Hearthstone: Grim Patron Warrior – Exact Cards, Mana and Damage [Season 16 Constructed #16]

and I would have needed like fireworks
earlier was forced into a lot of that place on on Turner something good I really want to
keep tackling nevermind it comes back its good pecans animal companion that can at
least deal with everything using slam in are in a rage if they want to enter it this brother them getting it organ and clips aka so it’s not hybrid I guess shouldn’t be
at least so every million you might play should be
clear herbal by stuff here for like you would play
shredder you don’t have to attack mean if he runs
like the will try to enter this get some fun with
an though would be a little bit annoying
but then I just slam this seconds left circle K yes we can do it this way now that’s
good it’s all just got to go to so unstable call because I could just go for the kill
instead of using the taskmaster and then go further in stable cool mama I can play these two next turn
looks interesting images go for the great miss him me Sophie I’ll the cool could kill the frothing he couldn’t do this nope hammersmith would be nice could use some armor in well if you want to kill the cool them Corsairs going to die anyways but you definitely have to clear the
defrauding them else was easiest option sure 10 57 might want to amend extern I mean its toll on a possible to
clear this but killers reach he does this like another
quick shot kill command or ol though set up some targets for him that it
cannot hit after its in up yes it’s going to hurt them if 10 13 10 Ashley Madison for this a that’s an additional $5 13 16 its 18 much Hong Fife a 10 years on leash by plus life pick up to 13 in whatever good it’s only shoot is wife mana yes the Colleen unit 3 damage with
freemen %uh them come on probably like kill command she he is christ out as possible all the
time well on thinkers in and exactly the car thing
used for the full like not much you can do Motherwell where a few things but an Amish not
fulfilled hide on interesting to keep them for really want patrons No yeah for pick up the paper and everything
will be fine the death by 11 in a rage I’m me complains that this way probably
plays something I taskmaster not I’m which means they’ll get injured anyways
be to me okay this forces me to you steps by it
it is quite bad if it comes to in bad if it comes to patients later in baines is making a good point in the
chat pointing out that I should have just hit
the pace with fireworks for couple turns that’s a good point he doesn’t have a death but equipped so should be hard for him to make a lot of
patrons if it even patron Rory a I’m missing out on patrons though in I could play it badly into her is another planters and I want to give him millions don’t
want to develop this for a second later something at they’ve been promise I can’t call him for now then if
any good removal for patrons he does something like like even patronage what’s that mean
turn operates but renown its control it don’t think that airplane enough pressure for now then there well and this time I paid onto Harrison he has a the neck and death but there is
an away protect my approach in six you know it doesn’t look too oh my
goodness he actually goes for it either as a secondary jerseys I don’t know how you would do this like if I head anything like a slam like execute it would does not just that when looks a little bit like a sniping
move per maybe it’s just the spray Shin peso
I don’t have anything to do the stern talk now he’s got a lot of options like past master well when on if any were some prodding to win this
game mine turned 15 months it’s an easy trade for him not even a good hand to reduce but what can you do now he’s got a slump in and it’s got a beverage over to the at well needed all these
codes better H hmmm slam executed patron of course or so commander home back on one of these cards are you serious can even draw anymore thing %uh this game is pretty much lost
anyways prize problems up up ha Anna well he he just ran so many cards they’re playing
against their local were probably make him benefit even more of so last call for a or some government yes on them but led I’ll still necessary anymore books right laugh I when I’m here could have just played like these three things against doesn’t matter ok any not a belief by now with six cards in hand and announced they will call on my part
like almost impossible them the hell be to me accordion you not
clear my war so commander if to execute the Nordic okay home by call what the hell what is happening and honor in p in to right deal as a slam stiller’s excuse or so
commander that’s fine up so what does the state doing there ha I cannot imagine what five cards he
would’ve she would hold that would kill me burn because I
take it arlyne the are where my will and effects in and like minute unstable cool I guess cannot go for enough fuel on damage kills me basically for them like right victory for 56 will want would have been Wed an additional 12 well was closer than a
farm in much enter again how are you doing today of
good the skin was a little rough but much on me okay what the hell is this guy doing they don’t get it all make there are
just five current lap: what well burn mean why would you need is a 2hp now openly as a second execute animations animation well I haven’t
taken expected didn’t even pay attention the last three
turned I but the about this was over like long
long time ago well never come see boys like this got I A won’t be able to take my next
turn I guess and all that easy leffel a reason up I’m pretty sure that I played the last future in pretty poorly like they could’ve thumb a lot better
but I just expected to be dead anyways seems like its last cars like them in the last 10 cartha where like for
some commander a second patron to frothing the fiery war axe to death by okay you know this guy got really
unlucky or was but should and the second execute from my
second frothing by Donna not even close yeah but well I’m fine against an anime hunter on in now I think I keep the flame to call out
the army Smith now could slam this and then acolytes well next turn the those pretty weak to whatever animal
company might mission have kept the slammin went for
weapons that okay seems to be mid-range this time strike right right maybe hybrid you never know with these
hunters the could’ve just be played at also it but if this anyways up mccade Madrid from in just that I double with up are so many charges in my hand I can
play like for some collided double world when next turn in good depending on what he does now and again
i main think nice execute would have been nice ok that’s what are but what I asked for although I need to hit this and then I
can clear with double shoe for can’t really play something
else now flying I’m like a be action not that was fast I could have done the
same yes %uh come on so much damaged I’m maybe the armor Smith now now of 03 near template that the enrichment might be
better now it’s just webster double kill command the or on a creeper Taco Bell well that’s
better up 9 956 happen months just three armor your own like the bed origin Hannah basically have to survive life’s ka again they always have the courage to
kill me exactly like but the others have both secret ability love using exactly the
amount of cards with the exact amount of mana for the exact amount of damage and I
know they do it but to David do in

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