Hearthstone: Mech Mage – You! Freeze! [Season 17 Constructed #24]

collection made a big deal with almost
everything from the tracker who they want needed from Monday on kenneth was
clear almost everything else likely able to Gillard no Mac this thing something does the kind he’s either
something goes wrong you I guess they don’t have to use a rolling
can just use this let’s see maybe a good morning plates killed us close field one
official have killed this but I hope for the killing blow here today’s first game agree I’m happy days experience organize things might want to
bring there’s basically no need to finally
like sacrifice to elemental all depends looks like this change anything else in
mind games try grade play these two probably able to kill this is likely not
able to kill any thing else 311 great something get one damaging something big like enter niners or maybe
it was a little bit depressing for it could also be just like it doesn’t have
right now so that’s a deal of 12:15 stuff two fireballs on the day and two
fellow readers like 15 16 I take seven aid so I’m not dead 2 fireball alone
just really important thing I just go for it just two dozen guys think this would
have been too horrible you never know actually I still thought of my life blades that still like a spare parts
it’s really excessive but dropped the annoyance Sean can ping and killer but
he he wants to bring this took place here which returns doesn’t look like he
could kill me in time and if you think this then you cannot ping this otherwise
this might survive actually that’s the curve right let’s be
really surprised you have to be at least a little bit and even if he kills them a
cooperator way I still have a curve and if he doesn’t I can play this on three
and this for free basically they want to play now my protect twice she wants to
kill my clockwork gnome instead played villains chosen or something but
he can still drawn to it like college deal and this doesn’t I guess I want to
board a place that Lord now in reversing switch last major something but look like on the right i dont have no one to play the fellow
either because priests have like so many cheap spells and then you just play
Saturday ok might be setting up 400 yeah I guess I go for it now can play
something for four probably set up for Saturday Dr boomers away the second pillory
various tell us basically all my threats then it occurred to me that if Iran
sentiment is an even trade but other quite well okay but actually change
things because they can get two trends actually that’s six that’s 12 I like animation like don’t soak up so
much time there something I can I can appreciate they want to keep her either
with to see what she discovered that the buck among the corn which i think is good
because it limits the option to backstab force him to have deadly poison played
ferry one of these next turn some lucky I can
get them frozen forever a further for quite some time and if yes then we put
in place for a pretty much lost already ok it’s something that’s good up the sugar and maybe the survey and replay this for almost no cost and I
think I will call to space given that I don’t have another play and he didn’t
have a sufficient answer key reasons I went first i win this match up with
pressure because if he draws too many carrots I cannot do anything second thing is he didn’t have a
sufficient answer for this will be able to at least freedom another time and
which means he takes damage and I met a freakin limits up with US knowledge for
a replacement it’s a rare chance to get from Toronto
tomorrow I will help it should be in the middle like almost always great seer
this doesn’t like this gets frozen you cannot use it next turn it doesn’t pop
and I still have a lot of them takes another six and I can use this
actually how can I talk about this and not play the low set on the rain really
needs me to get something bad here if he doesn’t run felt her death there’s
basically no doubt should not make registering well there was a pretty sick opening the good
work finally in the opening of the last game was pretty good I like another
synergy opening Wow mention if I decline to portal actually part of my be too
slow for doesn’t seem to be they could just play this and don’t play
the children about ok but if it better to play that show
then I guess I’m not sure whether or not I can element I’m 34 this but the stretch well into all my
stuff here play these two doesn’t want to get and I have to keep the first before they
reach but if the south side of flaming wreck
me time can I clear realistically probably not even want to play the blast means can really help for is still here to go
through fire but I guess I cannot kill him here
and would need to draw like both fireballs pretty soon an unlikely baby boomer self-management
help but think I didn’t get enough pressure on the board early with freemen
of worms but no triggers ok big game hunter maybe not maybe
something with violence or was it called other peacekeeper I didn’t think about
full version but now that I got him I think I like it could be a black knight
of course like that would have been great too but it kept these cuts for
quite some time much as our health or something but I
used to taunt covers I’ll just not care but Morton’s even pretty cool no such as kills my MacBook Pro for free
if you place me change my makeup portrayed sand to the beach age 13 15 16
tinker towns no joke to ban is quite bad though didn’t mark royal still I don’t think he
does something like this is a 31 I guess I can’t win the attrition game
against mcveigh to make it to the next round that’s for sure I can freeze
there’s still have no way of dealing with it yet they can get two more damage
in pretty much lost already too proud to concede i’ve seen list with only 1 I’ll look too
great even seems to work fine on having a good answer for us best deals on to Milton’s eventually and then I the game-winning topic firebombing stern and that he
cannot go through this without using one of the small things

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