Google Home Mini VS Amazon Echo Dot – Who gets your 50 dollars?

Hey, how’s it going? Dave2D here and this is a video on the Google Home Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot So this thing just came out, the Google Home Mini. It’s 50 bucks It’s relatively inexpensive, but it’s just so much cheaper than its predecessor, that thing was 120 bucks I think? This is like less than half price and… it looks nice, right? But just because it’s new and it looks a heck of a lot nicer than this… It doesn’t mean that’s… inherently better than this, right? I’ve been using this quite a bit, the Amazon Echo Dot and it’s a very good product But, depending what you do and what you don’t do, one or the other, might be a better fit So that’s what this video is, it’s going to talk about what these products are, what they aren’t and… I guess kind of a guide as to whether or not, any one of these are actually a good purchase for you So I’m gonna focus on three things. First, let’s talk about using these things as media controllers So they’re both pretty good as media controllers. This thing, the Google Home Two things kind of bugged me about it It doesn’t have an audio jack out So if you have a pair of speakers that you want to connect it to like a hardwire You can’t do that. And it also doesn’t technically have Bluetooth, like it does You can’t just connect it to a Bluetooth enabled speaker, you need to connect a Chromecast Audio, to some speakers and then now they can talk wirelessly And I mean that’s just a bit of a money grab from Google And they’re just basically trying to keep the Chromecast Audio product alive, and it’s fair… But… if you’re looking for good audio, and just like a simple audio with less wires and stuff like that… It’s gonna cost you a little bit more with this device With the Amazon Echo Dot, it’s got an audio out So it’s just, you plug it up and you’re good to go Both of them can be used as speakers. The Google Home Mini’s probably a little bit better sounding It’s not like, much better, because neither of them are very good But does sound a little bit cleaner and just a little more depth to the audio It does have upward firing speakers I’m not sure if that’s making a big difference, whereas the Amazon Echo Dot has downward firing speakers, so when it’s on a table It’s just the sound is projected off of the surface. They both handled TV well. This thing needs Chromecast, this thing needs the Fire Stick Um… They both have their advantages inherently just from the products of Fire Stick versus Chromecast, but… they both work And I wouldn’t say that one is like, massively better than the other, in terms of their video playing capabilities One thing I have noticed with the Google Home products, and it’s not just with the Google Home Mini It’s with all of the Google home products You can speak more naturally to them, whereas the Amazon products You need to just hit those keywords for a bill to trigger the command that you’re trying to make it do. “Hey Google, show me a video on YouTube about Overwatch.” “Alright, playing on YouTube about Overwatch videos from YouTube on office TV.” And because of that difference, I find it easier and just more enjoyable to control my media using Google Home products. The one big advantage with this though And this probably won’t apply to most people, is that if you are an Audiobook user or just more particularly Audible, this thing can do like, text-to-speech and it can just read out stories, which is super cool. It’s so simple I feel like this is something that Google Home’s should be able to do, but it doesn’t. I use Audible and I like Audiobooks, so… yeah The next thing I want to talk about is using these devices as an assistant So either a home assistant, or a work assistant or any kind of like voice operated assistant, and both of them are pretty good Um, but the winner to me is the Google Home product. This thing has just better connectivity for what I use So everyone’s gonna be different. I use a lot of Google services Particularly Google Calendar, and this is excellent for that. “Hey Google, what’s my calendar like tomorrow?” “Tomorrow, there are three things on your calendar. The first one is at 12:30 a.m., and its title is ‘Busy Stuff One'” Google Home can distinguish between different voices So if you have one device in a household with different people in it, they can ask it with their own voice and it’ll react accordingly so if you have a different calendar from your wife, or your family members It’ll just, read your calendar out to you and tell you your schedule and same thing with like, making calls so if you say or if I said, “Hey Google, call my mom,” it would call my mom But if my wife said the same thing, “call my mom,” it would call her mom, because our voices are different. “Calling Mom, mobile.” Now the Amazon Echo Dot is actually connected to even more services In particular, Microsoft Outlook So if you’re an Outlook user, you got to go with this thing It doesn’t even work on the Google Home products. When it comes to asking it questions And this is something that I don’t use very frequently I mean, it’s very cool to kind of like trivial time, but it’s not something that I use regularly, Google Home crushes Echo It’s just not even close I want to say it’s like 1 to 10 in terms of the number of questions that are answered. It’s just so much more… Um, robust in terms of its knowledge base and a large part of that comes from the data collection Google has been collecting data forever and I feel like it’ll be really hard for Amazon to ever catch up in that regard. “Hey Google, do you like Siri?” “You know Siri? What a small world. Hope she’s doing well.” Now the one assistant type feature that Amazon is just amazing at is… shopping because of Amazon’s e-commerce power. Right now It’s pretty good like if you need to refill something You can just request it, and it shows up in your Amazon cart But I think the future of Amazon’s Echo products are going to revolve entirely around the whole e-commerce thing and that could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it But I really do think that’s the future of Amazon. Now, in terms of using these products as home automation I got to be completely honest. I don’t love home automation right now, because I live in a relatively small condo It’s like a small space. Home automation isn’t that important to me There’s like one large living space. All the cool stuff that you can do with home automated stuff just is less appealing in such a small space, but I recently got a house And I’ve been looking between these two to kind of see which will be better from home automation, and surprisingly even though This is called Google home The Alexa products or the Echo products are just so much better Just, they’re able to connect to way more home automation stuff, so if that’s your jam, if you’re looking for home automation The Echo products are the way to go, but you can’t go wrong with either of them They’re both really inexpensive if you’re looking for something that’s aesthetically pleasing, the Google Home Mini looks nice, and it’s better at answering questions, making phone calls It’s just not great as an audio controller because it lacks connectivity But the Amazon Echo Dot has a line out, so it might be a little bit cheaper, and better For music controls, and it’s gonna have better home automation connectivity So everything I’ve talked about so far is pertinent to right now, in late 2017 and All it takes is Google or Amazon to just tweak a little bit of their software and these things suddenly have new functionality and new features, and you don’t have to buy new hardware, right? This is always gonna just have a speaker and a mic and A power source and it can do all of the stuff that we’ve talked about and it can do any future things that Google wants these things to do like, doesn’t do very much processing So yeah, I mean these are so inexpensive, 50 bucks You can definitely get into the game of whole home automation or just smart stuff, and check it out! Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video! Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it!
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  1. First of all, thanks for making my Google Home go nuts 😛 Second, after owning both in mid-2018 I can confidently say that Google Home is the better "remote" and Echo is the better productivity device. Ridiculously, you can't connect your G Suite calendar to Google Home but amazingly you can connect it to Alexa. Literally the only reason I got the GH was the assumption that it would be more compatible with Google products but that was a seriously dumb missing feature right out the gate. You also can't use it to do to-do lists on the Google Home without a clunky 3rd party app (at least in the UK). The routines on the Google Home are fantastic for smart home control but in terms of using an assistant to help you manage your day, the Google Home still has a lot of missing features.

