Giant Magic Tracks Bridge Adventure in Our House!!

– What’s up, guys? Thanks for comin’ over to our house. You’re here on the Carl
and Jinger Family channel, and today we’re all just
finally getting better. We’ve been sick for almost a week. We haven’t uploaded anything for awhile but luckily we’re all
startin’ to get better. We’ve had strep throat. Like a cough, and a head
cold, all this stuff. But Jinger’s feelin’ okay. Kyle’s feelin’ a little bit better. Everybody’s doin’ alright. Luke’s a little bit sick and so is Gage, but that’s okay. We’ve got somethin’ fun planned for today. We’ve got this giant bin full of all of our Magic Tracks and all the different
colors and everything and we’ve done Magic Tracks across the swimming pool, we’ve even done Magic
Tracks over the house. And today, it occurred to me that we really haven’t
done a giant Magic Tracks through the house, since we’ve remodeled everything upstairs, So that’s what I wanna do. We can go up and over all this. We can go through the kitchen. We can get really creative and crazy all around the house, the entertainment center and everywhere. It’s gonna be awesome. We are gonna have a great time today and you’re invited to join in with us because every day’s a new day. Let’s make it an awesome one. – [Both] Three, two one, go! – [Carl] Oh man, fire truck’s goin’ – [Everybody] Whoa! (family shouts) – He’s gonna make it! – [Carl] I think so too. Here they go, up and over the kitchen wall. Are they gonna make it? oh no! What do you think, Kyle, now that we’ve got the house remodeled. Where should we do the Magic Tracks? – I feel like we should go around this whole place right here. – [Carl] Around the whole kitchen? – And then go up above the kitchen. – [Carl] Up and over,
like up and over there? – Yeah. – [Carl] That’d be really cool. We could probably figure that out. Maybe if we went up and over right there by the fridge, we could get it to go up and all the way down and over, then around through the kitchen. That’d be cool, right? – Yeah. – [Carl] We could go underneath
the kitchen table and stuff. I don’t know, we’re gonna have to dig all this stuff out and
just see what we can do. We have enough Magic Tracks together now, that we can get pretty creative with this throughout the house. So, I think it’s just time,
we’re gonna dump this out and start piecing it all together and we’ll figure out how to do this. Three, two, one, dump! (Magic Tracks crashing) (family cheers) – [Kyle] We’re makin’ a huge mess! – [Carl] I know, we
are makin’ a huge mess. I know. Where’s all the cars? Are they in there too? – [Jinger] Yeah, I think that they are. – [Carl] Alright, well here’s what I say. I say that maybe the starting line for our Magic Tracks
throughout our house… We’ll have the starting line start here, and then the finish line will just be wherever the heck it ends up. I don’t know, let’s get crazy. Oh, this gives me a good idea. Kyle, you remember on your channel– – Oh! – [Carl] When you did Magic Tracks through the kitchen? – Yeah. – [Carl] We had the tracks go across the sink, so it
was like a water obstacle. And then we can have
it go around the curve and go across the oven too, so it’s like a water obstacle and then a fire obstacle. – That’d be awesome. – [Carl] This is the
part of being a YouTuber, you usually don’t ever see. In order to have our water obstacle across the sink for
our Magic Tracks video, we all have to pause filming so we can unload the dishwasher, just so– – Do dishes. – [Carl] Just so we
can load the dishwasher so we can make the water obstacle. So it’s like one step forward and two steps back. Okay, so here’s what we have so far. We have our starting line right here on the kitchen counter. We got all the Magic
Tracks cars all lined up and it looks like they’re even color coordinated. So we’re gonna go around
the track like this and then it’s gonna go
over a bubble bath sink, and then it’s gotta shoot the gap here, it’s gonna go across the stove, with active flames, oh, you’ve even got the drawer open. Where we goin’ from here, Jinge? – Well, I think that we need to go up to this cabinet and then climb the magical mountain to
the top of the kitchen. – [Carl] Oh, my gosh. Okay. I see how– – So, we have to make
it at the right angle or the cars won’t be able to climb it. So… – [Carl] Right. Okay, so yeah. So we have to do some kind of a turn here on the floor and then we go up and over there. How’s it comin’ over here, guys? – [Luke] Pretty good. – [Carl] What are you figurin’ out here? Oh, you’re gonna go around here. Oh, the track ends. Is that where it’s gonna connect when it comes over the kitchen? – Uh-huh. – [Carl] Gotcha. Okay, so it’s gonna come around here, make a turn, go up on the couch, and then over. Oh man, this is gettin’ crazy. Whoa, can’t go in the
kitchen this way, anymore. It’s all blocked off. Look, you gotta go underneath
