How NOT to Build a Gaming PC in 2018

– Hey guys, this is Austin! And today we’re doing something
just a little bit different. Last week I took a day off, I left everyone at the office
with one simple mission, to get a back to school PC. I’m curious, what did
you guys actually do? (lighthearted music) – Austin wants us to
build a back to school PC for around $750. – Which he gave us way more of a budget than he did on Halloween. (laughs)
I just wanna point that out. – What do students want in a computer? In general. – Obviously productivity. – So it needs to run Google Docs. – Right.
– Also, it has to run Fortnite – It has to game.
– You wanna game on it. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Yeah, you have to be able to in college. That’s all you do. You don’t have to do
anything other than game. – Ideally you have this all-in-one thing where it has the power of a desktop, but in the portability of a laptop. – We’re here at Micro Center. Let’s go find some PC parts. – With a world of potential
components ahead of us, things were looking up, that is, until we were met with our
first setback of the video. – [Woman] I’m sorry guys, there is no recording in the store. – We just came back from Micro Center. We couldn’t film in the store, but that doesn’t matter
because we’re here now. Look at this smorgasbord
of computer parts. We got a Core i3, the
eighth gen ones, yeah. We have really cheap MSI motherboard. But most importantly, the power supply. We made sure that we got
one that was much better. By much better I mean much
cheaper at not $14.99, this is not the real price,
we actually paid $13.99. Look, if you’re a student, you’re not really in a
position to be picky, right? $14 power supply, that’s what you get. We got other computer parts,
obviously, to make this, but we decided we wanted to
make this a portable setup. Instead, we got this really
awesome Mickey Mouse Backpack. – Yeah.
– I’d use it. (laughs) No, I’m joking. – The blessing in disguise
about us using a bag is not only saving money on a case, but we won’t have to deal with things like lining up IO, or screwing in the power supply, or the motherboard to the standoff. You just throw it in the bag.
– It’s ready to go. – Also as I found out, you have
never built a PC rig before. – I have not. – Well if you’re working here, you better learn how to make one. So, go (laughs) – I have a lovely score of
zero on the PC simulator. – And so began Matt’s initiation process. I gotta hand it to him,
he did a pretty good job. For an SSD, we went with the professional, the young professional, SSD Solid State. A whopping $24.99 for 120 gig storage. Really can’t beat it if you’re a student. – Next step was to see how the motherboard would
even fit into our backpack. Look at that!
– Awh, man. – There’s so much room in there! – So much room for activities. – With that out of the way, the next step was to see if
our build would even turn on. But we may have had a slight
oversight in our plan. – Power LED, hard drive,
power switch there it is. – The one big benefit to a
case is it has a power button. – The funny thing is, we don’t. That wrench in our plan didn’t stop Wes and his actual wrench from jumping the board to boot. – Hey,
– What? – Now that our PC powered on, it was time to assemble
the rest of the kit, including some of the
on-the-fly modifications to our soft shelled case. – We can actually screw it
right in to at least there. Oh, and down there too, that’ll work. – With a bit more cardboard,
zip ties, and Velcro to hold the remaining bits in
place, it was finally done. We’re in the set, don’t worry it’s fine. We’re good. – Oh. Ken, why is there a power supply sticking out the side of a backpack. – Not only is it a power supply, but it is, in fact, an 80+ power supply.
– Not it’s not! – It is, it is.
– That’s a lie! That is a lie. That looks like a $12
DiabloTech power supply. – No.
– It is actually DiabloTech? – Yes. – Okay, that’s cardboard. – I think you mean our chassis. – What’s with all the cables and stuff? So, you’re meant to like, – This is an all-in-one kit. If you want the power of
a desktop, you have it. – Is this more powerful than a laptop? – It can be!
– What’s inside here? It looks like an mITX board. It is an mITX board. It is powered by Intel, eighth gen Core i3. (laughs) – I promise you this is better than you probably would ever imagine. – The word ‘better’ does not come to mind. (laughs) Okay, hold on. – Look, we’ve thought this way through. It’s literally an all-in-one PC setup. This piece of Velcro right here is to hold our power strip. – That’s clever!
