How to Build an ArtBot

[whoosh] [ding] Hi this is Ben Finio with
Science Buddies, and this video will show you how to build an Art Bot, a wobbling robot
with markers for legs that draws as it moves. To build an Art Bot, you will need a motor,
battery pack, and two double A batteries, available in a kit from Science Buddies. You
will also need a plastic cup, markers, double sided foam tape, electrical tape or duct tape,
a popsicle stick, a cork, and optional decorations like googly eyes. To start, use a hobby knife
to carefully cut three small holes in the bottom of the plastic cup. Thread the motor’s
wires through the two outer holes, and make sure that the back of the motor’s shaft will
go through the center hole. Then firmly press the motor onto the top of the cup using two
pieces of double sided foam tape. Use a small Philips head screwdriver to remove the screw
on the battery pack cover, then slide off the cover. Insert the batteries, making sure
that the flat side of the battery goes up against the metal spring. Make sure the battery
pack switch is in the off position to help prevent accidental short circuits. Tightly
twist together the exposed metal ends of the red and black wires. Then wrap both connections
in electrical tape. Use a piece of double sided foam tape to attach the battery pack
to the inside of the cup. Make sure you’ll still be able to reach the power switch. Press
a cork onto the motor shaft. Then tape a popsicle stick to the cork. Tape three markers to the
cup to serve as legs, and add optional decorations like googly eyes. Now, turn your Art Bot on,
put it down on a piece of posterboard, and watch it create art as it moves. If your Art
Bot falls over a lot, try moving the popsicle stick so it is more centered on the cork.
What type of art will your Art Bot create? Visit us at for thousands
of other fun science and engineering projects.

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  1. Omg I got on SirnceBudies at school and I found this to do for a sience fair at school thx for your help for the suplies siencebudies love Nathalia Ortega

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