100 thoughts on “Home (feat. Casey Lee Williams) by Jeff Williams with Lyrics

  1. This song reminds me of my sisters. One dark-haired like Ruby and one fair-headed like Yang…and I suppose I see myself Qrow in this video. Just a happy memory of my family.

  2. Heard this in the car on the way home. It was a good break from metal and rock music. ( a few RWBY songs in there ) I was finally at peace.

  3. People keep talking about Volume 5 episode 4. But the first time this song played was when Ruby wrote her letter home in Qrows' room at the end of Volume 4 while waiting for him to wake up. This song has always about how Qrow has always been there for the 2 of them.

  4. and now my parents are questioning me for crying in the middle of the ro-

    OW!!! god right in the feels…

  5. Unlike Raven, Qrow at least TRIED to remain in contact with their family despite what his semblance does. And what does he get? 2 nieces who absolutely love him (Ruby ADORES him)

  6. *SPOILERS FOR VOLUME 4 to 6* (You have been warned)
    With RWBY being where it is story-wise now it is almost painful to hear this song. It reminds me of when the series was largely light hearted, and now it seems all hope is gone. Yang is traumatized by physical and psychological scars, Ruby has matured but is growing more and more depressed as she bears the weight of leading her team to fight Salem, it is slowly starting to overwhelm her. There is almost none of her former joyful and goofy personality left. What makes matters worse is that Qrow is falling deeper and deeper into alcoholism and his relationship with Ruby is growing strained as she watches this man who she so admires fall into the chains of the bottle. And what they don't know is that Qrow's semblance is bad luck, so as long as he is with them they will suffer, and he blames himself for everything that has gone wrong, and his faith in Ozpin has been broken too. The group is going through so much for kids their age, but hopefully with the new revelation of the potential of Ruby's eyes they will start to feel hope again. Also it should be noted that it is hard to see Salem as the villain anymore, what with her story being revealed by Djinn.

  7. I had a sneaking suspicion that this song would be important to RWBY due to how emotional it is. To think it's become RWBY's go-to poster child for emotional scenes since Volume 4, though…it makes me really happy.
    I wish there was an official instrumental of this though.

  8. … This is beautiful……. I don't use that word lightly, yet it is more than earned in this instance. I hardly had to comprehend the words to feel them fall into place, guided by a soft, simple, gentle, and yet well tailored melody into a track that can pluck the heart with no assistance. The backdrop of RWBY fits oh so perfectly, but the song stands with or without. This is a piece that builds on the wonder of another work while maintaining its' own, individual strength… Fantastic, and a job… nay, a work of art, well done… Thank you.

  9. I want this played it my funeral so that way my family knows that I will always be with them forever no matter what, because my family is where my home is, and nothing is more important to me than being with them in life and in death.

  10. A lot of people are mentioning vol 5, episode 4 as where this song plays, and that is right. But the longer version (with some lyrics) first plays at the very end of Volume 4, when Ruby and the gang have made it to Mistral and Ruby is writing a letter to Yang. The music then switches over to a musical rendition of "Cold", the tribute song to Pyrrha.

  11. this is The song that breaks my heart, because it holds a sentimental value to me and i dont think ill ever be able to hear it without crying

  12. I like to see this song as a lullaby Summer would sing to Ruby when she was younger, so I call this song Summer's lullaby

  13. headcanon time:
    This is summer singing that she wants to be home with Ruby and her family

    let the tears drop

  14. NORA AND REN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Okay. There are hard songs like ,,Ignite" or ,,Bad luck charm" and that's what I love in RWBY's soundtrack. But… oh. That's so heartwarming – I think about this song and scene with Yang and Weiss. If I had a better voice that I could sing that for my lovely family ❤

  16. I'm trying…not to cry… Never mind. I can't do it. Shit I hate this but luv it at the same time. 😥😢#IHateThisGameOfEmotionsWePlay

  17. Imagine this. And it's sad.

    Imagine Ruby being with Summer in her last moments. Holding her in her arms as Summer died and Ruby cried, and in her last moments, she softly sings this to her. Now that would be truly heartbreaking.

  18. It's like a lullaby and do you know this was in RWBY chibi in a short time in the episode named nurse Nora when yang punches the tree and ruby smiled and they hold hands but the music had no words and it's only the chorus and it's in the other episode too named cool Dad when yang and ruby hugged their father tai

  19. Qrow is like second in command in dad world. Thai is first and when thai isnt there qrow takes over the dad role

  20. who ships qrow and summer?

    beacouse i do ;3
    and who thinks that qrow is father of ruby ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) beacuose i do

  21. I listen to this song when i feel sad and want to remember my doggie daughter, i miss her but knowing we were truly at home together helps me hold it together.

