Hearthstone: Aggro Paladin – Friendly Persons [Season 17 Constructed #20]

an interesting our last match up the
cans fight with injured and when the band mention the priest looks really
good even better now grade nope its mid-range Hunter fans
hunter is somewhat tricky with an early hour can go either way though she plays
a wonder other probably play mini party place would have to two tries to one and two
what if one more body which I could I should have thought about this more
that’s annoying now and then I got them out of the way so it
feels kind of Kailash definitely can can take this with my friends is going there
hopefully that’s those things wow my drawers are just too slow let’s see what it is freezing actually play this hybrid hunter should
almost be a burst and this is way better against the blood stream but it wasn’t
too great that lashed eastern anyways cuz I would have cleared to second
column and you would have ended without a porn ok yeah census person on this one oh wow these have that chance of getting
another three damage each pretty good also if he unleashes still need to get
rid of the AMA smith said the worst thing is unleashed Hunter’s mark which
is still just five damage and then something like a comment would be
another five shutouts it just kills one of them ok I already did five plus a little bit
more looks alright and get some better trade two guys in
Wayne early 2006 9:10 had a show at the other card is maybe a
humming like the car he kept us turn things like that one okay now let’s let’s do it better than
the last time protectors risky even if I get something
like esquire it’s still risky because he probably place nothing and then again
andrea sheldon because it’s still shoot children think I call in these two but
to get rid of stuff as soon as possible so kind as to play abusive simply divine
favor something on these lines on the other hand amateur players square next
turn nevermind it’s going well I got home I
wonder if he’s 21 card + divine favor gift cards to my favorite means to kurds
now has less which case that jugglers better the
other way in which case in which case the soldiers abusive still has value
like a few keepers than the stars then I can send it to the keeper whereas is also have two or three interesting
specially when you have used swype the stern think so camera it’s probably one of the keys at least 1 million doesn’t sticking to this even if you have the
divine favor jogger was a fireman get something to
play with it just happened I cannot get wonder of superhard mulligan for them
and four draws an $8 actually wow I think it’s like the chance of getting a
one-drug mulligan for it by turning on like 90%
of something that’s not enough protective value lose so that’s one of
the first times we’re actually have to play this plane pretty rough to promise me there’s basically no way
that i win this season premiers more HP than you start with and I have basically
a snowboard don’t think that it’s doable anymore chance of getting another 68 control
area then probably might play one will win but he might have to use the
desperate here since they need the second Arjun protector thing or blessing
of Kings I guess if this doesn’t get executed and really happy if he has to
use that site on this for example from the US executed we didn’t play anything
think 232 unexpected this could become interesting I cannot killed us anyways
don’t even have to try I think doesn’t have a have a good chance of for
my next friends anyways I want to kill the dragon only get combo pieces without anything
else and miss like one piece that I feel like I miss like one or two pickups that
can actually do something on the book though that might fit into this like
that of course the event favors always nice and the center there just to face
surprise there is ok ok rest up 57 more at sea so plainly rode rough 3/3
car it’s probably better since 911 probably Dynax turn out for me this turn
the seven I need five more best thing I could get us blessing of my fingers have
to go another way don’t have anymore centric approach stuff like this doesn’t
look too bad actually 13 even though he played to never
concede he’s not playing the clear ILS before the Vancouver was definitely that’s a good thing think I don’t want anything they want to
my shield if you play something was strange to reread she’ll something have to and I
still cannot kill ban hoc hammer so its patron again and if you have them this Italy survives
death by it then I can get some were damaged in with a call coming and if he
has a full clear that I followed up with Saturn Hummer and probably have
something on the board yeah definitely that’s a lot of cards
and I don’t really bother guess they also have another favor I don’t really I’m not sure if I care
about him calling cards this time I care about a big patron turn during
parts it’s not too bad I think as I can like redraw them and makes a big patron
turn just need 2011 first half of the day 56 have to keep this probably die soon was also second unstable nine cards to true service to musters Blessing of Kings protector on the last card I think ok
there are a lot of good cars left in a few min yogurt cards and external be
patrons against a lot of one health minions again after this with nice ok the final on this with nice thanks I
just wasted these two though I mean half of these cars are weapons patron turn
anyways like it it it it it it it and I needed this to protect mind’s eye color
Divine Shield get their stuff it’s for up to six maybe
doesn’t have for some yet I mean I haven’t got much severe champions rains
doesn’t matter the strongest in the game basically 27
champion and Leroy that’s clear draw great deal of the world it was close but rather than come last
appeared in the such as well there’s no way when this well he’s on his weapons all good

4 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Aggro Paladin – Friendly Persons [Season 17 Constructed #20]

  1. no mech shaman, no mech mage on road to rank 1? :); in my last 8 games (w/l 2/6) i' ve encountered 5 mech mages, 1 mech shaman, 1 patron warrior, 1 face hunter (curently rank 12)

  2. Every time I go up against another paladin try are always running Consecration (sometimes 2) and it always gets me. Sometimes they have weird shit like Boom and Avenging wrath. I hardly ever beat other Pallys, and they are like 15-20% of the matches I play. Is it worth trying these spells/big minion or just keep grinding. Ever since I have been using your deck, I jumped from 12-11 to 5 and I will go down to 6 for 2 games then burst back into 5 and lose streak again. I'm seeing a lot of MechMage,FHunter, and Druids. Any suggestions? Also Zoo, which usually wins.

  3. Damn really nice vids Dorgan. Love them. but i dont know if im just unlucky or what but it seems i draw inappropriate cards at inappropriate moments most of the time … 🙁 and i still have problems to know whether to trade or not in some situations . anyways thx for your videos and great commentaries thx a lot 😀 ( im rank 4-5 atm and trying hard to hit legend )

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