Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project “Topping Out” Ceremony at the Port of Long Beach

The two towers of the new bridge connecting
Long Beach to Terminal Island have reached their top height 515 feet. This is just 40 feet less than the
Washington Monument in our capital. And to celebrate this achievement, over 100
dignitaries gathered at the bottom of Tower 17. This bridge is more than an infrastructure project. We’re building a new iconic structure, not just
for Long Beach, but for the region as well. It will be a great beacon for what this Port is about,
which is goods movement and moving cargo across America. Don’t forget that this bridge is also going to look spectacular at night. You’ll be able to see it from across Southern California
as it really makes and changes the Long Beach skyline. For the past 3 years, over 3,000 workers have worked
to construct the foundation of the two approaches. So now that the two towers are in place, the
2,000-foot main span over the water can be completed. It’s certainly going to be a spectacular bridge for the city of Long Beach and the Port of Long Beach, But for me what’s impressive is the
construction work as well as the engineering work. No major infrastructure project gets done without that effort and this is a show of expertise beyond anything else in the state right now. To thank them for all their hard work, it was planned to hoist two banners
and the traditional evergreen tree to the top of the towers. But high winds required a change of plans. We were supposed to lift the two banners you see behind me and you’ll see these banners; one is honoring
the men and women who built this bridge and second is the evergreen tree, traditional in
construction to represent an everlasting project, and that second banner has a number on it, 515 feet,
which represents the highest point of the bridge. To find out more about the development of the bridge,

4 thoughts on “Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project “Topping Out” Ceremony at the Port of Long Beach

  1. good work ICTF Long Beach the towers are up soon the suspension cables will be ran and soon the deck slabs will be installed.

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