Home Design Inspiration by Visbeen Architects featuring Phantom Screens | The Hasserton

Welcome to the Hasserton, views to the
lake were the priority for this Visbeen Architect’s home, and the combination of warmth and contemporary style
is what makes this design a successful one. When you enter the Hasserton, you’re immediately
confronted with an incredible view of the lake. The home opens up in an expansive way to the rear,
giving you maximum views of the waterfront. One of the ideas that we employed
in this particular design, is the small rooms opening to a larger room
at the rear of the home. It’s completely designed to entertain large groups, as the wall stops short of the rear,
and then they open to the lakefront. So each of the small spaces open to a much
grander space when you’re in the home. During the design process we coined that Asian Prairie, as there’s an Asian influence with the horizontal lines,
a lot of the details in the home, the corner glass and many other of the
attributes of the home. In any lakefront home one of the most important
elements you can design, is the transition from interior to exterior. It was very important to not encumber the views from
the living space from the kitchen, and from the library and bedroom suite. However we didn’t want to miss the most
important room in the house. It’s the outdoor screened room,
the outdoor living space. That space opens up from the dining room, which is a
perfect transition from the kitchen, it also opens from the deck above and
from the patio below with the stair. The tile floor gives it an interior feeling. The beautiful ceiling treatments which are happening
more and more on screen rooms, where we’re treating them
almost as if they’re interior spaces. And then the use of phantom screens
which gives it an entirely different perspective. So the thing I love about the phantom screens
is the variety that they allow for. You’ve got the manual screens for doors, and you’ve got the motorized screens for walls. What I love about the Hasserton, another
gorgeous home designed by Wayne Visbeen, is not only the exquisite interior
but the exterior of the home, and how he blends outdoor living again
with the inside of the home. He’s done a remarkable job. This area here of the Hasserton home’s
outdoor eating area, is perfect for our screens. It’s not the largest eating area, but when our screens
are in use and they are down, it doesn’t make you feel
like you’re in a contained area at all. You still have a wonderful view to the lake,
and when the screens aren’t in use, the push of a button they retract out of sight, and thankfully Wayne designed this entire area
to have the screens built into the columns, you cannot see them at all,
you don’t even know they’re there. We can give homeowners the ability to use their
outdoor living space, sometimes up to all year round, even here in Michigan, where it can be warm and summer,
but much cooler in winter. If you use our vinyl screens, they will come down and
reate this as an entirely encased room, allowing you to trap the heat in and it, and it can be as comfortable
as being inside your home. So even on a cold December day,
you can enjoy outdoor living

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