Flash a Round Penetration Using FlexWrap™ NF | DuPont™ Tyvek®

I’m going to flash a round penetration using
FlexWrap™. In this case, we’re going to flash a dryer vent. First step is to cut a
flap, I’ll come up on a 45 degree angle on both sides. I’ll fold this flap temporarily
out of the way. I’ll take a piece of FlexWrap™ that I’ve cut. I’ve cut one a little bit
wider than the other. I’ll start with the narrower piece. I’ve cut it so that the
break on the release paper can be folded back, and I’ll crease this. Peel off the first
piece and start at the lower end of the dryer vent and wrap up around the sides making sure
I get good adhesion on the side of the dryer vent. Pull the second piece of release paper
away and start to work the FlexWrap™ out around the opening. After the lower piece
is installed, I take the second, slightly wider, piece – crease it, pull the release
paper off, pull off the second piece of release paper, expand it out. I’ve cut this second
one slightly wider, that’s so I have a projection out over the lower piece. After the FlexWrap™
is installed, I’ll use a J-roller to ensure good adhesion. Untape that flap, fold it down
over the opening. Then I’ll put a third piece
over the lower part of that flap that I cut. This is how you can use DuPont™ FlexWrap™
to flash most round penetrations.

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