How To Build A Map for TF2: Episode 2 “Building A Room”

Welcome to Building a Map for TF2 Episode
2: “Building A Room”. In this tutorial we will learn how to create brushes, manipulate
them and use the shift-drag method to copy them. A the end we will use these skills to
create our very first room. Part 1: Creating and manipulating brushes. Let’s launch hammer.
First, open up the Team Fortress 2 sdk launcher that we downloaded in the last episode, then
set the configuration to TF2. Now that you have opened hammer, let’s go ahead and start
a new map. Click on file, click on new and you should now see 4 views, 3 of which are
graphs. Once you have this new map screen It’s time for us to create some brushes for
our room. In painting an artist create’s his work with brush strokes. In mapping, we as
level designers also use brushes to create our worlds, however our brushes are restricted
to primitive 3d shapes such as cubes cylinders and wedges. But, before we create the brush,
let’s change the texture so that we will be able to see it when we spawn it. To change
the texture simply click on the browse material button on the right toolbar. Then, pick any
texture you’d like. I’m going to be using a simple brick wall texture. Alright, let’s
go ahead and create a brush! First, click on the brush tool located on your left toolbar.
Then go back to one of your three graph views and just simply click and drag. Letting go
when you feel the brush is big enough. Then to finally spawn it press enter! Congratulations
you have spawned your very first brush. Let’s go ahead and adjust our 3D view a bit so that
you can actually see it. First click on the camera tool, it’ll be the third option down
on your left toolbar. Then, click inside the 3D view and hold down your left mouse button.
Look around, as you can see you can control your camera by holding down the mouse button.
You can also reposition it by pressing the WASD keys. Go ahead and reposition your camera
so that you can see your brush. Now that you can see your brush let’s go ahead and manipulate
it. Click on the selection tool on the left toolbar. It’ll be the very first option. Then
go back to your 2D view. You should see a whole bunch of white boxes have now shown
up. Go ahead and try clicking and dragging on these. You should see as you click and
drag the box changes in shape and size. This is one simply way of creating a map and it’s
going to become a very powerful tool for you over the course of these tutorials. The more
advanced tools will be taught to you in a later tutorial. Part 2: Using the Shift-Drag
Method. Now that you have learned to create and manipulate a brush, let’s go ahead and
use the shift-drag method to copy it. To use the shift-drag method click on the selection
tool. Once you have the selection tool in use go ahead and hold down shift and click
on the brush you want to copy. I’m going to be using our brush to make our roof. So I’m
going to our side view, and then I’m going to click and drag the brush upwards. Now that
it is dragged upwards, I let go. Now that you have let go you should see two brushes.
Your original brush and your new copied brush. You now know how to use the shift drag method.
This will be one of the key components in creating your very first room. Let’s go ahead
and start creating it right now! Part 3: Building A room. In parts 1 and 2 we created our room’s
floor and roof. Now all that we need to create are the walls to our room. To create the walls
we will need to create a few more brushes. Let’s click on the brush tool and drag out
on the side of where roof and floor are. Go ahead and press enter when you are ready to
spawn it. Before we move on, let’s make sure our that our wall extends all the way from
the floor to the roof and if it doesn’t, let’s manipulate it so it does. So, let’s click
on the selection tool and let’s go ahead and manipulate our wall so that way it extends
all the way from our roof to our floor. Now that we have one side done, let’s use the
shift-drag method to drag our first wall over to the other side to make two walls. So, press
shift, click and drag our first wall over to the other side. Then, let go. Congratulations,
you have 2 of the 4 walls finished! Now we need to finish the other two sides. Follow
the same steps we did before bye creating a new brush, spawning it, mkaing sure that
it covers the area which we want it to, then using the shift-drag method to move it to
the other side. Before we finish let’s make sure to save our map. Click file, save or
save as and then name your map whatever you’d like. I have named mine first map. Finally,
let’s use the camera tool located on your left tool bar to take a look at the inside
of our room. Congratulations, you’ve finished building your very first room. If you have
any questions or need any help, please leave a comment down below. In the next episode
we will learn how to texture our room and make our room look good.

