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Hi I’m Karen
Hello I’m Kelvin. And welcome to our home! I found Aqilah, from The Interior Lab
through Facebook. After going through a few of the renovation
companies, I realize that The Interior Lab was quite
credible. I look through the pictures and I thought
that they look very good. We spoke to a few other renovation companies
and decided to go with Aqilah because we felt
comfortable with her as well. And so for the design expectation for the
house when we decided We wanted to renovate the place,
was we wanted a Scandinavian nordic look. something that was clean, not too cluttered. Some of the important considerations we made,
with regards to the design and the layout for the renovation,
We wanted to have a place where we could also basically host
gatherings for friends and family. Have our living room extended, right.. so
that it will be able to accommodate basically guests or gatherings. Separate room dedicated for gaming or chilling
out, watching TV. In terms of the renovation process itself,
we had a few (other)considerations. Number one was that because the renovation
was very extensive, So there was no way we could basically stay
in here while the renovation was (ongoing) So we actually had to find a rental unit in
the meantime while the renovation was going on. Otherwise it will incur additional cost for
rental. Renovation started toward late may, and basically
our requirement was that We needed the home to be handed over back
to us before National Day. And The Interior Lab manage to keep to this
schedule, and we’re able to basically move back in,
before our rental lease was up. As for the expectation, yes I think The Interior
Lab did meet our expectations. We were actually really pleased with the outcome. The proposal or the design and the communication
part, everything went smoothly. It is not much of a hitch. I hear stories about renovation from people
who go through like nightmares about their contractors and then things don’t
get done properly, And then the hold back on payment. But, our experience with The Interior Lab
was really very smooth. I didn’t really have to worried much about
things, Aqilah kept open communication with us,
she provided the schedule to us, on when the thing would be done
or at what stage this thing would be taken care of. And yea.. we are pleased with this. Quality, the workmanship, more importantly
I think, The complete look and design, is very consistent. In fact, it’s almost the same as what was
basically initially in the drawings that was rendered to us. We wanted to keep things away, because after
staying here for about 15 years. We realize we had a lot of things, I mean
we wanted to decluttered as well, But at the same time, we didn’t want things
to be placed so visibly around So we needed storage, and that was one of
our concerns, when we spoke to Aqilah about the design. Professionalism of basically Aqilah and the
entire TIL and your contractor team,
I think we are very very pleased with the outcome. Hard to choose just one (favourite)place,
because I think the major parts. We like the kitchen a lot, I think my wife
loves the design and the outcome and how it looks. My son loves the layout of his room, it used
to be very cluttered. And the 2 bathrooms, the master bath as well
as the common bath. I think it’s really to us, we feel it’s
like hotel standard. I would recommend TIL to anyone who’s doing
a renovation- whether it’s major or minor, because I feel
that they are (a) very professional team. I think the important consideration for choosing
the ID firm, and I think overall TIL has also basically
delivered on its promise.

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