100 thoughts on “Home cooks try to use a cookbook from 1914!!

  1. Page: 155

    See where that lands ya lol. Oh yeah I'd love to see Pass-it-On again!!! That's some funny stuff right there!

  2. When my great grandma died I inherited all her mom’s cook books from 1910. There’s a recipe in there called a “iced ham”. You make royal icing and put it on a boiled ham. Wtf

  3. For some reason James' "I'm in a video and I'm not cooking!" Was adorable and the boys dispare filled " Veloute" was brilliant

  4. My head chief would be Jamie well he did fumble a couple times he did take charge I have to say Barry did put in some effort but good job all around guys.
    My suggestion for the next is:
    Pg 52
    Ln 16
    P.s. I would love to see a battle of normal's vs chiefs with a recipe for that cook book.

  5. I wished their books were sold in bookstores or by Amazon. It costs too much to ship a book from them; the shipping costs almost the same as the book itself :/

  6. Let’s make James uncomfortable

    Page 60
    Line 9

    Sexy theme required

    Bonus points for getting Ben to pre record some lines to play randomly while they’re cooking to throw them off.

  7. Pass it on using this book where first to go gets page and line number, second to go gets the page number, third just gets chapter or section, fourth just gets the book, fifth gets nothing

  8. Page 253, number 3. I'm really hoping I'm hitting the Breads or a Dessert section, with this. Baking with no visual aid and obtuse direction will be interesting, even with the chefs.

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