Google Home Mini – 48 Hours Later!

– Hey Google, how do you say, hit that ‘like’ button in Korean? – [Google Home Mini] (in foreign language) – Yeah do that. – What’s your favorite thing
about the Google Home Mini? – Does it get loud? How was the audio quality? – Do you feel like the new
Google Home Mini is worth it? – Jonathon here and today
I’m answering some questions on the brand new Google Home Mini. Got a chance to spend the
last two days with it, get familiar with it. And big shout out to everyone
who sent in questions. You guys are amazing. Now his Q&A is a paid
partnership with Google so big thanks to them for
making that happen, but also for letting me check out the
Google Home Mini early. So as far as the unboxing goes, you have some clean packaging,
which really matches the aesthetic of the Google Home Mini, but before you can get inside you must first get through a
really satisfying pull tab. From there, right smack in the front is the Google Home Mini. And this color is what
Google’s calling Chalk, but there’s also Charcoal and Coral. Now I’ve yet to see
Charcoal or Coral in person, but I gotta say I really
dig the looks of Chalk. I think clean is probably
the best word to describe it and overall I think Google Home Mini is a really good looking piece of tech. From there, set up was super simple. This is done through the Google Home app and whether you’re on Android or iOS, Google Home Mini is going to work on both. So now that we’re all set up I think it’s time we
test this little guy out. Hey Google, tell me about yourself. – I’m your Google Assistant
and I can play games. I was just practicing my game show voice in case you wanted to play Lucky Trivia. (laughs) – Hey Google, what am
I thinking right now? – You’re thinking if my Google Assistant guesses what I’m thinking,
I’m going to freak out. – Hey Google, how do you say Austin Evans is jacked in Spanish? – (in foreign language) (laughs) – (in foreign language) (laughs) – (in foreign language) (laughs) – Okay, I’m done. – So my only question is, what’s the difference between
the normal Google Home and the Google Home Mini? – So that is hands down the question that I got asked the most and
before I answer that directly, I’m gonna first say I was really surprised with the sound quality
on the Google Home Mini. Okay Google, play Gramatik. (electronic music) Okay Google, stop. (electronic music) So that is obviously
not gonna fill the room like the Google Home would, but it’s pretty impressive nonetheless. So to dissect that question
just a little bit further, I think it’s gonna come
down to price point. Yeah, the Google Home does sound better but maybe you wanna put
these in multiple rooms, you can do that. You can get three of these for basically the price of a Google Home. – Is the Google Mini really mini? – I don’t have an official mini scale, but looking at it up close
I would say, yeah it’s mini. – Does the Google Home Mini also function as a Bluetooth speaker? – It does and that’s actually
how I was able to hop back and forth between the
Google Home and Google Home Mini for that audio comparison. The one thing you will
need remember though is that it’s not a portable
speaker so you will need to be plugged into a
wall, but other than that you definitely can play
music through Bluetooth. – Jonathan, do they have a headphone port so you can plug em to external speakers? – So the Google Home Mini,
there is no analog audio output, but if you do wanna get this
to an external set of speakers you can still do that
with Chromecast Audio. – Is someone like me with a gaming setup, what would I wanna use it for? – So if you’re with a gaming
setup I’m going to assume one you are part of the PC master race and two because of that you more than likely dig
that color RGB lighting so with that the ability to
maybe match your lighting with your gaming setup and
control it with your voice is reason enough to jump into that for me. – Hey Jonathan, can the Google Home Mini tell you where’s the
best place to eat tacos or any Mexican food? – Hey Google, where’s the best place to get tacos in Los Angeles? – I found a few top rated places. The first one is Best
Fish Taco In Ensenada on 1650 Hillhurst Ave in Los Angeles. – The answer is clearly yes. So to answer that dog’s question, yeah it works great with
both Phillips Hue and LIFX and it’s kinda nice knowing that two of the major
lighting players in the game will work with Google Home
Mini so you can do things like, hey Google, turn the lights blue. – Okay, changing the LIFX to blue. – Hey Google, dim the light to 0%. – You got it. – Aside from that, thank you
guys very much for watching and again, huge shout out to Google for making this video possible. If you guys have any
questions on the brand new Google Home Mini, drop
me a line down below and I’ll try to reply to
as many comments as I can and if you wanna check out some more Google Home Mini goodness,
check out these videos here and I will catch you guys later.

