24 thoughts on “Google Home Hub vs. Google Home – The Best Smart Home Assistants!

  1. I got me a mini this holiday season to get my self started and dip my feet into smart home stuff what else should I buy to compliment it tho ?🤔

  2. Love the google home hub and integration with Nest, Sony TV (chromemast) and WeMo. Waiting on Sonos official integration (I know certain commands available via third party apps). My only compliant is a few times a week the device will just randomly drop internet connection and restart. Did you experience that with any of your testing?

  3. Is it true that the Google hub has a better speaker then the regular home? If anyone could help me out that would be great 🙂

  4. First 20% of this video is a waste of time. We know how the subscribe button works and don't need you to advertise other products.

  5. Using Google hub and Home , but it seems both are not using the same software. By example..When I want ten minutes music by spotify, the google home hub does it, but the google home hub won’t do it. I tried a lot of commands but the hub won’t do it.

  6. Using more than one devices in one room. Hey google gives more replies than needed. I hope there will be options in the future to control this more. Using home in Dutch and hub in English because it’s not yet in Dutch. Than I can decide what I finally want to use alone, the home or the hub. I prefer the hub, but It can’t the same yet as the home.

  7. You didn’t show the home hub at all. You just talked with a few videos over your narration. I wanted a speaker comparison and you actually using the home hub.

  8. Just watched another video that says Google Home has better sound than Google Hub.
    So which one sounds better?

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