Hearthstone: Grim Patron Warrior – A Bad Start [Season 16 Constructed #17]

mmm giving them a Smith us both good against a growing mid-range as a way to deal
with sure many parts traffic on an hour no Accra second Assam no pre locker that’s good can get it for rid of my cards early on and gather some
armor 9 a.m. with this player should imagine he runs
muster next turn it’s this I have 10 years play if for on me every accolade against muster its like if the same
amount of bodies on the part next turn anyways yeah there’s the master gets a lot but Obama up I’ll this works 100 like to wait one turned the its blessing of my blessing of Kings I
really want to develop the when also develop this thing they’re
gonna embedded house down how to make it better no much streamers Street kites true sooner maybe get a coaching and nothing and offering felons the can also like choose one of the guys that dude free out there she really bad them true summers kinda bad for me at the
moment by the quite well against all my stuff maybe I’ll just throw down the neck
a-line promise something like argent squire
Blessing of Kings set up a 55 that I won’t be able to deal
with in a lot obviously also like play a lot arena teachers a lot of
basic concepts of the games are playing a lot of the Reno helps both with collection and its like general understanding of the game because he won’t play quartermaster release a wall I will not play around in
deaths by well I guess I kept us for nothing then should have just went case
the good thing about this is can probably clear up his minions next
turn even if you like Blessing of Kings and then display
were some frothing have a big following and okay that’s ten damage of at something that I S not great but it’s okayish I clears for it get a pic frothing set up for better H it up to cart right then its wealth damage from pan I don’t have this many cards that divine
favor would be a big problem acting as for it helped a lot here okay all three cars thus the look at the
good harken intellect but now I can use the better it is suppose me like at him something to come up in a rage
with left the borderland anyways in and this protect me from charging guys like a and Mark Ingram not I’ll and kiss me a bunch that’s why I don’t want to run this for
example because that want to keep the body on the BART again
to the me a patron home I’m in nineteen years two cards even if he has another divine favor just
gets three more max is really dangerous against my
patrons half yes the sacrifices tractor because he won’t get any more if you
place me in C has the problem of hitting my patience many only has two cards if you want to sacrifice it anyways I don’t really know why didn’t sacrifice
the Tigers anyways all and the shop I’ll on a if you like a lost this already red unstable cool fiery wings nope they’re not many millions that I
could kill with this task master I guess I might kill and turn four or
five fell River power might have to execute
this represents too much damage the whole start is pretty fucked up a great me well at least there is no easy way for
him to kill this to me make no obvious way for now this of course a lot of ways like second
lightning bolt crackle find home armor plating but but but a little slow healing though interesting I guess I can go for the frothing that
author hamper running well when bell which seems okay take care about this think every court
that killed my frothing a No a fighter if you would like to clear her throat
better than like us a rather don’t want the storm in
the park didn’t matter though day whether bat hands to reduce in are got turned 65 really into two and seven
whom disco annual anymore wrong Anna any these to soak up some food but
damage and my a pro not to die that’s on the better side of it comes
and I could get M eckhart yeah now now and it is Sept even though I just got my prior to your
ex produce but the 55 body is so important in the US and I to play second clock tower crane and first was underplaying sets for
cards and a spare part that for quite scary because I hope these are just car it’s
like i don’t know not Ireland on problem bye bye amper right didn’t have a good way to deal with the
Emperor so he may not have a good way to deal
with this now but those seriously need something to draw hmm yeah K my marketplace the and if I’m seriously all in the second clear this hear this then I’m just sitting here but here in
sort of cards at least so maybe I just play this day right this man is a way of killing this here so you might need another car which protects this body maybe on home much refueling home well maybe get a patron K in doesn’t matter home home in nation safe this common actually and as for now I have the boren good doesn’t play like hell Reaver I mean you play to fire elementals and
boom should be able to clear the one or other thing %uh the rest of my day mmm might run double some we’ll see what
happens this and are a fighter a case I got rid of his car that’s good me so the bar is mine he’s our hearts and I can hopefully deadly first time down here and I still have a second page in in
their hmm nikolai it unstable cool in a range slam head home didn’t even totem interesting hello huh puts a from to to damage three out of
four times the other one would give me one amor and
damage this for one for this painted focus again which it to him now 3 and to go for accolades school plying murder thanks how untrue 3-for-5 slowly we’re getting there slowly in up up mica re justification I guru here the power tomorrow looks finally i think is still had a death but in
there though thing it to skip the works for Acalanes that’s about it concerning the start
this was a good win Anna okay agreed ok patron in to rate in
a range that’s fun can develop this in turn for me on me X fireworks next turn okay can make a $5.5 5252 33 hmm executions I don’t know could be she’ll could be
control or even like execute Shield Slam weapon weapon is there so maybe I should wait for Martyn thing about developing be unstable cool
but on the the same handling if they play these two
could patron NIH gets for patrons ounce and then I’m
on the lower side an make it just go for it I can see exactly has like execute
execute or something and at least I got rid of a lot of
resources already although I put some resources into this but it might
win me the game on the spot like it almost did with the other guy
earlier belongs and who probably even doesn’t have to be scarier i think thats area complain to a lot of his place to but long he doesn’t run all doesn’t have it right now I’ll by okay that the patron wars begin home par this was weirded much clears Patronus and this book clear minus well were some commander but
no to way to triggered Karim he I can’t develop they and well I couldn’t them home many put a lot of resources into this
also like it ha while love like we both have five cards both have like 20 HP Lee St Aloha interesting okay it’s tough to get rid of this rain occur is therefore were once 1234 now flesh idk assert the so I could
clear and then his board is clear and then I
can develop my temper it’s not the best tend to get reduced
but it’s a good body on the board and even if he has an executed still has
treated it’s worth going for it in but for some reason yeah met for seven X still to battle rages still one patron two were songs to from things but that a clear disbarred 3 its up great 0 turn he doesn’t like exactly I dunno were some frothing well when which will be quite enough I think but it’s good enough for me at the
moment thusly with these at 7-11 I need six more all the teasing that’s an easy one me this was an interesting game

1 thought on “Hearthstone: Grim Patron Warrior – A Bad Start [Season 16 Constructed #17]

  1. Misplay?
    I think you should attack with the acolyte. You would let him a 3-1 patron, and remove the 5-1. (Last game)

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