100 thoughts on “Google Home Mini – 48 Hours Later!

  1. i set my google home mini but it doesn't show the recognition voice page and when i tap on more settings nothing is showing up.

  2. Another stupid, social media manipulation to buy a product sponsored by the manufacturer themselves. Sheepeoples, wake up and stop being fooled.

  3. Me: "Hey google how was your day?"
    Google: "Mine was great! How was yours?"
    Me: "It was great too, but I have a cold"
    Google: "Sorry to hear that, hope you feel better soon."
    i went, AWWWW thanks. Google so kind

  4. Soooo what exactly is the point of this product?
    Is it not possible to buy a generic speaker anywhere and do I really need an external device to do what I can do online/phone …but verbally?
    Is it just me or is this a redundant form of marketing? Also, interesting that over 90% of the promo or related marketing for this product fail to describe what it is or does.
    Is it speaker? Is it a talking version of google search engine…WTF is it!!??? LMAO

  5. Does it need to be connect to your phone at all times? and (if so) dose the phone need WiFi on all the time for the google mini to work properly?

  6. That Korean translation in the beginning was awful!!! It literally said "Hit dat lite button (히트 댓 라이트 버튼)" in Korean accent. Not in actual Korean lmao!!!!

  7. This product looks like it is for people who want to be like the people in the ads. Will this be suitable for a single mother of 5 children living in a council estate who doesn't want to listen to music, get takeaway?

  8. Hey there I just subscribed and I just bought a mini haven't got it yet but ideas curious can you set custom alarms for two people? Also can it be setup for my kids voice? Thank you for answering my questions

  9. Fire your hair salon fake barber. Then ask google to find you a real barber, with a barber pole outside. See what a real fade, with a line up do.

  10. does this have battery, i am seeing charging wire connected all time. so does it portable. and can it work without wifi

  11. Setup is anything but simple for me and so far asking it simple things like create a grocery list or play music has caused glitches.Stupid device.

  12. I was Christmas-drunk when I opened mine and totally didn't appreciate the pull-tab when unboxing. I feel like I played myself.

  13. OK i have 2 minis in my home and they both pick up my voice…how do i change that. For example if I tell thee bedroom mini to set the alarm for 8am both minis will go off. The second mini is set up on my sons gmail account not even attached to mine…help very frustrated…thanks

  14. Omg I really want this thing… and there relatively cheep the chalk color is only 30-40 dollars which i expected it to be around 100

  15. When you said hey google play gramatik? Is that what you said? Lol.
    My google mini heard it and started playing them.. hahha

  16. Great Video but if your google home mini -had started making troubles then you should consult our technicians to resolve all of them just by calling out toll free number 1-844-353-5969

  17. Did u haft to use if this then that or IFTTT as they call it to make the Google home mini work with your lights and stuff?

  18. You are reported you douchbag how the fuck dare you try and control other peoples private stuff!! Fuck you you waster

  19. Why didn't you ask google mini questions like "hey google, can you add a calendar entry for tomorrwo 8 o'clock?". Ah, i thaught so.

  20. The google home is horrible its basically a speaker that can tell you what time it is and the weather other than that the responds it gives you is Idk basically its retarded to the point that it doesn't know who george washington and I bought it like at the beginning of 2018 and it still sucks ass

  21. The google home just pronounced "Hit the like button" in a Korean accent, it didn't actually translate it XD

  22. Does this have an FM antenna for listening to radio stations or does it have to go through internet radio services like TuneIn?

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