Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.121 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.10.23]

(Episode 121) Geumhui. We need to talk, Geumhui! Father, please let me in. Father! What happened? Hi. Is Geumhui okay? I don’t know. They took a blood sample, so we will find out. Mom. You’re awake. Have you come to, Geumhui? Yes. I told you to get hospitalized right away. I’m sorry. Is it still raining out? Raining? No, it stopped. Why? It stopped? – Yes. / – Yes. Thank goodness. Do you have the test results? She should start the cancer treatment right away. I don’t think we can’t do that right now. Why not? How come we can’t do it right away? With leukemia, cancer cells flow in the blood, so the drug must be injected into the bloodstream. To do so, we have to insert a catheter called the Hickman line into her upper right chest. So? Then you can just insert it. But Ms. Wang’s white blood cell count is so high, her blood has become viscous. We cannot insert the line as it is. Then what? What do we need to do? We must lower the count through leukapheresis and then start the cancer treatment. Is that so? Don’t be too concerned though. We will start treatment right after the leukapheresis. And in some cases, we have seen cancer cells drop below 5% after just a single treatment, so let’s be hopeful and see how it goes. Yes, doctor. We’ll do what you think is best. Ms. Wang, how do you feel? I’m okay, doctor. You know it won’t be easy an fight, right? Yes. But it is certainly a fight you can win, so let’s be strong and beat this. Yes, doctor. Excuse me then. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you. Dad, I’m sorry, but could you pick Yeoreum up from kindergarten? Yes, sure. Tell him I went away on a trip. Okay. Take it easy, hon. Bye. How long are you going to keep this from him? I want to send him to Sangwon without knowing. Oh, are you just getting back? Yes. Why the long face, Yeoreum? Mom went on a trip without me. What is he talking about, Dad? Geumhui went on a trip? Let’s go in. We’ll talk inside, okay? Let’s go in, Yeoreum. Let’s go. So Geumhui checked herself in? Yes. But with treatment, she has to stay in the hospital. How long are we going to tell Yeoreum she’s on a trip? I don’t know what is Geumhui’s plan. But this is what she wants, so we must follow her wishes for now. What about the audition? Did it go well? I went through it, but don’t hold your breath. I had some tough competition. You should have struck while the iron was hot. You took way too much time off. What’s this? Mom. Are you back from kindergarten, Yeoreum? Yes. But why did you go on a trip without me, Mom? I’m sorry, Yeoreum. I’m very sorry. When are you coming back, Mom? I’ve gone very far away, so it might take a long time. How long? I’ll tell you when I can return. But since you have your dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, and uncle, you’ll be okay, right, Yeoreum? What’s wrong? You won’t be? But I miss you. We’re seeing each other right now. I’ll call every day. That works, right? Yes. Good boy, Yeoreum. Let’s talk tomorrow then. Okay. Hi, Seokho. Did the audition go well? I don’t think I’ll get the part. Really? Yes. But don’t feel too bad about it. There’ll be other opportunities. That’s not why I’m sad. Then what is it? Geumhui collapsed today and went to the hospital. Geumhui collapsed? What do you mean Geumhui collapsed? Hey! It’s me. Your sister collapsed? Where? Where did she collapse? She collapsed at home so Dad took her to the hospital. Really? Where are you going? Did your brother just leave for the hospital? Yes, I think so. Who does he think he is to go there? Who does he think wants him there? He seems to think it’s his fault that Geumhui is ill. He’s not wrong though. Geumju. Anyway, my sister will be okay, right, Seokho? Of course. I asked around too, and the chance for full recovery is high these days, so don’t worry. And Geumhui is a very strong person, so she will beat this. Thank you, Seokho. You must be tired from the audition so go on and rest. Okay. Fate is so cruel. What did Geumhui do to deserve such a disease? You’re way off there, Stepmom. What are you talking about? Are you saying Geumhui deserves this? No, I mean a disease is just a disease. It is? Of