Home for Summer I 여름아 부탁해 – Ep.91 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2019.09.10]

(Episode 91) Do you know who Sangwon is? He owns the pasta place. What do you mean do I know who Sangwon is? Sangwon is Ju Sangmi’s younger brother. Ju Sangmi’s brother? Who is Ju Sangmi… Seon-gyeong! Geumhui. Sangwon is Dr. Han Junho’s brother-in-law. Seon-gyeong, seriously! Geumhui, what is she talking about? Mom, please go inside. What’s this about Sangwon being Han Junho’s brother-in-law? I’ll explain inside after a word with Seon-gyeong. Explain what? Does this mean you knew? Tell me. Did you know Sangwon was that woman’s brother? Yes. What? Mom, please go inside. You should go. Mom. I said you should go. Goodbye, then. You, come with me. Mom. If you knew who Sangwon was, did he also know who you were? Answer me before I keel over. Yes. Are you two not right in the head? You worked together despite knowing who the other was? What’s wrong with us working together? If nothing was wrong, then why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell me Sangwon was that adulteress’s brother? There’s nothing to discuss. Quit your job right away. Mom. You’ll keep working with that adulteress’s brother? Why won’t you answer me? I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but I’ll handle this on my own. What? I agonized over it too. I wavered several times. But Sangwon is just Ju Sangmi’s brother. He has done so much for me. So that doesn’t make him an adulteress’s brother? Can everything be forgiven? Mom. Anyway, I cannot bear to have you work for him, so quit tomorrow. Do you understand? Is someone here? What’s wrong? Did something happen? Hi, Geumhui. Hi. Yeoreum, your mom is here. Mom. Did you have fun with Grandpa today? Yes. Did something happen between you and your mom? No. We will get going. Yeoreum, say bye to Grandpa. Bye, Grandpa. Bye. Have a good night, Yeoreum. You too. Let’s go. What’s the matter? Did something happen with Geumhui? Isn’t this absurd? What is? Sangwon is that woman’s brother. That woman? Who is that woman? The adulteress who married that jerk Han Junho. What? But do you know what’s even more absurd? Geumhui and Sangwon knew who each other was. Are you serious? I had no idea and tried to get Geumhui together with an adulteress’s brother. What a fool I was. Didn’t I tell you not to count your chickens? But I had good reason to. He was so good to Geumhui and Yeoreum. So of course I wanted him for Geumhui. My goodness. Talk about a small world. Is the herbal tonic ready, Yongsun? I’m heating it right now. Why bother doing that instead of just popping it in the microwave? This might take longer, but it’s better. Sangmi needs to conceive quickly. This is why I can’t hate you even if I wanted to. What are you doing? Were you going through my phone? Going through your phone? Can’t I look at my husband’s phone? No. There are basic manners one must observe. Fine. Let’s just say I made a mistake. We won’t just say it. It was clearly wrong. I got it. I got it, so disable your passcode. I don’t want to. Junho. This is a matter of my privacy. Even though we’re married, you should still respect it. What if privacy is just an excuse to be up to no good? Do I still have to respect it? Do I? Sangmi. Junho. Sangmi is right, so disable your passcode. Mom. Hurry up and disable it. I don’t think this is any of your business. What? This isn’t any of my business? No. No, it isn’t, Mom. So please go. You be quiet. Why isn’t it my business? Sangmi’s my daughter, and you’re my son-in-law. Why isn’t it my business? And why won’t you let her see your phone? Are you having an affair again? Or are you in touch with your ex? Mother. Otherwise, disable your passcode. Mom, what is the matter with you? You won’t do as I say? I’m sorry. I won’t disable my passcode, no matter what you say. What? Please go, Mom. Go. Do you take me for a fool? Do you? Let’s go. Please! – What are you doing? / – Mom! Hey, open up. Fine. You must think very little of me, but brace yourself. Brace yourself! Let’s go to sleep. Mom, what’s wrong? Huh? It’s nothing. You’re not sleepy, Yeoreum? Would you like me to read you a storybook? Yes. Okay. Which one should I read you today? Oh? Did you bring this with you? Yes. Okay. It’s this one for tonight. Yeoreum, who is this? My mom. Your mom? Oh. So she is your birth