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-I’m Adam Ward. I’m a professional
freelance LEGO Artist. Yeah, that is my real job. I’m gonna help you build
amazing LEGO creations that make this world
a little more awesome. This is “Brick X Brick.” Hello.
Welcome to “Brick X Brick.” I’m your host, Adam Ward. I build art, furniture,
accessories, tissue-box covers, weird movable triangles, all using LEGO bricks. And today,
we’re gonna teach you how to make something awesome. Friends, it is time
to make a puzzle box. I’ve been making puzzle boxes
for years. They’re one of my favorite
things to build, and there’s so many
different LEGO elements that you can incorporate
to make the openings different or the keys different
or the locks different. Let’s meet today’s puzzle box. At home, you can name your
puzzle box whatever you want. This one’s Sheldon. Sheldon has a key. Slide the key out
and push the key right back where it came from… Boop! …to reveal the little drawer. Now, this drawer can only open
if the key goes in just right. There’s a piece on the back
which keeps it locked, and in addition, the key actually goes between
two parts of the box, so there’s no getting it out
unless you know the secret. Sheldon can be built
with 145 pieces, but there’s a bunch of
different ways to make Sheldon, so if you don’t have
these exact pieces, don’t sweat it at all. It’s all good. One of the great things
about LEGO is there’s a bunch of ways to do the same things
with different bricks. He doesn’t even
have to be all green. He can be purple or red
or orange or multicolored. You can make Sheldon
however you want. Our version has 1 1×1 brick, 1 1×2 brick, 3 1×3 bricks, 4 1×4 bricks, 8 1×6 bricks, 3 1×8 bricks,
1 2×2 brick, 10 2×3 bricks, and 1 2×4 brick. And then some plates. Sheldon’s got to have plates. Sheldon has 22 2x4s, 12 1x8s, and 7 of these 6x8s. Now, these 6x8s are awesome. They’re big,
so if you don’t have them, you can also use
a 4×6 or some 2x6s — a bunch of different ways. But if you have big plates,
use them. We’ve got 50 of these 1×4 tiles, 4 of the 1×2 tiles, 16 of the 1×2 slopes, and then we’ve got
the little locking mechanism that keeps the drawer
from falling off. Now it’s time to build. So, we’re gonna start
with Sheldon’s base. Once you have all the pieces
for the base in place, you want to give it
a really nice squeeze. We all need a good squeeze
every now and then. Squeezing it will make sure all the pieces are
right up next to each other and you’ve got no weird gaps. So, now the floor
to the base is done. This is where the key
and the shelf will slide. And that’s the base. Now to make the key. So, your key
should look like a question mark with the arm reaching out
to the right. Now we’re gonna build
the drawer. Now, your drawer
will look like a little table, and a great way to test it is by putting it on top
of the key and the base that you’ve just make. It should all fit really nicely. And you can already
pull the key out. When the key’s in,
the drawer’s locked. Now for the walls of the drawer. The very first piece
is the most important — this 1×2 with the hole. That goes in the dead center
on the back. There. Now your drawer
can actually hold stuff. Okay, now Sheldon
needs this piece to help lock in the drawer. So, just lift the drawer out… and put it just like that. Now when you take the key out
and slide the drawer in, it’ll snap into place. Now we can
slide the drawer back in, snap it into place,
and slide the key in. Now the drawer is in there.
It’s not going anywhere. Now for the lid. Now Sheldon is almost complete. I’m gonna build the curved green
top you saw in the beginning. But if you want
to put a different design or write your initials in LEGO, there’s a ton
of different things you can do. Final piece! Do you have
your last piece ready? Ready to finish your build? Here we go. 3, 2, 1. [ Imitates explosion ] So, that is a wrap on Sheldon. There he is.
All done. All the pieces tucked inside
ready to go. And if your Sheldon
looks different, it’s all good. Maybe yours
is two different colors, maybe you started a pattern
and ran out and it’s got three or four
different colors. Or maybe you just were
grabbing pieces left and right to try to put it together,
and looks something like this. That’s awesome. It still does the same thing. It’s an awesome puzzle box,
and every time you look at it, you’ll be reminded
of something you created. Now the question is — what do you put
inside one of these? What do you put
inside a puzzle box? Change?
Some money? Well, there’s not a ton
of space, so it can’t fit much. So that means whatever
you put in’s pretty special. I think I’m gonna put
some intentions in mine. And an intention,
if you don’t know, is something that you want
to create in the world. So, I’m gonna put
a few intentions in this, and that way,
every time I look at it, I’ll be reminded of that
which I want to create. And just like Sheldon,
you can create it, too. If you want share
your awesome creation — and you should,
’cause you did an amazing job — you can post any of the photos
to our Facebook page or anywhere else
on social media. Be sure to subscribe if you want to see
more awesomeness like this. Hit us up on Twitter,
Vine, Instagram, all of those things. Peace.
Thanks so much. I’m out!

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  3. omg ur so nice it is nine oclock and u make me feel like i actually mean something in the world. u inspire me to do things i didnt think i could do before and my sheldon is the best thank you plz keep it up

  4. After 2 hours I finally completed it and it works amazingly! I put a question mark on the top of the box as well it looks sick.

  5. I’m 12 and I used to design my own puzzle boxes made of LEGO, and I even had a lego city I made and it was huge! I watched all of your videos about legos, in 2016 and then in 2017 I found other hobbies I was good at like photography and drawing and animating. Ad those or fun and all but lego puzzle boxes and projects were just so fun so I’m starting to make more puzzle boxes and I might start putinfn up lego videos on my channel. Also I have a black and white “ican” that I made the day after the ican video came out.

    P.S. im 12

  6. Are you showing us to to build it or how you build it? Kinda terrible video! You speed it up! How the hell can I follow?

  7. Hi! This comment is for Adam Ward, my 4 year old son really enjoys watching you build. he constantly asks if we can call you because he thinks I have your # lol. When he's playing Lego sometimes he pretends to be you and explains each brick he has and how to put them together. Also, he says your name as, Adam Award 🙂

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