Home design journey Exterior

What I really loved about being able to build
my own home is how much flexibility we had. I think to people that find process daunting, from building a new home, I found the whole process really exciting. The intial considerations with me with the exterior was that I wanted I guess, to design something that when I went to sell, someone else could imagine themselves living
in this space too. I probably considered maybe four five different floor plans. One of the
biggest things I considered was orientation because I wanted that natural sunlight through
as much of the living areas. I wanted something that didn’t feel too flat. There are a few
different elements on there. So we had the front porch brought forward. Designed by clients they had I didn’t find restrictive. I felt like it really gave you a lot of room to play. 100% I recommend
everybody spend some time just to go through some display homes. I found that walking through
the display homes was a great way of visualising. I just found that I really loved looking at
everything, seeing what different people do and then when you think about how you’re going
to do your landscaping as well, I went and visited nurseries just to get an idea of what
I liked. Getting the keys at the end was the best feeling, just knowing that you’ve spent
2 years working on this and it’s finally yours. One of my favorite things is when I drive
home every day I love seeing my house, I’m so happy with how it’s turned out.

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