87 thoughts on “How To Build A Map for TF2: Episode 2 “Building A Room”

  1. You could, but I'd recommend learning this way first. While make hollow is quicker, learning to take the time to create the brushes and manipulate them to your liking teaches you the basics of making more advanced structures. Plus making a box hollow can lead to silly problems occasionally if you don't know what you're doing.

    I'd like to make sure everyone knows the simplistic basic way to do it before we start teaching shortcuts.

  2. Dunno if anyone else had this problem, but my 3D view was only showing the wire frames. To fix it, there are several options for Textured Polygons under the View tab. Pick one of them.

    Also, thanks for the these tutorials. I'm really looking forward to going deeper into Hammer.

  3. Awesome I'm happy you figured it out. This is a known problem that can affect a small number of people when launching hammer for the first time. There are however plenty of guides out there to help you troubleshoot problems.

    Anytime, I'm happy people are enjoying them.

  4. where is Ep 3? idk for the video length and the amount of time between Ep isn't "good" but your videos are informative and would watch a whole series if you proceed to finish.

  5. If when you create an object and you can't see the texture. Click on 'View' and select '3D textured polygons'

  6. I want to make a large dome shape under water, how do I set the water so it creates a distortion outside the dome? I plan to make much of the dome see-thru.

  7. I'm having the same trouble as Drew, the blocks I place down are invisible and outlined Blue and Yellow! can someone plz help? D:

  8. Can someone help me on how to test my map because everytime I do it doesn't load when I test it inside team fortress

  9. When I open the thing where you put the squares it has two cameras and I can only build in two dimensions. What do I do?

  10. I would REALLY appreciate some help, I downloaded it today.. I DON'T HAVE A GRID!!!! This is frustrating and mine is not the same as his, I can't get a grid to show up or brush.

  11. Why isn't my brush texturized? ill browse and pick a texture but it just doesn't apply please help (And make part three please!)

  12. No offense but if you are going to make help guides make sure you have all the most important videos out.
    Also you dont even explain the units.

    When I lernt how to make maps in UT2004 from the bonus DVD, they explained alot of the functions before starting the mapping part.
    They explained how big the units are so you have a rough idea

    A Hammer unit is 1/16 of an inch or 190.4mm

  13. For those with the issue with textures not showing. This is a simple camera configuration you have missed. click on camera and hit 3D Textured, and you'll see them again

  14. To make a room, you could make a giant cube and make it hollow,although that is a room withought any entrances / exits, so that would mean it's a skybox.

    (to make it hollow, go to tools and click on 'make hollow', or just 'hollow'. can't remember). Make sure you select the right object though!

  15. You know the grid part where you've got like lots of small grids, well I've got them really big and it looks like I zoomed in

  16. For some reason when I open up a blank canvas it doesnt give me any grids and thus, doesnt allow me to do anything.. I've tried absolutely everything but nothing shows up. I get an error about a file ("Failed to load the default scheme file. The map views may be missing some visual elements.") but i've checked every tf2 folder and every single sdk file is in the right place. I've even reinstalled TF2 and nothing.. I'm clueless. Can anyone help?

  17. Hey man I know it's been forever since you made these, but I would love if you would pick this up again and make more videos!

  18. Why always i build a room it shows me as a black shape with red and blue and yellow stripes on it and for you it shows the texture why ?

  19. How to make any other things beside boxes?

    How to create a hole in a wall?

    Can I copypaste existing 3D models in here?

  20. When I make the brush, it's untextured (just a wireframe), but I did everything you did.

  21. It seems lots of people have been having the 'no texture' problem. I used to see no textures as well. Thanks to some others' help, I've decided to start spreading the word of how to fix it.

    Click on view (which is near the top of the screen)

    then, select 3D Printed Polygons… Hope this helped!

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