Hearthstone: Zalae’s Grim Patron Warrior – Trying Shield Blocks [Season 16 Constructed #18]

so remember all their games against the
hunters that had exactly for me when I didn’t
maybe unified you the M Smith I saw the late
playing with she’ll blocks but no she’ll climbs me and I
felt the idea interesting think to to stew greedy and purrs agrees to could
keep one of them because I’m likely to conduct the tests Kanata spoke but probably want some
other current sense to am so tho saw him playing short blocks and on this interesting because that’s the
lead but more health to pulled out a little bit longer its cycling to sound should fit the deck
real well main and that’s playing cluded cuts home on fireee were excellent has
misreported see you we’ll miss that in future much
here hmmm cap one card and didn’t play missed turn one into so it’s
probably presumably please mention maybe giant I
don’t know how to play defense and managed to but freeze mates would mean that this
car it is arcane into like they suppose maybe
that’s the same for benefits same for times me check slim stone quite sure of the stick doesn’t
become too popular I’m quite confused playing in them and as for now aren’t do want to play something if so
would if it just pass it’s just slow
temperaments cap by Microsoft asparagus paper going home I read today well exhausted from work Anna hello got into a heavy brain and I’m finally at home look but
it’s also the loaded weapon Alan home if its first met you shouldn’t be a
thinking about it stern 32 much the II for acolytes if you place
acolytes definitely controls type which means finding out at Best Buy a good idea to
lunch at the sky much about my follow-ups I’ll probably times for the special I probably want to have
some minions on for which might be interesting are to
accomplish actually just have to know mission mentors now by
patrons but you want to come but with amor Smith
basically took aim other armor I’m this matter vice is some times wish I would have from my tach and the skies thinking long time was finna one frothing into unstable cooled so the
hand would be hey to be ok I some kind of handmade each it’s going to
be online good I guess a slam the Drake actually I
should’ve shield block last turn I really should’ve and I’m think a slam and then I leave it be to AC no need to execute but I can come
but with an acolyte next time it’s probably the way to go then I can
still execute something that catches my eye feet play something big
her like each 10 mates portions out there temple made
each the past the origin with higher it’s
like the spare part novick giving known home some at the perfect in some slow worsens with cards like
Veracruz aka got rid of one possible probably a good
thing count recycle car its because that the temper extern so much
just play at collided in a range but it could also just published a book
actually very defensive I give him a lot of time to get something going but as for
now I need to care like a huge killing blow in at some point so we show had like a war song or another frothing in hand Arnold
course why wouldn’t you play secret a/c got what I asked for i guess its just hit temper for now can also call for more cards phone
sometime a some point I have to like president
let’s elope could have kept my the spider on interest executed the sky
but then I should have done this like three turns ago when you play to turn for literally three turns ago now look to transfer me I could have saved the best buy for a
pic crawling turn as thinks ban they wanted to a.m. nature probably want to cycle at least some
current it nine cards in hand from on aka play acolyte in a rage Bell arranged in
Sirius topologies more million something line eight cards eight-car its nine-car its than you could usually make me overdrawn mmm it’s a great hand against like any secret anyways I can really deal with anything here a
little bit annoying let them better to save in at the
prodding turn earn don’t really have to play
anything no weapons nobody’s no charges so we came source cards might be everything
basically probably a duplicate the cane on this block they become stale games now if you duplicate the soap and that’s
what we’re doing and spurs their defense the so the other one has duplicated that
pressure still in my or some commander this could give me two cards which me
would mean a overdrawn extern so I don’t really want to tell or age and want to plan on the card which is
not frothing which one of the weapons basically thing
at the best buy in us that’s a good one too bad least to have
something to play I bring upgrade no amor Smith it and I don’t want to kill any of these
basically are like a third rather give him to serve on
Asus then sure likes trust us potentially Karim he grade time their sons of course we win you then iron purchase ladies plain definitely a sport clear so
