Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 Ep.122 [ENG,CHN / 2019.10.24]

(Episode 122) Did you sleep well with Aunt Geumju, Yeoreum? Yes, Grandpa. Did you sleep well too? Yes, of course I did. Let’s eat so I can take you to kindergarten. Can I go with Dad today? W-With your dad? I want to sing him the song I learned at kindergarten yesterday. Let’s call your dad then. Here you go. (Geumhui’s Father) Hello? Dad, it’s me, Yeoreum. Hi, Yeoreum. Dad, can you take me to kindergarten today? Kindergarten? Mom’s not here, so I want to go with you. I’m so sorry, Yeoreum, but I don’t think I can. Is it okay if I come to pick you up later instead? This afternoon? I’m sorry, Yeoreum. I’m very sorry. Okay. What did your dad say? He can’t come now but he’ll pick me up later. Really? Here. Eat up. I don’t have an appetite. I’ll eat later, Mom. You should still eat. Don’t you know cancer treatment requires stamina? Make sure to eat it all, every last morsel. Here. I’ll eat it later. Did you break up with Sangwon just to mope? Mom. Did you think I didn’t know? If you can’t eat or sleep after a phone call with him, then why did you break up? Do you want me to call Sangwon? Mom, what’s the matter with you? Just hurry up and eat then. Because I can’t bear to see you like this. Okay, I’ll eat. Why aren’t you eating? Are you sick? No. Is it because of Junho? If you can’t make him change his mind, shouldn’t you let him go, Sangmi? It makes sense. If he says he can’t be with you, I don’t think you’ll get anywhere by clinging on to him. It’ll only destroy the both of you. Yongsun. Don’t interrupt her. What she said was right. You may think we’re just bent on getting you divorced, but we’re saying this for your own good, so stop being stubborn and sign the divorce papers. Excuse me. Sangmi, you haven’t eaten at all. I don’t have an appetite. It’s probably because Junho won’t bend to her will. Do you know what I first thought when I woke up? Sangwon. That’s how much I love him, Junho. Whether I break up with Sangwon or not, there’s no room for you in my heart. Do you understand? Are you really sure you can make Geumhui happy? How am I supposed to take this? Can I take this as you letting her go? If that’s what Geumhui wants. So is this your way of loving Geumhui? Letting her go because you love her? Love is doing what your loved ones want. That arrogant twerp. That’s not your own water. Use a glass. It’s because I find it absolutely ridiculous. What do you mean? He says he’s letting her go because he loves her. Isn’t that absurd? What are you talking about? That’s what that twerp Sangwon said to me. He’s letting Geumhui go because he loves her. Because love is doing what your loved ones want. How is that absurd? If you love someone, you don’t ever give up. You have to stay by their side no matter what. Even if they don’t want it? Seokho! I have no idea if you’re angry because you think he’s wrong or because he loves in a way you didn’t expect him to so he hurt your pride. Good grief. What is Junho ticked off about this time? He’s always like that, so don’t mind him. Are you going out, Stepmom? What? Oh, I have an important engagement. You’re not looking for investment opportunities, right? Geez! Do you think I’m crazy? If anyone says they want to invest, I’d follow them around all day to stop them. So then where are you going? It’s a secret. Actress Kim Hyesoo is a regular here? Not just Ms. Kim Hyesoo but also wives of politicians and business magnates and Hollywood stars who visit Korea make sure to come here for a meal. Really? Well, I would feel out of place if otherwise. Of course. Of course. But for such clientele, the place seems small. But the bigger it is, the more difficult it would be on me. Pardon? All the walking would wear me out. Oh, I see. You must be reserving for a very large party. Reserving? How many will be in your party? If your party is very big, we can make adjustments to our reservations. I’m not here to make a reservation. Then what is this regarding? I saw that you were looking for waitstaff. I’m not 100% sold, but I’ll give it a go. – My goodness! / – You need to leave! But I’m offering to work for you! Where will you find someone like me? I’m sorry. The diner over there is looking for a dishwasher. Go there and ask. It is perfect for your qualifications. Excuse me? Goodbye then. Welcome. Hey, Mr. Manager! Hey, mister! What am I going to do? I have to make money to help pay off the loan. Do these hands really have to wash dishes? Mr. Ju, are you there? You can go and speak with him. Thank you. You did a great job with the interior design. Thank you. This restaurant was even on TV. If not for a personal matter, he would never be selling this place. That is why I’m interested. But what happened to the person you worked with? The person I worked with? Truth is, I came here a few times to have some pasta. I always thought that you two made a great couple. Is she your wife? Oh, I’m sorry. It seems I made a mistake. So would you like to take it? When can you move out by? I’ll move out as quickly as possible. Then after I discuss it with my sister, I’ll call you. Okay. – Let’s go. / – Bye. Sangwon. Geumdong. Has the restaurant been sold? I think it will be. Hey, Sangwon. Yes? I heard you’re picking Yeoreum up. Yes. I look awful, so I’m going to shower first. Okay. What brings you here at this time of day? I brought Geumhui porridge because she has no appetite. Good job. What about Yeoreum? Sangwon said he’s going to pick him up. Sangwon? Yes, Yeoreum asked Sangwon this morning to go to kindergarten together. But I guess he couldn’t get up and offered to pick him up instead. Anyways, that’s what happened so you can go home. I can stay a while longer. But I’m here. You need to rest too. Yes, Mom. We wouldn’t want you to fall ill too. Okay. I’ll rest a bit and then come back tonight. Yeoreum. Dad! Did you have fun today? Yes, Dad. But are you not feeling well? What? You look sick. No, Yeoreum. I’m not sick. I’m