Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE – #2: Unknown Mission (EN,HK,TW,KR,TH,FR,IT sub)

Excuse me. Thank you for waiting. Acguy Curry. Char’s Zaku Rice. Bright’s Potato Fries. Please enjoy. More water? Hinata’s your
childhood friend, Hiroto? Yes. And you told me
you didn’t know any pretty girls. Excuse me. Yes? These fries don’t have enough salt. – Um…well…
– Huh? Thank you for the request. Hey! Your salt barrage is weak!
What are you doing? We’re almost out of salt. Thank you for waiting. Thank you. Can you handle this job?
You have your club too, right? Yeah, I don’t know Gundam well… but I’m fine since you lent me this. You’re a sly one, Hiroto. Hiroto. Are you taking up
Gunpla Battle seriously again? You’ve been coming every day. No, it’s not like that. I see. But I’m glad you’ve
started coming again. How thoughtful. I’ll root for you guys with all my might! – What?
– What? Huh? I see. Might be worth looking into. I’ll check with administration. Could you find out
the re-entry conditions, too? Got it. Just leave it to Magee. Huh? Welcome. Bee, show them to their seats. Yes! No…no… Nothing! What’s going on?! That mystery mission
really had no title reward? I’ll ask the administration. Everyone’s so good. Unknown Mission ID data confirmed. Please scan your Gunpla. Are you ready to dive? Go! (Moving to mission area) (Transferring) S-Save me! Creators! You! When do I get my reward? My title? Um…oh! I need your help, Creator. What? I told you, we’re not creators
or whatever, we’re builders. Th-That’s right. Builders! More importantly, my reward! Complaining to an NPD is useless. They might have some versatility,
but it’s mostly scripted. The system doesn’t let
NPDs give out rewards directly. But how could there be no reward?! Undisclosed?
It’s not counted as cleared. What? So the mission isn’t over yet. What do you mean?
We defeated them squarely. You can’t clear it in one try? A Serial Battle mission… Or maybe it’s a Story mission. Story mission? Yes. I heard they’re working on it. It’s a new mission format
for better story development. You try to clear a long story
through multiple segments. It was going to be introduced
in GBN’s newest update. So last time, we cleared
the Story mission’s first stage. I think so. Then they gotta flag it for that! Maybe it’s an advance release. And that’s why the default name
was Build Divers. Random naming, huh? That means if we don’t hurry, other Build Divers
might beat us to it. E-Excuse me. You are all Build Divers, right? That’s right. We’re Build Divers. And? Why did you bring us here? Oh, yes. I’d like for you to
visit our village. W-Wow… We’re flying! Are you alright? Y-Yes. Come on, get it together.
Why be scared in GBN? Right… Was it OK to leave our machines? Yeah, we’re just moving forward
according to the script. We can call them over if we need them. The specs don’t allow it. How mean! This sure is a boring Dimension. U-Um… Are you OK? Oh, yes. I’m fine. This is a pretty place. Yes, thank you! We live by cherishing the blessings
we’ve inherited from the Creator. Hiroto. What’s that? Over there too. Huh? It’s about that. – Maiya!
– Maiya! We… brought… vegetables. Thank you. Asha, Towana, Hulun, Old Jiric. Passing them out? Yeah, got to help in times of need. I was going to the camp
to help out, so I’ll come. What’s that? I am Tonoi,
the leader of this village. These people are Creators…I mean… They’re Builders. So he’s the chief’s son in this story. I hear you helped my son
when he was in danger. No problem! I’m Kazami.
They call me Justice Knight. You can call me Captain or Hero. Now, let me hear about
the second mission. It has two eyes. It hasn’t moved in a while. Everyone’s scared, though. Don’t worry. Stola! If it’s the One-eyes’ ally,
I’ll chase it away. You mischievous brat! How many times have I told you
not to enter those ruins? – But…
– No buts! Maiya, we have guests. Because I was touching
the stone tablet, the Creators came… Builders, whatever. The Creator is a tale
from tens of thousands of years ago. What if these guys are their accomplices? – No, Sis. They protected me.
– What a long event. Just stay out of trouble. Hey, where are you going? I’ll check the log data later. Have you seen the village out east? Yeah, we did. Were they attacked by something? Indeed. I didn’t think the One-eyes
would target such a remote area. The One-eyes? The ones you fought when you saved me. Oh… The village out east
was practically wiped out. The remaining villages
are taking in refugees. Our opinions are divided. Some wish to abandon the village. Some wish to wait for
help from the Resistance. And some wish to
rely on you. Resistance? Allies who use ancient relics
to fight the One-eyes. However… their base is far away,
and they can’t come so quickly. Aside from the fact that
they attack the people, we know nothing about the One-eyes. As we have no weapons,
all we can do is run away. But we have no way to
move everyone, nor anywhere to run. He has a tail. – It’s long.