there is no need for a pic patron turn in US has me they can also
display system and a whirlwind okay I just need to find my or so
commander fine don’t have an Execute regalia nasty someone thought I could get a whirlwind of this that’s fine him taken control Mangesh don’t know how to
play against that them we serve executed things now open homes me still nine currents draw three if one mic at the 11 so we definitely execute this I’ll I’ll play some cards right in the a 7 10 overlook or something manner not the second one was a could maybe go for some patrons
now because they need to play at least one
of these cards none of them are too appealing right now home this didn’t change anything which is pretty annoying it’s safe to use for Merlin online to punch amor the animation well i respond I’m instilled that you like couple fireball areas have just execute
this guy also but he has two sons but I don’t kill the savannas anyways
ring okay I have three far leave happen a death by charge one whirlwind one inner H no more small
million so my hand that I could play with them was probably a mistake to plan a should probably played the execute
instant sort of the whirlwind give me a little bit of amor but that’s
like Worth TX same amount of damage thankless my bird so no pic probing turns anyways and the sky great to war sounds and frothing no to province in a war some a good form unions in once for each figure eights trigger 9 trigger they’re basically 9 triggers which makes it 18 damage plus choose close to close to which makes it 25 thats by hard havana term in would have been enough for fire-safe the will want though if any card that same
span basically needed to play motor million
which won’t happen at def a second hammersmith for two more
triggers tho Fri Mar 5 the well me new not turn to think about this am it gets better but just play one prodding and patron
because they can make a lot of more patrons for a lot of work to much Fife eights 8 close 6 up might be better a pro-life to try an external USB I have
no time game Hochschule know that’s more bodies on the board
it’s a good thing he wants to take me okay that’s a lot of
my party is now here okay 1234 567 7 makes it fourteen makes a tumour and it doesn’t matter I’ll 14 Wed 13 15 16 20 which new dash been a hope its not to get another secret though that’s a
problem I’m a full in other public at p p this this like let’s see if this is another over the
secret wouldn’t have been enough to fight and
kill them at times ice barrier 42 oh wow crew you may consider a nice book open over one barrier tho and if this was a
nice bloke you would’ve obviously one with to serve others you
could have just like traded and could have stolen one of my paper
and one of my probing charge me over proof what a game Jane that’s another mates up I’m them might be to create like keeping the Best
Buy might be too greedy affair and their loot hardaway Shin but I think with unstable goals and
slams and think like ways to deal with this kind
of stuff from picking up by Max and somewhat good
against corporate know much lower Britain just plays at an hour MacBook
for now might to the like that faster tempo
mates were the plate of mac book for now couldn’t King miss second slam the Matt
Cooper and Cooper to do I look not a peep place make a pro con
and I it on them okay so it’s the pastor temple marriage portion no snot make Mitch version thing fine well that’s got rid of that the fine
shield and the cock master at once that’s
pretty good let’s get rid of the magnet for a blast
which can come down I am from a port control perspective
everything seems fine so far I just have to make sure that I it
somehow get some cars actually plate K them like minions and stuff okay could go forward just another death by
it but on don’t think that I want to do than
probably slam something he can play both classmates and ticket on external thing I don’t
much thing can I potentially clear this porn
slam hits I would need an Execute to don’t have I
could drawn to pretty wasteful can slam the sky hit it that’s 33 than a killer next turn turned off play I a slime this now but in 20 actually Alex lamb something up this I can I could potentially
clear-eyed 3 wasteful to them I can get yeah I can get up a better clear but to shoot bottom bracket don’t think
that I care too much about these this four point of damage are but I hit get the Divine Shield of the my well when triggers and the airplane
other were when what makes a makes both of them disappear thing else do you think a town it’s this weird I look at this time
again there we go at birth an hour everything and I you because I wasted my cards about actually pretty bad because they
don’t have anything that a want to be discounted the body cycle some parts is a test weights and on turns re-apply executed pour some which might
be my best bet the right now Plaza past origin so the only execute a bill target I think he
