Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.118 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.10.18]

(Episode 118) Ms. Wang, please let go of Sangwon and Yeoreum. Pardon? It’s something I shouldn’t say to someone ill, but it’s all I can say from where I stand. Fact is, when I heard that you two were moving overseas with Yeoreum, I made peace with that. But now, things are a bit different. But please don’t misunderstand. I’m not doing this because what you have is incurable. The chance for a full recovery is high these days, and I know very well that if you have the will, you can certainly get better. But you will be battling a serious disease for the next few years. Won’t it be difficult to raise a child from a practical standpoint? I am well aware of that. I know you care for Yeoreum more than anyone, so please think about his future. Also, please try to understand why I had no choice but to ask you to let go of Sangwon and Yeoreum. I completely understand. In return, I will do my utmost to help, so please focus on nothing but your recovery. I am very sorry. I understand what you mean. It’s okay. You can leave if you’d like. Okay. Thank you. Please don’t get up. (Leukemia) I’m back, Dad. Hi, Geumhui. Did you meet someone? Is something wrong? I just met with Sangwon’s father. For what reason? He knew about my cancer. What? But how? He’s friends with my doctor. I guess he saw me at the hospital by coincidence. So? What did he say? He didn’t tell you to let go of Yeoreum and Sangwon, did he? How dare he. No matter how much one loves their son, how can you say that to someone diagnosed with cancer? So what did you tell him? I told him I understood what he was saying. What does that mean? So you’re going to do what he wants and let go of Yeoreum and Sangwon? Are you really? Don’t you think I should, Dad? Geumhui, let’s stop and tell Sangwon. Dad. I understand how you feel, but I just don’t think this is right. You went through a lot to be with Yeoreum and Sangwon. How can you let them go over something like this? Think about it. From your divorce to when your adoption of Yeoreum was rejected, and now all the things you’re going through to be together with Sangwon, you’ve been through so many trials and tribulations. You overcame all those challenges. And very well too. So just consider this a brief rough patch in your life, and think about overcoming this with Sangwon, Geumhui. Dad. It would be tough on your own, but you have me, Mom, and your siblings. Most importantly, you also have Yeoreum and Sangwon. We’ll be there for you and give encouragement. We’ll support you and be by your side, so of course you can beat something like this. Stop. Don’t cry. Please don’t doubt yourself, Geumhui. I won’t cry. I won’t cry anymore. It wasn’t because I was giving up or doubting myself. It was because I was reassured that Yeoreum had a good dad like Sangwon by his side. Now I have the peace of mind to start my treatment. Nevertheless, how are you going to stand being apart from Yeoreum? Yeoreum’s birth mom died in front of Yeoreum trying to save him. Yeoreum couldn’t speak for a while from the shock. So I don’t want him to see me sick and be hurt again, Dad. Geumhui. I’m going upstairs to lie down. And don’t worry too much. Like you said, I have you, Mom, Geumju, and Geumdong, right? I told you not to worry. Okay, go on up. Go upstairs and rest. I’ll make you your favorite pine seed porridge, so have some after a nice nap, okay? Yes, okay. (Ju Sangmi) There is no answer. Connecting to voicemail… (Ju Sangmi) Did you come here to tell us that Geumhui is ill? You already knew? Does the entire family know? Geumju and Geumdong will find out soon enough. Father, Geumhui must be hospitalized right away. There’s no time to lose. We know so you don’t have to tell us. If you know, then how can you leave her like that? That’s not for you to worry about. We’ll handle it ourselves, so don’t concern yourself. Father, I know I should be ashamed to say this, but I want to take care of Geumhui until she recovers. Please give me your permission, Father. Why? What gives you the right to take care of her? I will be getting divorced soon. It’ll be over as soon as she signs. So what? What does your divorce have to do with Geumhui? Pardon? I appreciate your concern, but we’ll handle this matter, so you can go. Father. And stop calling me that! It makes me uncomfortable. Come out. Right now. Why should I? I don’t think I have any reason to see you. I’ll explain later so come to the cafe by your house. I’ll be waiting for you. (Ju Sangmi, 24 / Ju Sangmi, 7) What do you think you’re doing? Doing what? What are you talking