Google Home Features Update 3: Games/Trivia, bedtime stories, night mode

what’s happening YouTube. Josh Teder
here from 6 Months Later and today we have a bunch of features to go over with
the Google home devices first up syncing devices with our smart homes being
filled with more and more devices from different companies they’ve also become
more complex from rights to switches to garage door openers and thermostats you
can have a lot of different devices from different companies in your home and
Google has been working with a lot of these companies over the past year to
make sure that their products are integrated within the Google ecosystem
and according to Google as of January 2018 over 1,500 devices now work within
the Google assistant ecosystem from 225 brands across the globe now when
something goes wrong with one of your smart devices let’s say for example you
just set up a bunch of new smart lights it can be a pain to have to go into your
smart device app settings and try to reset the link between your lights and
the Google assistant luckily Google has a fix for this all you have to do is
tell Google to sync my devices and then what Google will do is automatically
resync the link between the Google assistant and all of the devices that
you’ve linked up to it through the settings in Eagle assistant app ok
syncing devices for Philips you eye devices and ecobee this is also really
useful if you ever change the name of one of your devices like for a smart
switch or a light bulb and want to make sure that the Google assistant is aware
of the change you made next stop pairing Bluetooth devices a
few months ago Google made it easy to be able to set up your google home devices
as a Bluetooth speaker to do this simply go into your speaker settings go to
paired Bluetooth devices select enable pairing mode
and then go to your phone or other devices Bluetooth settings and look for
the Google home in your Bluetooth settings you should be able to then pair
your device to your Google home speaker now let’s take a look at storytime and
games if you’ve ever wanted your google home to read you a bedtime story well
guess what you are in luck all you have to do is simply tell Google storytime
and it will read you a randomized fairy tale or bedtime story
all right here’s Beauty and the Beast from story nori on Google Play you see
and the Beast now you can also be more specific and ask Google to read you a
specific bedtime story tell me the story of Cinderella
all right here’s Cinderella from a story on Google play Cinderella now this is a
great feature if you have kids and especially if you have a Google home
device in your children’s bedroom not only can your children ask Google to
read them a bedtime story but on top of that you can actually put a sleep timer
on it so your children can drift off to sleep listening to a bedtime fairy tale
you can also play games with the Google home and quite a few of them are family
friendly as well you can tell Google let’s play a game or play a Mickey Mouse
adventure all right getting Mickey Mouse adventure it’s fine there are so many
new games and activities to try out with the Google home that’ll be fun for the
entire family now some of my personal favorites include telling Google to play
space trivia or just play trivia play lucky trivia a game show yes hold on let
me get all my stuff together welcome you are you feeling lucky if you
like trivia you’re in luck in the main trivia game
the Google home will assign each player a nickname and it can be quite humorous
because it’s just really random all right I’ve got some warm-up questions
for you easy stuff allo contestant one I’d love to hear you say something and
that something is rhubarb rhubarb because you just said it from now on you
shall be known as rhubarb next up night mode ever wake up in the middle of the
night ask Google a question only to be startled by the blaring response you get
or blinded by the bright LEDs illuminating from the surface of your
Google home device well this has happened to you you’re definitely going
to want to enable night mode and if it hasn’t happened to you yet you’re
definitely going to want to enable mic mode so what is night mode night mode
allows you to reduce the volume of responses from your Google home devices
and decrease the brightness of the leds during specified times with night mode
you can set a volume limit for the responses from your Google home devices
as well as decrease the brightness of the leds during specified times you can
also enable the Do Not Disturb feature which will block sounds from reminders
broadcast messages and other notifications on your Google home
devices however alarms and timers will still go off during night mode which
brings me to my next feature setting volume limits for alarms and timers you
can set volume limits for alarms and timers regardless of whether they go off
during the night or during the day now to do this simply go into one of your
google home devices settings scroll down to you see alarms and timers and then
you will be able to set the max volume for your alarms and timers Google also
recently announced a new feature specifically for the Google home many
devices and this involves plane and causing media so before you would only
be able to play and pause media that was playing by telling the Google home to
just play or pause it you wouldn’t actually be able to touch the device and
do that now Google originally designed the Google home many with a touch
sensitive part on the Google home many right here but they disabled it shortly
after launch because it was found that this part was faulty and sometimes it
could accidentally keep the assistant recording what was going on in a room
when it wasn’t activated which obviously was not good so what Google decided to
do was to build in the play and pause functionality onto the two side buttons
here so let’s say for example I was listening to NPR I told the Google home
to stop playing to resume NPR news summary I can just press and hold over
is keeping you inside here and there we go we are listening to NPR if you want
to pause it again press and hold now this works both on
this side and I’m genève on that side immigration and that is play and pause
functionality on the Google home Mini next up start sound and end sound if
you’ve ever wanted your google home device to make a sound when it hears its
trigger word and then another sound when it started processing your request very
similar to how the Google assistant and Siri work on mobile devices well you can
to enable this feature go into a google home devices settings then look for
accessibility and then select whether you want either a sound at the start of
a request at the end of a request or both Google what’s the weather in Austin
Texas currently in Austin is 62 and mostly cloudy the forecast tonight is 62
and mostly cloudy now the last feature I wanted to go over today is one of the
most useful things Google is put out in the past several weeks and probably
months and what this feature revolves around is the issue a lot of people have
with discovering what all their Google home devices can do so if you’ve ever
wanted to just browse through all of the different things you can tell the Google
assistant to do well now you can on the web simply navigate to assistant slash Explorer and browse through all of the various things you
can ask the Google assistant to do whether it’s travel shopping business
and finance home control and much more you’ll get lost in the amount of things
that your Google home devices can do for you and that’s why here at six months
later we are continuing these feature updates videos to make sure that you’re
on top of all of the latest features for your Google home devices as well as some
features you may have missed that we’re way down in the settings that no one is
noticed before like some of the features we went over in this video so if you
like this video please make sure to LIKE and subscribe to the channel to make
sure you never miss out on another video on the Google home devices until next
time thanks so much for watching I’m Josh Teder for 6 Months Later.