  2. To be honest I think there should just be an app for your phone that does the exact same thing. Just trying to shovel more money out of us. It makes sense because you always have your phone on you and is capable of doing the same.

  3. Honestly, I'm torn between this two. I'm in the process of buying a new condo and I want to get Google Mini but the Amazon echo does so much better too. Help my decision process?

  4. All, I have prepared a comprehensive list of Google Home commands in my article:

  5. It doesn't have audio out but if the speaker you wanna connect it to has Bluetooth the Google home can connect to it that way. This way you won't need to spend the extra on a chromecast audio 🙂

  6. I have Amazon and it's pretty retarded my sister-in-law has Google and its so much smarter than the Amazon one that Amazon wants a piece of ship in if anybody reads this pay attention don't buy it it's a piece of ship even the expensive 1 the same fucken computer only difference is that the added up Box a mean a speaker


  8. I might be getting a google home mini, even though I have a echo dot. Would both work? Don’t want to get rid of either

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  10. I don’t know …my google home sounds great.
    It’s super loud…. but you are being listened to by these devices … that’s another thing that you must keep in mind

  11. Here's the thing. For me I have both but the biggerer version. Google home you can say play music on Spotify. And it will. Ask Alexa. It says u need Spotify premium to stream anything but rjidbsbwmsos I'm on narco

  12. I got this as a gift on Christmas and i like it so much. I use it mostly for radio, wake up calls and reminders.

  13. I also have both of them Google is definitely much smarter if your stereo system has an HDMI you can hook it up to the HDMI port and it will run through your stereo system

  14. I personally prefer my Echo since I'm sick of Google's data collection and Amazon is overall more transparent. I am not saying Amazon isn't shady, or have their own moral, but they usually actually fix their shit, or care about their customers. Google willingly collects your data, and fucks with consumers behind your back. Not only that, but Google is far scarier than Alexa. Even the Google Assistant on your phone collects, and stores all conversations. It's creepy.

  15. I'm looking for using one of these as an assistant and as room automation, the problem is that that's a strong point respectively for each different one? Any suggestions?

  16. In capitalism you can choose which device government will use to spy on you, but you have to pay $50 for that.

  17. You said the Amazon Echo Dot has text to speech for Audible. That does not make sense. Audible has audio books which don't need a text to speech engine.

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