  22. While I don't really like the way the quality of the show kinda went a bit more mediocre in season 5 and 6, the music still gets to me. And goddamn the fanart of stuff like this really makes it hard not to tear up. Having Yang holding onto his back while he cuddles Ruby and they're just happy to be there with each other makes me happy-cry.

  23. If you think about it, for a lot of their early life, Qrow would’ve been the only active parental figure the girls had. Tai was depressed and moping. Raven had run back to the bandits. And Summer was gone. Qrow, God bless his liver, probably had to haul most of the family weight until Tai finished grieving.

    (While I was typing this, I had a vision of Qrow standing in the kitchen wearing his huntsman outfit and a frilly pink apron making breakfast for little Ruby and Yang and now I’m laughing.)

  24. This song immediately played in my head when a character in a DnD campaign I'm in was faced with the option to go with the man she loved, or to keep adventuring with her friends.

  25. I have finally figured out why I love this song so much.
    It basically encapsulates my relationship with my closest two friends.

  26. This song give me a shot right into my heart. It let me feels like what i felt when i was young, to find someone i fit in. My father is not the man who i thought he was. Till the day now i still finding my home. That is why i listen when i were thinking about my home, once will i find my home. For my children

  27. This song is actually really reminiscent of two characters I've been making. Two traumatized twins whom depend on each other for coping and comfort. And who mean the world to each other. Its cool that this song fits them despite being completely unrelated.

  28. reason why i love rwby because of the music, when its a sad song the singer sing slowly and when its a bloodpumping song the singer really sing so fast and energetic

  29. Goddammit. Even 4 years later, I still can't get over Monty. Rest well, ya crazy and creative mofo!

  30. See, what comes to mind for me is that with the idea that "home" is where your heart lies, meaning it doesn't need to be a physical place, but rather an emotional connection to people you love most, hearts end up wandering and not having a home if that person is killed or turns on you. It sucks, really because your happiness is dependent on someone else and you get addicted to it to the point of being extremely obsessive over it when something goes wrong.

  31. This may not be found, but…

    I've always had this system where I'd have a home, then I become separated from them, it always hit me hard. With that pain, I realized that I don't want this for anyone else. And this song is my symbol of how I want to give others a home and make them the happiest. I don't know to make myself happy, but if I can help others, maybe that answer will be discovered on the way. If you ever feel like you are all alone, know that you will never be alone, you will find a home, a happy place <3

  32. You know this song reminds me of my older sister who died tragically in a car accident about 9 years she and her husband both died and I thank my mom for taking care of me and my brothers aka my nephew's she is both a mom and dad to us💖

  33. I'm STILL convinced Qrow is Ruby's real father. A lot of his behavior makes sense for him to have been Summer Rose's lover and Ruby's dad.

    Evidence Piece #1: The condensation ring around Summer on his picture of Team STRQ. A pretty obvious sign he's spent a lot of time staring at her through a glass… or ten…
    Evidence Piece #2: Ruby's last name is Rose rather than Xiao Long like Yang. If Taiyang really WAS her father, why give her her mother's name instead? Seems fishy to me…
    Evidence Piece #3: Qrow isn't around much and he prefers to work alone. With a Semblance that brings misfortune to those around him, misfortune he can't control, it makes perfect sense that he would feel like he has to distance himself from Ruby for her own safety, as demonstrated when he tells her not to help him fight Tyrian. A pretty fatherly concern for an uncle with no blood relation…
    Evidence Piece #4: Qrow has a MUCH deeper connection with Ruby than with Yang, who is very much like Tai who we know for a fact is her father.
    Evidence Piece #5: No matter how you slice it, Taiyang being emotionally invested enough in another woman to have a second child so soon after his first baby-mama LEFT him… I don't know, but that seems REALLY unlikely. If that shit happened to me, I'd need more than a year to recover…

    Whether you agree or not, this is my argument, and I don't even care what Kenny, Miles, or the Almighty Oum in the Sky say. It makes SENSE for Qrow to be Ruby's father, adds more depth to his character, and makes him even more awesome than he already is–which he NEEDS since he has to be recast because some chick overreacted to a freaking HUG. May Saint Vic have mercy for I shall not…

  34. This song makes me cry. Ruby had a hard life but all my life I’ve been neglected by my parents. But finally it all came to an end. They died in a car crash. My friend let me live with him. ..
    it’s amazing. Though.. whenever I see parents I nearly cry. I never had them. 😭 💗 ~ James

    Also, I have 2 sisters and they are amazing. We all met in England.

  35. TBH I imagine this song being sung from Taiyangs perspective about Ruby, Yang, and Qrow. Especially the line "Rest my friend Time can mend many things" Like Taiyang is all about home and family and I don't know I like thinking this song is from his perspective. I also think it's really cool from Yang's perspective too! Either one is really cool

  36. Whenever I hear this song, I feel the strongest urge to call my parents and siblings and tell them how much I love and miss them.

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