fine. Let’s go. ♪ I love milk! I love milk ♪ ♪ Give me milk! All of it, please ♪ You’re really good, Yeoreum. I’ll sing it for Mom too when she gets back. What is it, Dad? It’s nothing. Yeoreum, do you want some ice cream? I do, but I’m not going to eat it. Why not? If I eat it and get a tummy ache, Mom will be sad. Mom? I got a tummy ache once from eating too much ice cream. So Mom said I should only eat a little bit. She said it made her sad when I got sick. And you don’t want Mom to be sad? No. I wish Mom can be happy every day. Yes, Yeoreum. I want her to be very happy too. That’s all I want. How’s Geumhui? Is she better? I don’t know. I’m worried. She seems mentally and physically weary. But she hasn’t even started her treatments yet. It’s only going to get tougher. You’re telling me. If she couldn’t handle breaking up, then why do it? Grandma, I’m here! Welcome, Yeoreum! Oh, hello. How are you? Fine. Hello. Thank you for picking Yeoreum up. Don’t mention it. I have something to speak with you about. You do? Geumju, take Yeoreum upstairs. Okay. Come on, Yeoreum. Please sit. Thank you. What is it? I’m going to move to the States with Yeoreum. It’s going to take a couple of months to straighten out the family register and such. I would like you, Father, and Geumhui to take care of Yeoreum until then. A couple of months? Yeoreum will need some time to take it in and prepare. Okay. We will do that. I think the restaurant will sold too. Geumhui won’t be inconvenienced by me any longer. I will get going then. What did Sangwon say? He’s leaving for the States with Yeoreum. What? He said he was selling his restaurant but he was still worried about bothering Geumhui. Really? Yes. He seems like a very good person. Geumhui is such a fool. Is dinner ready, Yongsun? I just have to heat the stew when they get home. What has Sangmi been doing in her room all day? I don’t know. She hasn’t stirred at all. Sangmi. Sangmi! What’s the matter? Are you ill? I’m fine. No, you’re not! You’re burning up. This won’t do. Let’s go to the doctor. This isn’t something a doctor can fix. What? You knew Geumhui was sick, didn’t you? That’s why you didn’t say anything about her breakup with Sangwon. How did you find out? I wish I hadn’t. Is that why you’re like this? You think you got Geumhui sick? Maybe. Not at all, Sangmi. It’s not your fault that Geumhui is sick, so don’t blame yourself. Mom, I think I’ll have to let Junho go. What? I had latched onto him, afraid to let him go. But I think it’s time I give in and let him go. Right. Good thinking. Let him go, okay? But I guess I don’t want to let him go just yet. That’s probably why I’m sick. Sangmi. So give me some time to be sick. Time to be sick? Let me be as sick I can, and once I get better, then I’ll let Junho go. Okay. Should we pump ourselves up? Pump ourselves up? Oh, I see. Oh, come on! Harder. Okay. Even harder. I might hurt you. Geumhui, I’ll go get some hot water. Okay. Why are you by yourself? Where is everyone? You just won’t listen, will you? You should listen to me. You can’t even sit up on your own. Junho. I told you I’m going to take care of you and make you better. Fine. Go ahead then. Do as much as you want. Geumhui. You think I’m sick because of you, right? And because of that guilt, you want to do whatever you can for me. But Junho, that’s not love. It’s just your guilty conscience. Geumhui. And you know what? I can’t stand that you feel that way. What you’re doing makes me feel uncomfortable rather than grateful. It only makes me feel sorry for you. Wang Geumhui. Junho, do you still not get it? There is nothing I want from you. No. No. You’ll feel different with time. We can go back to the way we were. Junho, please! Then just tell that twerp. What? Just tell that twerp that you don’t want to break up. With him by your side, then at least I’ll be reassured. No. It’s Sangwon, so I can’t cling on. What? The old me would have latched onto Sangwon. I would have cried and begged him to stay with me. But falling in love with Ju Sangwon has made me realize that if you truly love someone, you have to be able to let him go for his happiness. You two are maddeningly alike. Junho, I beg you. Please leave. Do you like Ju Sangwon that much? Is that how much you love that twerp? Why are you here? I’ll be watching. I’ll be watching to prove that your and Geumhui’s way of love is wrong. Yes, all is well here, so get more rest. Okay. You should go home and rest too. I’ll be fine here on my own. That’s ridiculous. But I really will be fine. Sangwon is moving to the States with Yeoreum. He came to the house this afternoon and told your mom. That’s good. And someone’s interested in buying the restaurant. Dad, I’m going to go to the restroom. Okay, I’ll take you. No, it’s okay. I can go alone. Are you sure? Yes. Good thinking, Sangwon. It was a really good choice. Sangwon. Did you think Yeoreum and I would be happy without you? I’ll get better for you and Yeoreum. Sangwon came. Sangwon? How did he find out? (Application for Divorce) You just have to sign there. Thank you, Sangmi, for loving someone so undeserving like me. Your cancer treatment starts tomorrow so be ready. What is this?

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  1. Awww yesssss, this is by far the best turn of plot the writers have thought up. I think everybody was just waiting for this.😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😌😌😌

  2. Writer please wrap up this drama don't make us hate you for nothing.. We know you making an effort so please let's keep things short and enjoyable other than dragging it to ridiculous lengths

  3. So Junho didn't love her, just feeling guilty! (Poor from the writers)

    Junho and Sangwon infront of the restaurant was so obvious :/

    The show is Over now for me.
    +100 to show us the ending frame of two couples smiling at each others ..
    Korean drama (KBS) need to step up for sure!
    Poor overall.

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