would run as the problem which could come down extern they might
want to have something to keep him in check but on the other
hand if you play such a boom into my for some and not too much afraid of an Karim to get something going here unless I go to the discounted patron now he needs to have a fireball probably for
this I’m miss has one spare parts still you require I’ll them not the clock feel aka good thing that I just use the execution
0 shit but these are both discount day I’m glad about the shield
block in my hand right now arm I’ll need some health I am question is I think a charm or for find a way to clear this without
sacrificing this will be huge means we start off with better range use both slams though is 12 damage in his hand hit this say takes 17 I really want to discuss and again but obviously I can look this
up would need a second executors something okay this would have been such a great hand for a discount still
okay I guess MP might not run planned strike just of damage in his hand that’s what I
know I’m can get up six 10 well one from and no me just a weird make
furniture accountable knows player a patron advice won’t help him though arm because i won will want to go off anyways in Tennis two fireballs and a card in the
card for hit the sky I go down to seventeen should be able to kill me from 17 Pete part of my face twice I just play
the second ship block okay I’ll just go for it
doing it that disc on one no them feel this way for Owens a lot of patience from them books I forgot to take with us I’m not afraid of wasting the bore some
misplay and I gotta in like 15 damage could’ve
gotten in on now funny good and for this just have a card for my
hand and I have three cards that cycle and Medak my hand slim a replacement text with the
weird version of Mac Mitch have to Simon
Tennis two fireballs on a card rent a car from the stern I am I’ll fireball fireball frost bolts 15 minutes
I’m not there it’s good and Jojo a.m. I’m me some curry I just need one of these I’ve carts all draw at least one and I still have fireworks OSA yeah goes for the learned still s two more and stores tomorrow hibels in there yeah to term thats 3e thats sakes make it eighty its is at seven so even if I didn’t miss
my drops before and something that now I don’t know full
well what effect the mornin taken either drug card its eights much like a second just do it
this way either has the far below whatever double Hyrule miserable did basically needs exactly powerful thrust both cross-border hibels
fireball between or maybe second fence facts
would be fun okay I I’ll can argue with this I guess on like dying Emperor and tonight s and 250 thought of the first half of the
back and the fine strike what you probably
just runs one of and happens good from and I can I afford to keep the same probably
not nevermind comes back again at all all
the skirts I’m not mistaken while flame in turn one this was tough decision and what Walker which he saw all these because it’s a slam this thing it’s too much damage depending on what place next next term I pick a line Memphis death by by which you keep these two
cards if you don’t fly them that’s weird others go with their client
me might have and I’ll announce a good point to stop me I would’ve played like any other car that I could have played
aside apps misconduct read for six sexual predator I thought I could kill the sperm it’s not a 45 for six a6 pretty good still wanna wake up these two cards in his second annoying did you just not a Hitech matalin on should probably set up for him which
means double cycle hits RKS is your problem head good home are Co and so this one of the cards so the second one is probably big demand
them that’s why it in play these kinds of fun make sense it all makes sense now term it’s not a hand that I actually want to
be reduced maybe these two for no no patron no war some owners but just spend another ten
cycling maybe didn’t connect Clyde meh then you know what hit them me nothin doesn’t really make sense for me to hit
something take the damage anyways and next
reigning king comment with a chick tackling it my shield for boy does this thrown out canis baby timbered home a while K Paul or some frothing frothing whirlwind it’s tough it’s tougher one choose 345 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 8 9 9 minions few triggers seems alright as long as
this doesn’t spawn I’ll Ganis which I will have to look into like us well we’ll see of discovery on this bomb attack because it’s one more
trigger about the other the morning is and a consultant for both good and by turn timorese never ends but if M but if in 55 damage I no say I was good had to reduce with them for a was a good its play too safe the death by in a good topic with a more simple manner in

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