me a factory-reconditioned recent model, which they did – just in time for Christmas that year. So I gave my son the mixer that had been "mine", and was still in fine shape, and kept the newer one myself. I make a lot of breads, and I also use it for whipping eggs for sponge-type cakes that need a lot of whipping to come out nice and light. (I also beat frosting in it, of course.) I just wish I could afford some accessories… a pouring shield, a spatula with "fingers" for cleaning the flat blade, and maybe an ice cream making bowl, and maybe a meat grinder.

  17. Super cool. I've watched lots of cooking shows (yours included) for years and never has any one showed mixer repair. I was totally into it. Thanks.

  18. My mom has the same or a very similar model of kitchen aid and from my times using it yours sounds 100% spot on the same as hers, and it is loud.

  19. Yeah, got one of these.
    Nice to see the innards.
    "Rather be looking at it, than looking for it".

    I'd use a piping bag for the grease.
    Just saying.

  20. Talk about some crappy quality control. That ring gear should have outlasted time in itself. Good job Engineering department 👍 keeping China in business.👎🤔

  21. Have you ever used the grain mill for the pro series? I'm interested in trying it out to make my own flour, but am worried it might be kind of rubbish.

  22. Guess there’s not a prescribed bedding-in process from the manufacturer but you could probably run it for some time at each speed setting from low to high 🙂

  23. We have an KA Artisan tilt-head mixer – had it 16 years and shamefully never serviced it. There is a pin on the lower stand section that wiggles loose now every time we use it and the head tilts without the need to engage the lever anymore. Solutions anyone?

  24. I think I need to do something like this. I think my gears are good, but I think the grease has been breaking down. You made it look easy

  25. I don't even have to money to own a stand mixer let alone fix one , but I'll watch anything you post , also I love to diy and repair so it's good to see this in one of my favorite cooking channel

  26. My motor works fine. It’s when I turn it on it doesn’t start unless I wiggle the on switch a little bit. A few years back the upper cupboards fell off the wall and hit the top of my mixer. Everything worked fine until last year the switch not working started happening. How would I fix this issue?

  27. Oh I cant wait for the Montreal Bagel Recipe. I found a recipe not long ago I was planning on trying this weekend actually. Looking forward to watching you making them to!!!

  28. I servicedd a mixer here in the UK that my wife has had for 20 odd years. Not once had anything broken – it was used weekly to the point where the attachments were the only things to break (from neglect and dropping!). What's interesting is that your mixer has the gearbox and motor all in one spot, whereas the mixer we have, the motor is in the vertical part and the whole top of the machine is a horizontal gearbox. They seem to be a very stable design. I can confirm that food grease you used starts white and ends up black like most lubricants. If you're going to buy another one, you may want to consider our style of mixer over the ones you have.

  29. Purchased one in 1983. Gave it away last year for free, friend still uses it. Bought this exact new model shown in the video. Out of the box it was extremely loud and would heat up. Opened the gearbox and not one (1) not a drop of grease inside. Dry as a bone, a little powered metal inside. Greased it up and so far so good. Quality control? What a joke.

  30. Okay, so this high end mixer has very crappy internal components that regularly break.

    Too bad. I kind of wanted a Kitchenaid as I expected it would be a realiable product but apparently these are also built to break down and be replaced…

  31. If this was from the 50s you can bet it would have been a stallion. Equipment from those days (post WW2) stuff was built to last!

  32. The vertical shaft showed some thermal scoring which you did not address. Also, you should have ordered and replace that tiny thrust bearing while you were at it.

  33. Not all kitchen aid mixer are created equally. You Could have 2 different pro 600 mixers side-by-side that look identical to each other but one may have a high pitch gear wine in the other 1 maybe smooth and quiet the reason for this is that kitchenaid Makes specific mixers for specific retailers. A kitchen aid pro 600 purchased from QVC or Walmart can be very different mechanically then one purchased from a non discount retailer like Sears or JC Penney. Kitchen aid is forced by the discount retailers to cut corners and use cheaper And in my opinion Inferior parts. You should Also consider avoiding any kitchen aid stand mixer is sold during certain Promotional periods such as black Friday. Kitchenaid forces there retailers to ship any mixers the have been returned to the retailer for any reason. Whether a mixer has been return because it was salty, the purchaser didn't like the performance, or even if they received it as a gift and never even open the Box they all must go back directly to Whirlpool/kitchen aid. These mixers are supposed to be checked and/or repaired Then sold as refurbished . This can me somewhat of a gamble since you don't know if the mixer was once damaged then repaired or If it was just a model that was Returned.

