HOME Fresh | Empire Today Introduces the Carpet of the Future

MAN: “Whoa! What the…” ” EMPIRE MAN: “I’m from Empire Today. I brought carpet…from the future.” MAN: “Carpet? Not with ol’ Max here.
He has accidents.” WOMAN: “Don’t forget about my allergies.” *sneezes* EMPIRE MAN: “HOME Fresh, the world’s first and only 100% hypoallergenic, odor neutralizing carpet.” WOMAN: “That sounds very futuristic-ish” EMPIRE MAN: “Unlike any carpet you’ve ever seen, HOME Fresh’s unique construction won’t trap dirt, allergens, or moisture to help keep your home clean.” MAN:”What about Max’s… you
know?” EMPIRE MAN: “When odors from smoke cooking and pet accidents come in contact with the carpet, they’re neutralized, leaving your home smelling fresh.” WOMAN: “It’s the perfect carpet.” EMPIRE MAN: “Only at Empire.” EMPIRE MAN: “HOME Fresh, hypoallergenic, odor-neutralizing carpet.” MAN: “Oh, honey, I love carpet again.” WOMAN: “I love carpet again too.” EMPIRE MAN: “My job here… is done.” EMPIRE MAN: “Get the carpet of the future. Exclusively at Empire Today.” 800-588-2300 Empire Today

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