58 thoughts on “Google Home Features Update 3: Games/Trivia, bedtime stories, night mode

  1. Hey Josh, I'm having a problem with my home mini. When I ask it something that requires a response it just flashes the lights and doesn't respond.

    I have an Nvidia shield and I think it tries to send the audio there.

    I tried setting the default player to the home mini but it's still not working.

    Do you know how to fix this problem?

    Edit: I had the shield controller "ok Google" detection enabled. I turned it off and it completely solved the problem.

  2. Hey can I get some feed back please; when u ask your google "how much longer?" When there's no timers going Do u get google voice thats says "alright getting how much longer" than a male voice comes on and ask u random things?

  3. Sync my devices. What if you have several Google homes in your home. Do you have to go up to each Google home and say "Hey Google sync my devices"?

  4. Super useful video, thanks! Also thanks for not using the trigger words. My poor Google Home (whom I have named Enrico) gets really anxious when he thinks I want something and he doesn't know how to help me. Or maybe that's just projection? Naaaah 😆

  5. They need to let you be able to change the alarm tone. They're alarm tone that comes Factory with the Googles are terrible they would put me to sleep more so than they would wake me up. the alarm tone that is used with the Google is completely useless and I am unable to take advantage of the alarm it offers.

  6. One thing added as of Jan 21, 2018 is, in a group for audio casting, you are now able to individually scale the volume level of each device, to include Chromecast Audio and 3rd party devices that have Google audio cast built in. Previously, you were only able to scale the official Google Home devices in a home group. Now all of them are scalable!

  7. Ive listened to this video several times trying to ascertain the commands for storytime but can’t get it to activate on any of my google minis. I’ve attempted the different phrases you’ve used and …..nothing. How do I fix this? Is this only in the states? Is this only on the google home?

  8. Still usable to Link contacts and use home mini as handsfree calling device with no known release dates for UK. Not impressed

  9. I wish there was a way to trigger the Google home mini by touch. I'm sad that they had to disable it :/

    Maybe they should make it so if you grab both sides it will trigger it?!?!

  10. Are there any soundbars available that can be linked to google home so that I can turn it off & on with voice command "Hey google turn soundbar on" and "hey google, turn soundbar off" completely independent of the TV. I know TVs with CEC hdmi can also power on the soundbar when one turns the tv on, but sometimes I just want to leave the TV OFF and turn the soundbar on. Yes, I already tried it with the Vizio chromecast built-in soundbar, but that didn't work. My next step is to try out LG's line of soundbar because they have a standby mode (Vizio does not).

  11. I've learned most of my Google Home commands from your videos – thanks so much! I don't think the Bedtime stories is available in Canada yet though.

  12. when will google at last sell them in The Netherlands. Bit disappointed about the lack of love of google lately here…. 🙁

  13. Free 4 Months of Google Play Music and Youtube Red —

  14. If you're going to tell people what they can get Google Home to do. You must first realize that the internet is global and if these things that GH is able to do is only for the USA,, you should add this information, so we don't have to go through the effort, when we are NOT in the USA…….. SAD !!!!

  15. Quick question, is it now possible to stream music from google device directly to the Bluetooth speaker or still I need to have the chromcast?

  16. I've purchased Google home mini and had it over 4 months now, all I've ever heard was that more features were coming available before end of year. It's now Feb and here in the UK we're constantly falling behind where the US have always had calling from the home mini, now they have media to be played as an alarm, even google red available for US and not UK. If this was a product made for US and not UK then why sell it. I love using Google products but I constantly feel left behind here in the UK and all I'm stuck here is a Google home mini who keeps telling me it's sorry it can't help me with that yet. Please provide me with an update of what's to come and how long are we expected to wait or shall we just consider Alexa?

  17. Hi I have a home mini (I'm from the UK by the way) when I'm playing music through it and ask it to do a new command (I.e hey google skip song) it won't hear me. Could the vol be too high or is it a glitch ? Any vids/advice would be great and much appreciated. Thanks Lee

  18. You can also turn on Google home pairing by saying "turn on Bluetooth pairing" to the Google home you want to connect to. Also, if you have problems connecting, just unplug the Google home and plug it back in to reboot.

  19. It seems like the Mickey Mouse Adventure game and story time features aren't available in Australia, I just tried them on my Google Home Mini and they didn't work.

  20. I think it's helpful to note that in order to get said bedtime stories your device must be using English (United States). I had English (Canada) and it wouldn't work.

  21. Josh loving your tips and tricks, l didn’t realise the extent of what you can do on the Google home assist. Cheers mate love your channel.

  22. I can't pair my bluetooth speaker because in the google app they don't have pair bluetooth? Is it because I have a older google home mini with older firmware?

  23. This has to be the best video explaining google home! So detailed and yet explained so easily that a caveman like me can understand 👍🏽

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