about all of a sudden? Junho was just at your house. Don’t pretend you didn’t know. Junho was at our house? So you’re going to keep acting dumb? I’m sorry to tell you but I had no idea. And my flu is so bad, I don’t have the energy for this. If you came to complain, I’ve nothing to say. I’ll go. Are you getting revenge on me? What? You told me before you wouldn’t get a divorce, so I’d forever be known as a mistress. What you’re doing now is what a mistress does. Excuse me? You are seducing someone else’s husband. Don’t think that all women do what you did. You should do better to keep your husband away from me. I’m begging you. Why do you think he does that? It’s because you give him hope. Ju Sangmi. If you don’t like that, then leave with Sangwon. Leave Korea right away. Why aren’t you answering me? Aren’t you going away with Sangwon? I really wish I could. What do you mean you wish you could? Does that mean you aren’t leaving? Why not? Why aren’t you leaving? Are you thinking about moving into my parents’ house? What? My parents are thinking about getting us divorced so they can take you both in, but I will never divorce Junho. So forget about moving into our house and move overseas with Sangwon quick. Go with your original plan, okay? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Anyway, I’m already having a rough time as it is. Don’t add on because it’s killing me. So let’s stop. Wang Geumhui! Really? Junho is really getting a divorce? That’s what I said. It’s over as soon as Sangmi signs the papers. Why would you tell her that, Stepmom? What? It’s not like I’m lying. It’s not set in stone, so pretend you didn’t hear it. Here. This is what we decided on. This? Wow, is this what you picked, Geumju? Yes. What do you think? Do you like it? For someone so young, you sure are old-fashioned. How so? What don’t you like about it? How about we go back together right now? Go back there with you? That’s right. It’d be better for me to see and choose in person. Geumju’s going to live here, so what she likes is important. How can you say that? Aren’t the three of us living here together? Yes, but this will be our home after we get married, so I’m saying we should go with what Geumju likes. Are you done? Then let’s go now. We’ll be living together, so you should like it too. That’s right! Hang on. Let me grab my purse. Geez. I’m sorry, Geumju. You haven’t forgotten your promise, right? Pardon? You promised we’d move out if it didn’t work out. Don’t forget. Let’s go, Geumju. Okay. Bye. Are Mom and Geumju going somewhere? So you saw them? Geumju will be moving in here soon. It seemed like a good reason to remodel the house, so they’re going to look at some displays. You won’t be getting married any time soon. What are you talking about? I don’t want to get into it. Get into what? Tell me what it is. Let me nap for just an hour. I’m exhausted. Mother, what about a lovely pink bathroom like this? Wouldn’t it be perfect for newlyweds? Seokho said he liked this too. Rather than something cute like this, I prefer a more muted style. Simple designs are all the rage these days. But this pink and gold pairing is trendy too. Then we’ll do your room in a muted style. Are you sulking? Yes, I am because you’re insisting on only what you like. Geez. Why sulk over something so insignificant? Then how about this? We’ll do your room and the bathroom as you wish, and the kitchen will have a muted style. That kitchen we saw was nice. You said you liked it too. Shall we do that then? It’s so spacious here. Is this some kind of interior design mall? When will I get to live in a house as big as this? Just wait. I’ll become successful and buy you a house just as big. Really? Just hearing you say that makes me happy. If you’re all rested, sit up for a bit. Tell me what’s going on. What do you mean I won’t be getting married soon? Geumhui is very ill, Seokho. Geumhui? With what? What does she have? Acute lymphocytic leukemia. What? But how? Geumju didn’t seem to know anything. Only her parents know. How can something like this happen? It’s all my fault. Geumhui got sick because of all the grief I caused her. Geez. I know how you feel, but don’t be so hard on yourself. Blaming yourself won’t solve anything. So that’s why I’m going to take care of her. What? I’ll help Geumhui get better and make her happy again. Listen. Although it’s late, I’m glad you regret your mistakes. But do you think that’s what Geumhui wants? Whether she wants it or not, I’m going to do it. If you force someone to do something they don’t want, you’ll only be tormenting them. Just standing aside and praying for her is the best that you can do, okay? Why don’t