Good Design: Edward Suzuki at TEDxTokyo 2009

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Reviewer: Denise RQ Hello everyone, Princess. An idea I’d like to share with you today
is simple, it’s right here. You wouldn’t believe what’s happening
at the frontiers of science today, it’s amazing. The so-called zero-point energy field,
ZPE for short, is said to contain,
in one cubic centimeter, more energy than there is
in the entire visible Universe. If only we could tap into it. But that’s not the point
I’d like to talk about today. My point is leading-edge science and ancient wisdom
are finally coming together. Now, as I don’t have a lubricated tongue, and because of the time constraint
and the nature of my message, I have prepared
the following slides for you. Please bear with me for five minutes. [“An architect’s Philosophy
on GOoD DESIGN”] [“Where do we come from?”] [What are we?] [Where are we going?” Paul Gauguin] [“Acupuncture makes use of the way] [the spiral human embryo resembles
the spiral of the ear.”] [“Every cell of the human body carries] [a blueprint of the way
all the other cells are construed.] [So there is ‘something of everything’
in every single cell.] [The whole exists in each tiny part.”
Joslein Gardener, “Sophie’s World”] [FRACTALS: the whole mirrors the part,
the part mirrors the whole.] [Photographs by William Neil,
“By Nature’s Design”.] [Photographs by William Neil,
“By Nature’s Design”.] [Photographs by William Neil,
“By Nature’s Design”.] [John Briggs, FRACTALS.] (Value of the golden ratio) [φ=Golden Ratio=1.618] [The Golden Ratio is inherent
in GOoD DESIGN.] [1.618 may be derived from
“the Fibonacci Sequence”] [which starts with 0 and 1.] [Nothing and Something.
No and Yes. Minus and Plus.] [Female and Male.
Death and Life. Yin and Yang.] [Symbolizing universal “Dualities.”] [The Fibonacci Sequence is derived thus:] [If each number in the Sequence
is divided by the previous number,] [the result would successively approach
an ideal of 1.618.] [But 1.618=Phi is more than a number.
It is a RELATIONSHIP.] [Whole: Large=Large: Small
1.618: 1=1: 1.618] [“(Gregory) Bateson thought that
in order to describe nature accurately] [one should try
to speak nature’s language] [which, he insisted,
is a language of RELATIONSHIPS.] [“A memory, like a sensation,
is not an isolated bit,] [it is a pattern of RELATIONSHIPS.”] [“Matter is mostly ghostly empty space.”
Sir Arthur Eddington.] [“Whatever matter is, it is not
made of matter.” Hans Peter Durr.] [Scientists are realizing
that at the heart of matter, or “thing,”] [there is “no thing”
but only RELATIONSHIPS.] [“Matter is derived from mind,
not mind from matter.”] [Leading-edge science is discovering
that the so-called “empty space”] [is really not a “vacuum” but a “plenum”,] [the zero-point energy (ZPE) field-teaming
with energy and information.] [“The ZPE field is the source
of foundation for all physical reality.] [ZPE is bizarre… nonetheless
it is rock-steady, solid science.”] [“As the harbinger and imprinter
of all wavelengths and all frequencies,] [the Zero Point Field is a kind of shadow
of the universe for all time,] [a mirror image and record
of everything that ever was.”] [In higher states of awareness, every cell
of the body coherently resonates] [with “the holographically (FRACTALLY)
embedded information] [in the quantum ZPE field.”] [“Each of us thus appears to be
a microcosm containing,] [in a holographic way, the information
about the entire macrocosm.”] [“The ZPE field may in time explain
Carl Jung’s “Collective Unconscious,”] [deja-vu’s, ESP, telepathy, intuition,
inspiration, and other such phenomena] [hitherto unexplained by science.”] [Science is now beginning to unravel
what ancient mystics knew all along.] [God made Man in His image.] [“Because we are machines
made out of protein,] [by definition we are made
in the image of the environment,] [that environment being
the Universe, or to many, God.”] [Great moments in evolution] [As of yet, man is
far from realizing his potential.] (Laughter) [But Darwin was only half right.] [“Life is much less
a competitive struggle for survival] [than a triumph
of cooperation and creativity.”] [“Life did not take over the globe
by combat, but by networking.”] [If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!] [If only the 1.2 trillions of dollars
spent annually worldwide for wars] [were instead spent for peace…] [“Spiritual Awakening”
or “Consciousness Re-evolution”] [or a new sense of “Cosmic Religion”
is what the world needs today] [if we are to “breakthrough”
instead of “breakdown.”] [GOoD DESIGN is of one “Cosmic Soul,”
or of one “W-holy Spirit,”] [and that we are all one
and the “same selves”] [only in “different guises.”] [“We are like islands in the sea,] [separate on the surface
but connected in the deep.”] [In other words, “I am you, you are I.”
WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME.] [If you could see yourself in “others”,] [then it should change the way
you look at “them.”] [Try it. it’s even fun!] [Now, if you please, meet and greet
your “other selves” sitting next to you.] [Thank you.] (music) Thank you. (Applause)

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