the Magic Tracks bridge. (Carl grunts) There we go. Oh, wow. This is lookin’ awesome. Look at this, guys. – [Jinger] Isn’t this cool? – [Carl] It’s way cool. It’s goin’ through the kitchen, now. Over the oven and everything. Across the gap. Oh, I see and then it’s comin’ back underneath this starting line bridge and then this is gonna go up from there? – [Jinger] It’s gonna go all the way up. – [Carl] Up and over. Cool. What are you guys workin’ on here? – We’re gonna make the bridge that’s gonna take a slight angle up to the top over there, but we have to build the track first. – [Carl] Oh, right, right right. – So, we’re kinda gettin’ an idea. Okay, go back that way just a little more. I think this is a great
section of track for this ’cause it’ll leave a little extra. – It’s gonna be like a big, giant bridge. – [Carl] Well, I think so too. – It’s gonna be awesome. Okay, let’s tape it. (upbeat music) – [Carl] We got a spider-girl on the roof. Oh my gosh. – [Jinger] We are ready
for this track, guys. – [Carl] She’s way up
there, you ready for it? – [Jinger] Yeah, let’s do it. – [Carl] Okay, so you gotta hand it up to Jinger. – It’s all about the angle. – [Luke] Oh my goodness, it’s a problem. – [Carl] Wow, it goes all
the way up the kitchen. – This is awesome. – [Carl] Is it gonna make it? – I don’t know. This is a pretty hard angle. – [Carl] I think it needs to go that way just a little bit. Yep. – [Jinger] Okay. – [Carl] More like that. That looks crazy! – [Luke] Oh my goodness. – We did it, you guys. We used almost every single section of Magic Tracks that we had and we built an entire track that goes
clear through the kitchen and we’ve already got some
color changing lights on. Goes over the sink, over
the stove, and around, up over the kitchen, actually, and around. It’s gonna be awesome. Let me give you a quick tour of what the track looks
like, first person view. This is our starting line, you guys. And then they’re gonna come down here across the kitchen
counter, they’re gonna go through the doors, over the water hazard with all the bubbles, across the gap, towards the stove that’s gonna be on fire, and then they gotta hang a left-hand turn, go across the oven door,
and then pass the fridge, underneath the microwave, and then here’s where it gets tricky. They gotta come across this gap, and then swoop underneath the bridge on the starting line, and
go clear uphill like this, and then come down the other side, onto this big steep ramp that comes down, swoops to the right, and then
goes behind the coffee table, around by the couch, and then it curves back to the right, goes back up this steep grade up here, into the speed zone, across the kitchen counter top again. Up over the final bridge, and then down into the safety basket. I think we’re all set up and ready to go. But make sure that you subscribe, and turn on notifications,
if you haven’t already, so that you can be part
of our notification squad. – And comment down below
which one of these cars do you think is gonna
make it the farthest? – Yeah, which one do you think is gonna make it all
the way around the track the first time? It might not be the first car that we try, ’cause the first one might
fall off or something and might not make it. So vote down in the comments below. Which one of these, do
you think is gonna be the first one to make a successful pass around our entire track. Kyle, which one are you gonna send over the track first? – I’m gonna just go from
this side over here. So I’m gonna start with the fire truck. – We’re gonna start with the fire engine. Alright, so we’ll put
that on the starting line. We’ll get everything set up, so we have people here balancing it so it doesn’t twist and get all too crazy, and then we’re ready to do this. Are you ready? – Yeah! – I’m super excited. Let’s get a countdown, in– – [Both] Three, two, one, go! – [Carl] Oh, man. Fire truck’s goin’. Let’s see if he can make it. – [Kyle] This one’s
gonna be the perfect one to go over the fire! – [Carl] He’s makin’ it so far. Oh, we forgot to turn the oven on. There we go. – [Kyle] Good thing the
engine stopped right there. – [Carl] Well the fire truck, he peeled out, and his back tire came off. Let’s give him another try, here. Real quick. Kyle, I’m all ready. Are you ready? – Yeah! – Alright, guys let’s get a countdown in – [Everyone] Three, two, one, go! – [Kyle] Here goes. – [Carl] Here goes little fire engine. – [Kyle] You can do it. This is gonna be perfect for the fire. – [Carl] Oh yeah, he’s gonna make it. So far, so good. Here he goes, past the flames. – [Kyle] Whoa! – [Carl] Oh, he did it. Okay, let’s see if he can
make it past the oven. Yep. Goin’ up the fridge. Yeah, okay. Under the microwave. Okay, now this is the big test. Let’s see if he can make it
up the giant climb, here. There he goes. Can he make it? Can he make it? Can he make it? Can he make it? He’s stuck on… Oh no! Oh! He’s tryin’. Oh, no. Let’s help him out, just a little bit. Go, little fire engine. Oh no! (Everyone groans) Oh, total disaster. He totally fell. It didn’t work at all. So the fire engine didn’t make it. So, we’re gonna try the phoenix car. This is the one that has the
big flaming phoenix on there. K, Kyle, you ready for this one? – Yeah. – Alright. Let’s get this goin’. – [Everyone] In three, two, one, go! – [Kyle] Oh, that one goes really fast. – [Carl] If this one makes
it or doesn’t make it we’re gonna just send ’em all on the next trip. – [Kyle] Awesome. – [Carl] Here he goes. Okay, here he goes. Past the oven, whoo he made it. So far this one’s doin’ really good. He’s got full batteries. Oh. Oh, that was just a problem
