French Drain Tips – Sinking Lawn (Literally) –

Brooks Belanger out here with BMB drainage
solutions and on this beautiful day in January out here doing my mid-afternoon
walk- around the lake – but it’s that what this video is about. If you followed my
channel for some time now back in mid July of last year I posted this video up
you may remember it so something that should have been a
pretty much straightforward easy project turned out to be anything but when we
started we started on the top portion of the lawn this is the section where we
were installing 80 feet of nds easy flow and we get in there and we came across
something that’s quite common in the Northwest Arkansas area have a look more
importantly listen so what you’re hearing there is a rock
formation which is quite frequent throughout the Northwest Arkansas area
that’s chert it’s a very hard rock it’s it’s very difficult to dig out even with
a mini-x, typically what you have to do is continuously pound it with the bucket
until it fractures and then you can dig it out so that put is behind right there
where we should have been so far as time when we finished that up started pulling
it back back filling it so once we got that area back filled and
got it completed we move down to the lower portion of the lawn hoping that
things would go a little bit smoother and praying that we wouldn’t continue to
run into the chert – the rock formation – get down there and it turned out to be
something that we never expected and could have never foreseen so take a look so that stump wasn’t a stump it turned
out to be a full-blown tree with the top cut out of it you so whenever we discovered that; we knew
that we were into something that was way beyond the ordinary. So we spin the mini
X around and if you remember from the original video that I posted there was
some cracks along that area that was sinking we dug around there poolside
back straight to 3rd back not much it didn’t take much and this is
what we found so what we discovered is that this lawn
was basically a graveyard for trees, and tree debris and we knew that we didn’t
have the right equipment on-site so we had to bring in a larger mini X. So we
get it on there and we go to work and I’m here to tell you we were at depths
of anywhere from twelve to fifteen feet deep and we were pulling trees and we
kept pulling trees and we pulled even more trees!!! damn (in the background remark) so what made this job so difficult is
that you’ll see in these next couple of clips is the the trees were so large
even whenever you would get a hold of one and you would try to pull it out, you
couldn’t break – it lots of times- some of them you could some of them you couldn’t
so you would have to expose if not all of the tree a greater portion of it
which required you to expose it coming back –
get it out drop it off to the side and then you’d have to push all the dirt
back so that you could then again go forward to grab more trees to get them
out so it was a long tedious and in the but process. you know – not only did we come across
tree debris – we also came across boulders these were you could tell these boulders
weren’t put there by nature they were purposely
thrown in there too perhaps compact and hold down all the tree
debris that were thrown into this area and then the craziest thing was that we
pulled up on this job if everything else wasn’t crazy enough we pulled up a
copperhead! and he wasn’t dead he’s still alive he was twitching and all that good
stuff at that point when we pulled that snake up we were at depths I believe of
10 to 12 feet we were still pulling up tree to breeze and that snake had to be
down in there, and you know not on purpose didn’t see it, it came up with
the bucket and unfortunately due to the way that he got caught Oh hey Dad that’ll be good it goes without saying
that no one ourselves or the client knew what we were getting into beforehand –
before this job was started it’s unfortunate that the especially for the
client and son fortunate for him that the
developer or the Builder chose to put all that bulldoze it in there and then
backfill it with red dirt and topsoil just for time reasons for this video I’m
going to put in the description below a complete detail of what all was found
out once we got into this particular part of the job so if you want more
details be sure to read them in the description. This job was definitely
something that I have never experienced in my life I’ll probably never
experience another job like this in my life just the craziest thing I’ve ever
seen you know we finally did get it completed. I do have some footage of the
property all said and done but I’ll have to dig it up and hopefully post it
within the next seven to ten days you know not to end on a negative note I’m
gonna put some clips up of the job as we went through the project and continue to
work on it some of the things that actually went right for us there were
some not everything went wrong so I’ll put those up at the end in the meantime
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11 thoughts on “French Drain Tips – Sinking Lawn (Literally) –

  1. I wonder if the developer could be held liable for the charges since it is their fault this problem occurred. ?

  2. That is the worse thing i ever seen. That builder/contractor should be reported and made liable for all that. Goes to show why people r so scared ro hire stuff done caause they ben burned so many times before. Good job doin it right for them tho!!

  3. Looks like a grapple for the mini skid steer would have been handy for hauling all the roots. Just my thoughts. Very good video tho and crazy situation!

  4. That’s just a DAMN shame. I was apprehensive about the vagueness in your comments concerning the 🐍 encounter ; I certainly hope you didn’t lose an employee in this nightmare. I’m saddened that something you were so excited about turned on you so bizarrely.

  5. Was that 4" french drain covered by dirt enough to handle the literal river shown in the initial footage? There had to be a much larger french drain structure somewhere.

  6. What a nightmare, I would be going after the Builder and City. This is why we’ve lost trust in Builders and General Contractors. Thanks for sharing. I glad you did right for this homeowner. I originally thought you had a cave vein.

  7. @6:10 I noticed that the pit was very close to the foundation wall. I don't want to say it but is anyone else thinking what I am?

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