you do that? I’m going to do it my way. Han Junho! What is the matter with him? I got your email. They’re all so nice, I can’t choose. Thank you so much. Okay, I’ll be in touch once we get there. Dad. Hi, Yeoreum. Hello, Father. I guess Geumhui must be very busy. You see… Mom has a cold and isn’t feeling well, Dad. Still? Geumhui still has that cold? Must be the changing seasons. It keeps flaring back up. Yeoreum, you can only play during your dad’s break. I’ll be at Grandma’s salon. Okay, Grandpa. I’ll bring him to the salon later, Father. Yes, okay. Dad, what were you looking at? Oh, that’s right. Do you know all three of us will soon live together? Yes, Dad. So I’m looking for a house that we can live in. Do you want to take a look too? Yes, please. Okay, then. Let’s look together. Is something the matter? What do you mean? You two have been acting strange. Hi, Grandma and Uncle Geumdong! Hi, Yeoreum. Did you have fun with your dad? Yes. If you’re not busy, I have something to tell you. Why don’t you have a seat? Would you like some tea? No, thank you. I just had some. Uncle Geumdong, let’s fold some origami. Origami? We’re all out of colored paper. Do you want to go get some? Okay. I’ll take Yeoreum to the store, so excuse us. Okay. Let’s go. Careful now. Go ahead. You said you had something to tell us? Yes. I got the invitation letter from the States, so I applied for a work visa. Y-You did? So I want to apply for our marriage license tomorrow. Marriage license? Yes. I must prove that Geumhui and Yeoreum are family to get them their visas as well. I’m sorry. There is a proper order to do things in, so I’m sorry I have to do it like this. We’re well aware of your situation, so don’t worry about us. You can figure it out with Geumhui, okay? Yes, okay. Divorce? Yes. He moved out and is staying at Seokho’s. Big news, isn’t it? He broke Geumhui’s heart just to get a divorce. Is that why he came to see Mom yesterday? Didn’t he come by the house today? Yes, he did. What did he say? Did he say he’s getting a divorce? Yes. What does his divorce have to do with us? Why come all the way here to tell you and Mom about it? How absurd! Just settle down and eat. We have nothing to do with his divorce, so you don’t have to make such a fuss. Where were you all day? Mom, did you tell Sangwon not to leave Korea and move in here with Yeoreum and Geumhui? What are you talking about? What? Did Sangwon say he wasn’t moving overseas? No, Geumhui did. Wang Geumhui? Anyway, there is no way I’m divorcing Junho, so don’t even think about having them live here. Understood? Hey, Sangmi. Did Yongjin talk to Sangwon? But he said he didn’t. We’re home! – Did you have a nice day? / – Hello, Yongsun. Yongjin, come with me. What’s with you all of a sudden? Just come with me, will you? What’s with Gyeong-ae, Yongsun? I don’t know. Did you tell Sangwon to not move overseas? No. Why? You didn’t? What is it? Sangmi said something odd. Something odd? What did she say? Geumhui told her she wasn’t moving overseas. Really? Then did she make up her mind? What do you mean make up her mind? What? Are you going to tell me or not? What? Are you serious? Wang Geumhui has a serious illness? Yes. So you told her to let go of Sangwon and Yeoreum? Yes. Good. You did well. I feel like I did something cruel to someone ill, so it’s been gnawing at me. So that’s why you’ve been so downcast since yesterday. Not a peep to Sangmi, okay? If she finds out, so will Sangwon, and things will get complicated. Of course not. I’m not that foolish. So will Yeoreum be living with us soon? What is it, Mom? Did I wake you? No. Don’t get up. I’m fine, Mom. Aren’t you here because you wanted to talk? What is it, Mom? Sangwon is applying for a marriage license tomorrow. Marriage license? So Geumhui, if you can muster the courage and be honest with him… No. I’ll figure it out myself, Mom. Must you do it this way? Yes. I was just about to call you. Must be telepathy. I’d like to see you, Sangwon. But I thought you’re still sick. Are you sure? Yes, I am. I’ll head over to the restaurant. Okay then. Watch out for cars. Okay. Welcome, Geumhui. Look. Yeoreum likes this house the best. What do you think? What? You don’t like it? Do you want to see the other houses? No. There’s no need. By the way, I let your parents know earlier. Since you need a spousal visa, let’s go get our marriage license tomorrow. Sangwon. I’m sorry. I should’ve proposed, and we should’ve had a wedding. But once we get settled in the States, we can have a proper wedding. Let’s break up, Sangwon. Pardon? What did you just say? Let’s break up. Geumhui.

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