– Yeah! – What’s this?
– That is our power button. Fun fact about this. Something that a backpack
doesn’t have that a case does, is a power button.
– Is a power button. – Is this actually wired
to the motherboard? – It is.
– Really? This looks like something you shouldn’t take to school, right? If a teacher saw this, you’re gettin’ like straight
to detention or expelled. This looks very suspicious. I think,
– Dude, look at the cabling! Look at that! This is the cooling solution? You put a fan,
– Yeah. – Oh, it’s Velcroed.
– It’s velcroed in, yeah. The bag props the fan
together with the Velcro. – It’s leaning a little bit.
– It’s leaning a little bit, it might not be the most stable thing. – My next question,
– Yeah. This is a gaming PC?
– Yes. You know how laptops these days have Thunderbolt ports. – There’s no Thunderbolt on this. – Yeah, I know that. We may or may not have gotten, (laughs) – Hold on, how are you
plugging it in, though? Are you just, you plug
the graphic card in? It is, in fact, a GTX 1050TI, and it is bus powered, with a cable that you can plug into, (laughs) I mean, look. – Can I ask how much
this whole setup costs? – We are under budget. – Okay, how much was that?
– $750. – How much under budget are you? – $740.
– Oh, look at that! – You should put like a $10 bill in here. – No. – You’ve got a Core i3. It’s eighth gen so you’re
actually gonna have a reasonable amount of power. You’ve got 1050TI, which
is not a bad graphics card. Wait, where’s the drive? You have an,
– An SSD? It’s buried in there, don’t worry. It may or may not be store
brand, but it’s fine. – You coulda gone to four gigs of RAM and gotten a better power supply, right? – Nope.
– No, that’s not how it works? – The best part about this, you can actually just put
it on the bag like this. So you always can game on the go. (laughs)
– There you go! – You guys did some really
cool stuff here, for real. This is actually pretty impressive. No one should ever do this, but it’s cool. I guess you could say that
about like half of our videos. Don’t do this, but it’s cool, right? Right? – Oh, I heard something.
– It’s LED. – Hey, we’re spinning.
– Yeah, look, it’s LED, too. – [Both] Hey!
– It works. So much louder than I
thought it was gonna be. So far, everything’s
actually working pretty well. But the real test is gonna
be can I play Fortnite? I just realized, I have to play on this? – It has shoulder buttons. – It’s got two shoulder buttons. Wait, this isn’t even,
– It has WASD keys. – No, I’m not doing this!
– Why not? – Look at how tiny this keyboard is, one finger covers up half of it. – I just hear whining and,
– Whoa, look at that! Alright, I’ll press that. – This computer has more
faith in this than you do. – It’s running nice and smooth. The graphics card is not on fire yet. Wait hang on,
– Yet? What, no? It’s fine, it’s fine. – I gotta make sure.
– It’s fine. – I gotta make sure.
– It’s fine. – The game is totally playable. If we actually had a mouse and keyboard, or even a controller, – Actually, included in the budget, we did add this Hyperkin Xbox… – This is actually a
really weird controller. I got all excited at first, I was like, ‘Oh, sweet. I don’t have to use this
stupid little keypad,’ but now I’m like, It’s also the cheapest Xbox
controller we could find. Which I think is a requirement
for Fortnite, right? – And we’re getting a solid
sixty frames per second, for the most part.
– There we go. – It dips a little bit here and there, but this is a very playable PC. – You could tune down the settings and get it consistent. – What was that?
– Whoa! – What’s going on?
– It’s okay, it’s a quirk. – I think the screen was just dying. (laughs) That’s what that looked like, that did not look like a graphics issue, that looked like a
screen catching on fire. – It’d make me feel a little bit better. – Just keep an eye on this, okay? – Nope, nope, nope!
– Oh my god! – No, no, no, no!
– Oh my god. – It’s your PC’s fault, your PC was, – That’s pathetic. That’s really pathetic. – Hopefully you guys enjoyed this wonderful Ken Bolido Production. Thanks to everyone who
contributed to this video for all the work that you guys did on this amazing Fortnite setup. Don’t ever do this. – Actually, do.

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