mother. But why haven’t you shown this to me? I would have loved to have seen it. Why? Were you worried I would be upset? You’re not? Of course not. I’m grateful she gave birth to my kind, lovely Yeoreum. Why would I be upset? Really? Of course. Should we put this picture in a frame and put it on your desk? We can do that? Of course we can. I’ll put it in a pretty frame and place it where you can see her best. Thank you, Mom. Seon-gyeong didn’t say I had feelings for you? You know very well how much I need this job. So if you care about me, please don’t bring this up again. I could have handled things better today. I only made you uncomfortable. I apologize. Let’s pretend it never happened. I’ll see you tomorrow. Junho left early to do something? Must be work. Is there a work matter I wouldn’t know about? Do you know every little thing that goes on? Gyeong-ae’s right. I suppose not. Junho seemed to be in a very bad mood. Yongsun. Why was he in a bad mood? I don’t know why, but he left this morning without even saying bye, when normally, he is sweet and asks after me. Did you two fight again? No, of course not. Do you mean that? Yes. Dad, this is between us. Even if we did fight, please look the other way. Geez. Good grief. Is something wrong? I know, right? You all look very serious. Nothing is wrong. Just eat. Geumdong, don’t talk to Sangwon from now on. Why? Just ignore him, and don’t ask me why. But I should at least know why… You know you have a meeting today with Mr. Heo, right? Yes. I gave him your email address, because he wanted to send you a synopsis. Go check after you eat, okay? Okay. Take heartier bites, will you? Thank you for breakfast. All of our children are causing us grief. Me too? Yes, you too. Hi. Hello. It was my mistake yesterday. I apologize once again. We agreed to pretend that didn’t happen. Let’s not talk about it anymore. Okay. I’ll get ready for work. What is it, Mom? Geumdong, you go on in. Oh, okay. Mom. Come out right now. Mom. Come on out. Hello. Let’s go already! Okay. Please wait outside. Sangwon, just a moment. Something’s wrong, right? Let me talk to my mom. Didn’t you hear what I said yesterday? Didn’t I tell you to quit? I told you I would handle it on my own. This is how you handle it? You should have quit right away. How can I quit right away? I should at least wait for him to find a replacement. Why is that your concern? Sangwon and I are not enemies or at odds like you make it out to be. Geumhui. So stop pressuring me. I’ll make my own judgment call. I’m going back in. My goodness. What is it, Geumhui? Sangwon, I will have to quit at the end of the month. But why all of a sudden? Is it because of yesterday? But you said you’d pretend it didn’t happen. My mom knows that you are Sangmi’s brother. Pardon? Frankly, we held out for a long time, which is why I was able to adopt Yeoreum. But now, I have no reason or excuse to stay on. So please look for my replacement. I’ll try to hold out until then. So is your mother very angry? She liked you a lot, so it must have hurt her more to know that you are Sangmi’s brother. Geumju, we will be late. Did you read the synopsis? Synopsis? I told you to check your email. Sorry. I forgot. My goodness. I really enjoyed “Woman of Steel,” Geumju. You were way better than the female lead. Thank you. How was the synopsis I sent you? Was there anything you didn’t like? Mr. Heo, I’m very sorry. I forgot to tell Geumju that you emailed her the synopsis. I’m really sorry. Oh, really? No. I didn’t read it. Geumju. Truth is, I’m too out of it right now to read it. It happens. But are you always this quiet? On TV, you were vivacious and full of life. And that’s how the lead for my show has to be. Then it might not be a good fit for me. Really? You don’t seem interested in working with me. Then let’s forget about this. Mr. Heo, that’s not it. Mr. Heo. Mr. Heo. But… Mr. Heo! Mr. Heo! M-Mr. Heo! What are you doing? Are you working or not? Are you going out? Where I am going isn’t important right now. What’s important is where you are headed. Are you going to destroy yourself like this? Are you going to cripple yourself and your career over a woman? It’s not that. I just have writer’s block. Okay. Work instead of letting your mind wander. You will forget about her in no time. Where are you going? Me? I’m off to work too. Bye. What brings you