– So fluffy. We’re in an important meeting. How’d they get in here? Get lost! Shoo! Ouch! Hey, what’s the big Two-eyes
out there? Oh… That’s a Gunpla. – Gunpla?
– He said Gunpla. Gunpla… – Gunpla!
– Gunpla! Nice Gunpla. You are…? I just built it,
and haven’t tuned it up yet. It wants to go
on an adventure with you. It’s saying,
Thank you for building me. I got it. Basically, we have to go boom
and go bam! To confirm, the One-eyes’
formation is 10 to 20 machines. They attack every 3 days, so they’ll probably come
the night after tomorrow. The clear condition is to
eliminate them and protect the village. We’re done talking. What were you wandering around for? You saved my brother.
This is the least we can do. Some people shared it with us. Thank you so much. There’s enough for everyone. But 20 machines is quite a lot. How about we set a bomb here
and wipe them out at once? Are you serious? Even if you defeat the One-eyes,
where are we going to live? It sounds sad. But this is a war. That attitude! Are you making fun of me? – No…
– You guys aren’t Creators! Sis, how could you? I told you, we’re builders. See? I knew it! It’s pretty good. Either way,
it’s not a Gundam-like scenario. So what do we do? Continue? We all thought
it was a one-off mission. We just played along and entered, but it’s a different case
if it’s an uncharted Story mission. The enemy machine specs
were high from the start. And we can’t change, add,
or remove members. We can choose to cancel for now. Hey, hold on. I’m continuing. It’s GBN’s first Story mission. Clearing it would get me
a super rare title reward. No way I’ll let someone else take it. I see. I have no objection
to continuing either. Then no problem. Um…I don’t feel confident. What?! I don’t know
how many stages there are, but I might get in your way. Very well. Then we break up. Hey! What do you mean? No individual dropouts. We need to cancel as a party. We’d waste the first stage. Think it over. To tell you the truth,
that was my first battle. I’d always admired team battles,
but I need to practice… That’s OK. I’ll cover for you. No need to worry. Anyway, you seemed pretty happy
about the Build Divers name. Well, yes… If I teach you, you’ll become
the ultimate fighter in no time. Just leave it to me. – OK.
– Alright! So, what about you? You’ll continue, right? Yeah, I’ll do it. I’m interested in this Dimension. Well, it’s settled, then. I don’t know your names. That’s true. I’m Kazami.
They call me Justice Knight. This is my pride and joy,
the Gundam Justice Knight. I’m May.
My machine’s the Wodom Pod. I-I’m Parviz.
My machine is the Valkylander. P-Par…vi…? Is Par OK? Y-Yes, that’s fine. And my partner… I’m not your partner. I’m Hiroto.
My machine is… What’s its name? Core Gundam. So what’s the plan? Plan? Well… Let’s just ambush them
outside the surrounding mountains. I don’t want to take them on at once. They have up to 5 times our numbers. Since we need to protect the village, I think we’ll have to split up
and cover both routes. Sounds like a bit of a chore. Let’s do a simulation tomorrow. I’ll set up a Created mission. Created…what? A mode where you
make your own map and play. The Lotus Challenge is a famous one. Oh, the one nobody could beat. But the real Build Divers did. Yeah, that’s the one. Forces can use a Created mission
to rehearse before an event. Wow… I’ll try to recreate
the terrain I saw. The enemy will be in hard mode. You’re used to this. Yeah, sort of. (Creating map) The enemy is 20 Leo NPDs. The objective is to defend the base. Two machines will protect
each of the two entrances. I’ll end this all on my own! Leave this to me. Once again! Let’s change the pairings. Justice Thunder Attack! You again! Leave it to me! Huh? Once again! Justice! What the heck! Darn you! I guess this is fine too. Is it? The base meter didn’t reach zero. Zero bonus points, though. We more or less defended it.
I bet it’ll work out in the real battle. It’s fine as long as we clear it. Hiroto. Hey, Hiroto. See you tomorrow. Y-Yeah… Oh, looks like you had fun. Let’s go home. You seem down. Did something happen? It’s no big deal. We just have to clear it. But is that really enough? Well, it’s just something that
only I’m feeling. Just try it. I know you can do it, Hiroto. What’s with that look?
You think I’m just saying that. Yeah… Not true. I’m saying that because
you’ve always been like that. When we played tag with the older kids. You’d make an escape route,
find hideouts, and set traps to catch who was it. You saved everyone. That’s when we were kids. It’s still true. You lent me a book
since I don’t know Gundam well. That’s… That side of you hasn’t changed. You always find a way. Like a hero. But when it comes to yourself… Huh? So… you’ll do fine. I’m sure you’ve thought of a solution. Welcome home. Dinner’s ready. OK. Oh, this? Dad’s on a roll now. He might be able to
break out of his slump. I’m sure you’ve thought of a solution. GBN’s field exists for Gunpla Battle. But… if someone will shed tears
because it gets ruined by battle… Next episode, “A Place to Protect.”

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    So next we can see "Core" Gundam as melee.
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