with the track, I think there. So we’ll help him out, just a little bit. Here he goes, let’s see if he can make
it up the giant climb. – [Kyle] Here he goes. – [Carl] Can he do it? Can he do it? Can he do it? There he goes. Oh, we’re just helpin’
him, just a little bit. Yay, he made it. – [Kyle] He made it! (everyone cheers) – [Gage] I think he’s gonna make it. – [Carl] I think so too. Here he goes, he’s goin’ around the couch, around the coffee table. – [Kyle] That’s awesome! – [Carl] He’s goin’ so good. (Kyle cheers) – [Carl] There he goes, up the ramp. He’s on the home stretch now. So far, so good. – [Kyle] Awesome! He’s into the the safety bin! – [Carl] Into the safety bin. – In three two one, go! (family cheers) – We did it! If you guys voted for the phoenix car, then you guys totally won that one. It was the first one to make it. It was only the second car that we tried. It made it all the way. A little bit of help from Luke, lifting up the track on
the steep part, there. But we’re gonna do what we gotta do to make this a success. Kyle, what are we gonna do next. – We’re gonna send all the cars. – We’re gonna send ’em all. We’re gonna start off with this one that has the flame
decals, this purple one. And then Kyle’s gonna step
under the track like that and he’s gonna send all of ’em. We’ve got 13 cars here,
including the phoenix car, Which survived down here. And we’re gonna put him up
for another run, right there, and let him try again. Are you guys ready to do this? – [Both] Yeah. – [Carl] Alright, let’s do it. Ready? [Everyone] Three, two, one, go! – [Carl] Oh my gosh, this
is gonna be so crazy. I hope that they can make it. Oh, he’s goin’ across the sink. So far, so good. – Oh, one fell in the water! – [Carl] We’ve got a bunch of ’em goin’… Oh, we forgot to turn the stove on again. (Carl laughs) That’s okay. You don’t need to do that. Here they go across the sink. So far, they’re all makin’ it. Come on, Luke! Oh. Are they gonna make it up and over? – There goes the last car. – [Carl] Was that the last one? – Yeah, that’s the last– – [Carl] Oh my gosh, it made it! Up and over. (family shouts) Yeah! I think the weave car’s
totally gonna do it. (Carl laughs) So far, so good. Jinger, you did an awesome job. Oh, man. There’s a bunch of
wrecks goin’ on in here. – Yeah, a lot of crashes! – [Carl] There’s a bunch of crashes, Kyle? – Yeah. – There’s too many at the top. – [Carl] Oh, no. Oh, look. – [Kyle] There it goes! – [Carl] Look, it’s gonna make it! Yeah! The purple flame car
totally made it all the way. – Look at that one, it’s stuck. – [Carl] He’s upside
down, and totally stuck. That is crazy. Oh, no. It’s like a Magic Tracks graveyard. They all didn’t make it up there, and then look, the oven totally gobbled up a bunch of ’em. One, two, three, four, cars totally didn’t even make
it across the oven, here. That is crazy. Should we reset and
try this one more time? I think we should. Smash that like button
and give us good luck. Hopefully we can get all of the cars to make it this time. This is our final try, Kyle. – Oh, this is gonna be scary. – [Carl] This is for all the jellybeans. We don’t even have any jellybeans but it’s for all of ’em. Okay, you ready? – Yeah (Carl laughs) – [Carl] He didn’t even
get that joke at all. That’s okay. – I did not get it. – [Carl] Ready, three – [Everyone] Two, one, go! – [Carl] We’re gonna try and send all of the cars, this time. I’m just gonna give a
big awesome view of this so you can see how awesome this track is. Kyle’s starting ’em all out. Are they makin’ it, so far? – Yeah, they totally are. – [Carl] How do they do over here? Let’s see if they can
make it across the sink. Pretty easy across the bubble sink. This is the real test. Uh-oh, they’re all gettin’
bundled up together close. Let’s see if that helps ’em or hurts ’em trying to go up the big mountain, now. – There they go. – [Carl] There they go, up
and over the kitchen wall. – [Kyle] There goes the last one. – [Carl] Are they gonna make it? Oh my gosh, if they all make it that would be crazy. (Kids shouting) Oh no! Oh no! Luke, you gotta let go. Just move out of the way, Luke. You gotta move. Oh no. That was a total fail. – Yeah. – [Carl] That was worse
than the last attempt– – It totally was! – [Carl] I know. Gage, we didn’t even need you over here. They all crashed before they even made it up and over. – [Gage] Darn it. – [Carl] These two cars are
definitely the champions. They’re the ones that made it all the way. The phoenix car and the
blue one with the flames Those guys made it the whole way and they are the champions
of this Magic Tracks. That’s it for this video, you guys. Tell us what else we should do with our Magic Tracks. We have all these tracks,
and all these cars. It’s so awesome. We filmed a bunch of other videos, so click anywhere on the screen in order to subscribe
or to watch more videos. You gotta check ’em out. We’ve don Magic Tracks, what? Across the pool, over the house, a whole bunch of cool stuff. So make sure you guys check it out, And we’ll see you guys next time. – [Everybody] Bye!

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