course. Anyway, Junho is so loyal. Instead of backing off because she is ill, he’s even more committed to getting her back. Yes, but that is not what Geumhui wants. Anyway, he took a loan out to pay off your debt. But I don’t know why he isn’t looking for a new job. Are you saying that to make me feel bad? Pardon? Fine. I’ll do whatever it takes to pay off that loan. That’s not what I meant, but all the better if you do. Okay, fine. But what can I do to pay off such a huge loan? (Wang Geumhui / F) What are you doing here? I heard Geumhui collapsed. Has she woken up? It’s none of your business, so just leave. Mother, I will take care of her. I’m a doctor. I can take care of her better than anyone else. Even if you are a doctor, do you think Geumhui will let you take care of her? Mother. Stop causing Geumhui unnecessary stress and just go. That is what you can do for her. So are you trying to get back together with Geumhui? That’s right. I’m going back to Geumhui. So is Geumhui going to take you back? She will. That devious girl. What? Do better to keep Junho away? (Ju Sangmi) Hello? Hello? Isn’t this Ms. Wang Geumhui’s phone? I’m Geumhui’s mother. Oh, I see. May I talk to Geumhui, please? What do you need to talk about with her? Couldn’t you just put her on? No. Don’t bother a sick person, keep your husband in line. Hello? Hello? “Sick person”? (Junho) There is no answer. Connecting to voicemail… What in the world is he doing with his phone off? Hello, Mother. It’s me. Is Geumhui ill by chance? Did you hear too? What does Geumhui have? Fate is so cruel. Leukemia. Good heavens. Pardon? Junho blames himself for making her sick so that’s why he wants to take care of her. Hello? Are you listening to me? I have to go. And my flu is so bad, I don’t have the energy for this. You should do better to keep your husband away from me. I’m begging you. Why do you think he does that? It’s because you give him hope. Ju Sangmi. If you don’t like that, then leave with Sangwon. Leave Korea right away. I really wish I could. So is Wang Geumhui’s cancer treatment going well? I was curious myself, so I called Dr. Park. She collapsed today so she was rushed to the hospital. What? So she wasn’t even admitted this whole time? She probably wanted time to break up with Sangwon. Once you start treatment, it’s impossible to hide it. Really? I suppose that was nice of her. You don’t say. So it’ll just be a matter of time before Sangwon and Yeoreum move in, right? Probably. Then I should hurry up and decorate Yeoreum’s room. Be a bit more discreet, will you? It’s shameful. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m going home to get your things and mine, so you’ll be on your own for a bit. Just stay at home tonight and come back tomorrow. Don’t say that. I’ll be right back. Okay. I heard you collapsed again. Are you okay? I will be if you get out of my sight. Please let me help you, Geumhui. You even broke up with that twerp. Right? Why do you think I broke up with Sangwon? Do you think I don’t like him? I know it’s not true. But you still broke up. So Geumhui… Do you know what I first thought when I woke up? What? Sangwon. To convince me not to break up, he waited for me in the rain. I collapsed on my way out to stop him. When I opened my eyes, I wanted to know if the rain had stopped, because I was worried he might still be in the rain. That’s how much I love him, Junho. Whether I break up with Sangwon or not, there’s no room for you in my heart. Do you understand? It still doesn’t matter. I made you sick, so I’ll make you better. So keep that in mind. Junho. Go to sleep. I’ll be back tomorrow. Drink. Is it my fault? Is Geumhui sick because of me? It’s probably both our faults. I really didn’t want something like this to happen. It’s true I resented Geumhui and was jealous of her, but I didn’t wish for something like this. I know. So how is Geumhui right now? Is it really bad? She isn’t great, but once she gets treatment, she’ll recover. I will make sure she gets better. So please let me go. Sangmi. Even if I do let you go, would Geumhui take you back? She probably broke up with Sangwon so he can’t see her sick, which shows how much she really loves him. Yet you think she’s going to take you back? Both of us are truly big fools. We claim to