here? I would like to speak with you. Hi, Sangwon. Geumdong, wait outside. Why? Just do as I say. Okay. I’ll let you two talk. Go ahead. What is it you want to say? I’m sorry, Ms. Na. I should have told you, but I was too scared to. Fine. Let’s say you were scared. But how could you come to our house with a straight face despite being her brother? And why did you give me false hope by being so nice to Geumhui and Yeoreum? At first, I felt terrible for the misery my sister was causing Geumhui. So I wanted to help her as much as I could. Then you should have controlled yourself to avoid any misunderstandings. That woman, Seon-gyeong, came to me last night to talk about you, so doesn’t that mean you and Geumhui appear closer than you should be? This is all my fault. I’m very sorry. There’s no point in playing the blame game now, so just make Geumhui quit her job as soon as possible. I don’t want to see her with you. If you’re done, please go. I’ll get going then. (Junho) Junho, you’ll be home early, right? We should make up. What brings you here? To have a beer with you. Is something wrong? Why do you look so bad? Is something wrong on your end? What’s wrong with how I look? You look like death. Why? Is my sister-in-law causing you grief? I told you she’s no longer your sister-in-law. And Geumju and I broke up. So that’s why you look so bad. Why did you break up? Anyway, we did, so don’t bring her up again. But are you sure you’re okay? Yes. I just didn’t feel like going home. Do you think you and Sangmi can last at this rate? We’ll split up if we can’t. I’ve gotten divorced once, so why not twice? Hey. I’m just saying. But that’s not important right now. Why? Is something else the matter? Yes. What is it? Is Junho here? Yeoreum’s birth father has appeared. What? What? What? Who has appeared? Mom. Who has appeared? Yeoreum’s birth father? Mom, can’t you just pretend you didn’t hear that? Hurry up and tell me! What is this about Yeoreum’s birth father appearing? It’s just as I said. So does he want Yeoreum back? Yes. Why does he want him back after abandoning him? He has some nerve. He didn’t know of Yeoreum’s existence. Does Geumhui know? No. I haven’t told her yet. What happens now? The adoption happened recently, so if he sues, won’t Geumhui be at a disadvantage? Exactly. If it wasn’t recent, would Geumhui be better off? Yes. Seokho, I really want to help Geumhui and Yeoreum. Is there anything they can do? I don’t know. Good grief. Did you two really go to college? It’s very simple. What is there to mull over? Then do you know how Geumhui can keep Yeoreum? Of course. The longer the adoption period, the better. So? So if they run far away and go into hiding, then the birth father can’t sue. Go into hiding? That’s right. Can’t they live abroad for a couple of years? Would Geumhui readily move abroad without knowing what Yeoreum’s birth father is like? Junho must tell her he is terrible, so terrible that she cannot let him take Yeoreum. Wait, the birth father got in touch with you instead of Geumhui? Huh? Yes. You must have finally grown up to want to help them. I did a terrible thing to Geumhui and Yeoreum. I want to make up for it. I’ll get going. Thank you for your hard work. I’m sorry, Sangwon. I had no choice but to come to this decision. I’m sorry too for making you come to such a decision. Let’s go back to how we were while I’m still here. Okay. If that is the best we can do, let’s do that. I’ll go now. Hi, Yeoreum. I just got off work and am on my way. Okay. I’ll be right there. Geumhui, can we talk? Fine. Let’s talk. Is this how you love someone, Seon-gyeong? Excuse me? Is exposing Sangwon’s identity to my mom your way of loving him? Then what about you? At least Sangwon is honest. Aren’t you being dishonest and cowardly? Then should I be honest too? Fine. I do have feelings for Sangwon. What? I have feelings for Ju Sangwon. Ju Sangwon is my brother-in-law and Sangmi’s brother. Should I tell you how I really feel? Do you mean to start a relationship with him? Do you? I’m sorry, Geumhui. I asked you where he was. I heard the show fell through. What about Ms. Wang and the show? I can’t do anything, so what am I supposed to do? To get a picture frame. A picture frame? I found a photo of Yeoreum’s birth mom. What is that? A photo of my mom.

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