  34. If you're repairing these fairly often, I wonder how well one of their commercial mixers would work out for you. AvE has a teardown of one back from November of 2016, the gearbox honestly looks bulletproof compared to the consumer mixers, much beefier components, and the geartrain is much more simple. The price also isn't entirely outrageous when you look at their product stack for bowl-lifts. Might be worth looking into next time you're looking for a mixer, but I wouldn't be surprised if going to the commercial product saves money in the long run.

  35. I have heard people complain about how cheaply Kitchen aid makes machines, I have repaired the same machine you have and there was no plastic in it, and I repaired a smaller one I had bought 40 some years ago and there was no plastic gears or housing. they are both still running, I finally gave the small one to my grand daughter and she uses it a lot. Why do they break. I make bread every week, and sometimes I use a stiff dough, everything has there limits. I have been repaired quite a few times and humans are great long lasting machines and we do break down. from misuse and old age. Hi PS I forgot to say, that I take pictures of the way the parts are in the machine before I remove them so I don't forget, of course I am over 80 years old and my think box doesn't work as good as it used to.

  36. Based on the 'how its made' episode for these, he didn't use nearly the amount of grease they do.

    Also, super unfortunate newspaper article to have on closer up 😬

  37. I have a 5 quart pro that gets VERY hot in use, Way too hot. checked it, seems to have plenty of grease, but I'm broke, unemployed, can't afford the $35 a quart Kitchenaide grease… can I use molybdenum grease? I have that already

  38. Glen, I've rebuilt this machine six times now. Was your grease food-safe, like the Beneline grease they used in production? It's important, as some of it gets down into the food every now and then (bad design). Also, is where I've found the best combination of prices and service for KitchenAid parts. Also, if the head assembly begins to wobble, upgrade the mounting bolts to hardened Allen bolts with lock washers and it'll never move again. Finally, have you noticed that the bronze end bushings for the Idler Gear are not clear on how they should be oriented when they are mounted in the transmission housing? It's even wrong in the exploded parts diagram! I've found that keeping both flats horizontal enables the teeth to mesh more surely, as the Idler Gear then doesn't wobble towards and away from the gears it drives on the vertical shaft. I hope this helps.

  39. I bought a pint of the grease and it doesn't look white …
    I got the official benalene 930-2 that KitchenAid uses.
    It's brown but not as brown as your used grease was.

  40. I hope Kitchen Aid (or whatever corporate conglomerate that owns them) is watching this video. This is a prime example of planned obsolescence of junk made in China. The gears are made out of cheap, brittle potmetal instead of hardened steel. I bet your customers would be willing to pay an extra $50 per unit for something that didn't grenade itself during its first batch of dough.

  41. Never can have too much grease. Glad to see you changed all gears. With new and worn gears, there is just enough 'slap' to cause extra wear or stress on the gear and drives which could lead to another failure.
    Great video, you were very informative and I liked that you packed grease into the small roller bearing.
    Can't wait for the bagel recipe. Could you do a few with onions? 😁

  42. Cooking, history, culture, construction AND NOW mechanics!!!!!!! What can you not do???!!!!😎👍👍🥇🏅

  43. Mine broke a couple of years ago, and I pulled it apart and was too intimidated to finish the repairs, it's just been sitting on a shelf. Your video gives me the courage to go ahead and repair mine, thank you very much.

  44. KitchenAid the mixer designed to break. thanks for the inside demo, i now know how to fix them – thanks!

  45. Wow a cook that can actually do more than cook. I wonder how many of those have ended up in the dump rather than being properly repaired.

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