love them but we’re ignoring what the people we love want. I should go. I just can’t do it. I gave it a lot of thought, and I think it’s wrong to cut ties with your parents, and I can’t abandon my parents either. I decided to get back together with Junho so you should forget about me and move on. Frankly, if it wasn’t for Yeoreum, we wouldn’t even have such a relationship. (Ju Sangwon) (Ju Sangwon) There is no answer. Connecting to voicemail… Dad, it’s me, Yeoreum. Hi, Yeoreum. You’re not asleep yet? No. Why do you look so down? Are you sleepy? No. Then what is it? Because Mom isn’t home. What do you mean mom isn’t home? Did she go somewhere? On a trip. A trip? Yes. She went on a trip and without me. Really? So are you angry? A little. So you don’t say. That’s not nice of her to go on a trip without us. I’m upset at her too. You too? Yes. But Dad, you don’t hate her, right? What? I shouldn’t hate her? No. I’ll stop being angry, so you stop hating Mom. Okay? You’re a bigger person than I am. Okay, I won’t hate Mom, so don’t worry and go to sleep, okay, Yeoreum? Okay. Good night, Dad. Good night. Dr. Han Junho! Are you really here to see me at this hour? What? You have more questions to ask? Yes. Fine. Go ahead. I’ll answer all the questions you have. Are you really sure you can make Geumhui happy? What? Are you sure you won’t break her heart again and can make her happy? How am I supposed to take this? Can I take this as you letting her go? If that’s what Geumhui wants. So this is your way of loving Geumhui? Letting her go because you love her? Love is doing what your loved ones want. Good thinking. I was worried you’d hold out until the end. Dr. Han Junho, please give her the love and attention she deserves. If you’re done here, you should get lost. Self-righteous to the very end! Hi, Geumhui. Hi. Are you okay? I’m fine. Did the audition go well? I think that ship has sailed. But don’t worry. Wang Geumju does not give up. So don’t you give up either, okay? Yes, okay. I won’t. It’s Sangwon. Just let it ring. Take it, Geumhui. Even if you do break up with him, you can lessen his pain. Don’t you think so? Yes, Geumju is right. It will drive him mad if you don’t even answer. We’ll excuse ourselves, so take it. Let’s wait outside, Geumju. Okay. Let’s go. Hello? Geumhui, I heard you went on a trip. If you left because I bothered you too much, please come back. If you want, I’ll let you go. I still don’t know why you want to break up. But if that is what you want, I will let you go. Promise me you’ll be happy, Geumhui. Don’t forget that your happiness is my happiness. So would you like to take it? When can you move out by? Has the restaurant been sold? I think it will be. You knew Geumhui was sick, didn’t you? I think I’ll have to let Junho go. Do you like Ju Sangwon that much? Is that how much you love that twerp? I wish Mom can be happy every day. I want her to be very happy too. I’m going to move to the States with Yeoreum.

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  1. I hope sangwon find out in this episode. Then he wouldn't have to resent himself and feel guilty. He has gone through enough already! Let him be happy for once. 🤧♥️

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    This drama is getting more and more annoying

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  5. They should leave her alone please, this drama is really provoking me ep121 that's when she's just falling sick only God knows how many episodes it will get too

  6. Sangmi those are crocodile tears plizzz stop it, Sangwon cant you smell the coffee you a the only one in the box wakeup and dont give up plizzzzz she is yours.

  7. Don't get me wrong, I love Geumhui and Sangwon and this drama, but I cannot believe this shit. What the hell?? Is there something wrong with the brains of the writers?? Why are they so damn sadistic towards the GOOD characters, for God's sake. This is as shitty as the drama can get.

  8. I am sorry but Geumhi is just selfish. She doesn’t know that it hurts them (Yeroum and Yeorum apa) more and makes them feel abandoned. sigh I’ts just sad 💔

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    i don't even know why i am still watching this.

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