Golden Ball Bridge Opening

Hi, I’m Rebecca and we’re out here today because we’re excited to be opening the Golden Ball Bridge. So, about 4 weeks ago we had a really significant unprecedented rain event that saw this
bridge damaged. The abutment was washed out and it was quite a lot of damage underneath which meant that we had to close the road, which is a key road between Beechworth and Wangaratta. Regional Roads Victoria recognised the importance of this connection for the local community and were really keen to get this re-opened as soon as possible. The structure you can see behind me is called a bailey bridge, this is a temporary type bridge that we actually brought across from our western region. This is a great example in Regional Roads Victoria of various regions working together. The expert team from Tasmania are really experienced in building Bailey bridges, so we were able to put in a temporary structure to restore access for the community. For those heading to and from Beechworth or Wangaratta via this road, we’d like you to observe the signage we have in place. Upon approach, you’ll see the slow down to 40km/hr and then there’s some traffic lights, and a speed restriction of 10km/hr. So please observe the traffic lights as you go through. The other thing we have is a load restriction of 15 tonnes, so any vehicles over that will have to stick to detour routes we have in place. We also have some electronic VMS signage in the area at key intersections advising motorists of those restrictions.

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