Highway Thru Hell: Mission Rebuild

This year Mission Towing suffered a
terrible blow. The devastating fire completely burnt our whole business down. Dealing with the aftermath of the
fire has been…it, it’s hard. Knowing that there was gonna be a lot of
rebuilding and a lot of work to do I came back to help my brother. This season…we did get thrown pretty
much everything. We had jobs out of the ordinary. Wow. A lot of weather involved. Devastating accidents. That’s crazy. We muscled through everything that was
thrown our way. Right here. We have a very good team. And a good team standing with you
is the recipe for success My brother and I are 100% on our a-game to move forward
to rebuild this and it’s a whole new chapter in life. The sky’s the limit and
we’re excited to see what’s next.

8 thoughts on “Highway Thru Hell: Mission Rebuild

  1. Why do some storms have a straight line on the leading edge or trailing edge of a storm with a width of about 50 miles and a duration of about 30 minutes not move at all even though the movement of the clouds would indicate that the leading edge or trailing edge should be moving? It is as if there is an unmovable force is hold them back. I have watched radars for years and I have never seen that before, but now it is a common occurrence. Is there something you are not telling us?

  2. what if mr. rock climber with dreadlocks is wrong by problem identity? what if the problem is beyond rainfall and the expansion of thawing and releasing h2o? when ice thaws gasses are released from exposure, what if the law of motion is in play underneath your theory of surface rainfall? what if erosion is according to law of ratios under density? nO2 causing decelerration for density to disperse gasses evenly?

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