Fortnite Creative 8.00 – New Prefabs and Devices, improved Resize tool + Billboards!

Water props! Speed Boost traps can now be placed on vertical walls. Added option to clear the player’s inventory when they reach a checkpoint device. Added multiple options to Damage Zone. Including a damage over time option. Players can now customize the team a Sentry is assigned to. Added option to turn on/off the bonus ammo for weapons that are spawned from the item spawner. Added an option for the Movement Modulator effect to last for infinite time during a match. Billboards are limited to 50 per island to ensure performance and memory on all platforms work. Deals 100 Damage to enemies on a direct hit and 50 Damage to enemies within a small radius. Alternatively, climb into the barrel and launch yourself! When Resizing props, you can now “flip” props backwards by continuing to Shrink them beyond their minimum size. This also works when a specific resize direction has been selected, and enables new possible arrangements of props! Set your Collision mode to “Nothing” to allow props to be moved right through the terrain. Selecting “Random” will automatically choose a random time of day when your island is loaded, and will stay at that time.

33 thoughts on “Fortnite Creative 8.00 – New Prefabs and Devices, improved Resize tool + Billboards!

  1. awesome video. I search and search for this type of video that is straight to the point and explains it easily but never can, until i found your channel. great wor!!!

  2. I'm on PC and I cant write on the chalkboard! Why!!!!!!! I can in other peoples islands when I have edit privileges, but not my own.

  3. i was dont know how to clear the billboard, i tried to fix that like 30 min i check your video, it really helped me thank you really mut. My english is not good. 🙂

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